anarchist punk band, Paranoid Visions hit number 6 in the irish singles chart with their brilliant and poltical ‘Politician 2011’

After thirty years of making some of the gnarliest, angriest anarchist punk on the planet with experimental explorations and fierce politics, Dublin based punk band Paranoid Visions have found themselves in the irish singles chart at number 6! The anarchist punk band- who are big favourites of LTW! hit number 6 in the irish singles chart on Feb 24th.

On the weekend of the irish elections, their political song, ‘Politician 2011’ is currently sandwiched niceley between JLS feat Tiny Tempah: Eyes Wide Shut at number 5, and Take That :Kidz at number 7.

This is a victory for independent underground music and a pretty amazing story.

Louder Than War interview with paranoid Visions LINK


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