Anaerobic Digestion, Nimbys And A Modern Day Protest SongThe good folk of Ramsbottom are up in arms on account of a proposed anaerobic digestion plant about to built in their back yard. To find out why they’re so unhappy -and what form the protest it taking- read on.

Anaerobic digestion. Possibly two words to some that are not even worth a Google search unless you can copy and paste it first. 
To others it stands for bio energy from organic waste and is as green, friendly and future perfect as we could ever imagine. 
To people with anaerobic digestion on their doorstep it can mean a daily stinking nightmare where objectors are shouted down as NIMBYs (Not in my backyard) – possibly the most stupid acronym ever used as an attempt to ridicule someone. Of course none of us want anything near us that would make life any more uncomfortable or unpleasant than it already can be at times.

Just ask the good folk from Cannock Chase in Staffs, Leyland in Lancashire or Smithaleigh in Devon where daily life can be blighted by repugnant odours and traffic congestion from the endless streams of HGVs ferrying rotten food into these plants from all over the country.

The latest town to object is Ramsbottom in Lancashire. Tamar Energy have applied, along with The Peel group, to build one of its 40 planned anaerobic digestion plants on the outskirts of the town. To date Bury Council have received 600 plus official objections. 
Tamar advise that their Ramsbottom plant will be odour free, however they haven’t actually built a working plant anywhere else yet which doesn’t really help to allay the fears of nearby residents.

Local press have picked up on a tune ‘Smellyman’ written by local musicians UkePunk and Damien Heakin under the guise of ‘Biscuits with Moustaches’ against large companies attempting to ride roughshod over the wishes of local residents around the country.


Of course we have to look at ways to create green and sustainable energy, but we also have to have a serious look at where we are siting these plants. The fight against anaerobic digestion issues is becoming as much as a concern as fracking is to others.
 NIMBY please.

All words by Paul Davies. This is Paul’s first piece of writing for Louder Than War.

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  1. One of these stinky plants is being proposed on the old Gedling pit in Nottinghamshire. It will mean 96 large HGV trucks driving through Gedling carrying rotting food. The smell from these plants has been likened to that of rotting flesh and will affect a radius of 5 miles or more. The P.R. people will tell you otherwise, but we’ve already caught them out on a couple of lies and misdirections. When there are so many industrial sites with better road infrastructure and further away from residential areas you have to wonder why they’ve chosen to put one in the middle of a proposed country park.

  2. Update!
    The planning application for the Ramsbottom site has been withdrawn by Tamar and Peel. Following the 78 page objection document, over a 1000 residents objections and other supplementary documents that the protest group drafted, the Planning Officers agreed that additional information and surveys were needed to to respond to concerns that had been raised in connection with the plant and its operation.

    Get in!!! They will be back at a future date with another application no doubt but they will get exactly the response again and some more..

  3. Peel and Tamars second application for this smelly plant is well under way and so are Ramsbottom’s objections. About 1500 so far. Lets hope we keep the greedy smelly scumbags away from this great town again.


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