An open letter to the Daily Mail on RalphgateDear Daily Mail,

There are a lot of lows in journalism – it can be a profession with fewer friends than any other. Sometimes it seems like a shameful and tragic trough filled with scrambling swine slobbering over the scraps of stories and filling columns full of hate and filth.

So it should come as no surprise that you, the Daily Mail, have managed to put yourself into the middle of a media shit storm which has somewhat backfired on you, by bullying a dead man to get at his son who you disproportionally seem to fear.

This all comes about after you attacked “Red Ed”‘s late father Ralph in print, claiming that the left-wing academic “hated Britain,” and  had left a “legacy of evil”, largely on the basis of a diary entry written when he was 17 years old.

This would be like us attacking Mumford and Sons because we had discovered one of their parents childhood diaries and found a couple of sentences in it to use instead of just slagging the band off.

It doesn’t just end there. Not content with this you also ran a photo of the dead man’s gravestone on your website, captioned with the pun ‘Grave Socialist’. Is this where we are up to now with ‘journalism’? All this stuff about ‘hating Britain’ is smartly put into context  with the fact that whilst Ralph Miliband was fighting for Britain against the Nazis in World War 2 and was manning a destroyer in the Normandy landings, the Daily Mail owner Lord Rothmere had been spending the decade previous chumming up to Hitler.

Daily Mail, this Ralph Miliband story – you know the one about how  Ed Miliband’s father ‘hated Britain’ because he was a ‘socialist’ and didn’t like the establishment – is the new low in a series of lows from your paper, a paper that seems to reflect a lot of the bad side of the British psyche- you know that curtain twitching, tut-tutting, vinegar-eyed hatred of nastiness and tittle tattle spreading and poisonous opinion as news.

Daily Mail, your whole attack on Ralph Miliband has really backfired. It makes you seem stupid, cynical and downright nasty and it’s so spineless that attacking a dead man is all you can dredge up on what was a struggling in the polls Labour leader, whose career you have mistakenly given a boost. It’s ugly and depressing and you won’t let it drop even if the more decent of the conservatives (they do exist) are looking a tad uncomfortable at your self-appointed dirty tricks campaign.

Daily Mail, all this muck raking over the diaries of a now dead man written when he was 17 years old has a whiff of desperation and this sudden interest in history could really backfire upon you because it was only a handful of years before Ralph was fighting for the British navy in the second world war that you were supporting Adolf Hitler in the early thirties (with your owner Rothmere hanging out with the strangely mustachioed one) and printing ‘Hurray for the blackshirts’ for British Fascist Mosely and all that kind of stuff. It all must have been pretty tasteless then, but also looks pretty hypocritical now. We may be simple people here, but surely supporting Adolf Hitler was hardly a very pro-British or pro-democratic stance, even in the thirties, was it?

In one foul (sic) swoop and one foul story that would have had no moral ground whatever political party was getting attacked, Labour or Tory, you, the Daily Mail, have totally embarrassed yourselves and given Ed Miliband a very human face – something that all the PR scrubbing had so far failed to do. Surely you could have spent the time having a go at his policies if you don’t agree with them or his ability to be a potential Prime Minister and all that old fashioned political debate stuff instead of this desperate stuff.

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Award winning journalist and boss of Louder Than War. In a 30 year music writing career, John was the first to write about bands such as Stone Roses and Nirvana and has several best selling music books to his name. He constantly tours the world with Goldblade and the Membranes playing gigs or doing spoken word and speaking at music conferences.


  1. Here in Scotland the Labour party regularly use vile smears like this against their opponents. The Scottish Labour leader recently accused independence supporters of being diseased. Alex Salmond is regularly compared to genocidal dictators and accused of racism despite there being no evidence of this. All this is done to silence anyone who disagrees with the Labour/Tory anti-independence alliance. Therefore I cannot feel any sympathy towards them. They are just getting a taste of their own medicine. It is amusing to hear the hypocrites squealing. ‘They don’t like it up them.’

  2. The UK needs a real socialist as leader of the Labour Party. It doesn’t need a war-monger with an idealism and an agenda that he will force onto people. The Daily Mail can be despicable and hate-filled, but anyone who has read John Robb’s “domestic violence” style beating up of Katie Hopkins in his Open Letter, must admit that LouderthanWar is much worse than the Daily Mail when it comes to random malice towards a media puppet, (who is only on TV due to some agent making cash out of her.)

    John writes “but surely supporting Adolf Hitler was hardly a very pro-British stance.” Sadly, most of the artistocracy and a large proportion of the working classes, via Mosley, supported Hitler. Did they support him because of his “One World” view and the mass murder that he would commit in order to make that happen? Of course not. They had no way of knowing what the 1940’s would reveal.
    Similarly, we have no way of knowing, what the Fake-Left have in store for us, when they abandon real socialism, for the “One World” idea put forward via the United Nations and similar groups. We have no idea if “One World” will be forced on us slowly, via NLP/Education… or quickly, via a war. This is a “terror of modern life” indeed. And is the Daily Mail hinting at this terror to come? Possibly. For what reason? I don’t know, but I do know that yelling “I hate the Daily Mail” is really missing the point. Isn’t the point “I hate war and the idealism that leads us into war?”

    • Oh it’s Robin again, who is this guy? what is this obsession with belittling ‘domestic violence”? what is all this stuff about ‘one world’ what does this all mean? does it mean the christian vision of one world all happily worshipping at the alter of an obscure middle eastern cult? does it mean a one world of white people? does it mean one world of Nazis? it’s all very confusing. Maybe Mr. Robin could tell us all what this ‘one world’ is…

  3. Hello Lucy,
    1)oThe “obsession with belittling domestic violence.” Its a good idea to belittle anyone who is violent, either with words or actions. If you disagree with this, that’s up to you.
    2)In 1973, Edward Heath, (who had attended the Hilter rallies as a student) took the country into what was then called the EEC. We had a referendum, and voted “Yes” . We did not know that this was the foundation of the United States of Europe, whereby all the boundaries of the countries will be removed. Thank God for Gordon Brown who kept us out of the Euro, but the idea is to have one currency. What comes next, (according to the United Nations is)
    3)One World Government. That means no borders between the countries, one currency, one religion, one government.
    This was Hitler’s vision for the world, and his death camps were there to remove those that he didn’t want in his lunatic one world idea.
    The question therefore is this.
    Do the Millibands share the Marxist view of the future being a “One World” government, and if they do, how do they choose to push this forward? Are they going to use force, or are they going to carry on the idea using groups like “Common Purpose?”
    Christianity, and indeed, none of the major religions, play a part in the One World idea.
    Think of how the media have depicted both Christians and Islamic people in a negative light for about 30 years. Do you think this is by accident? Or do you think this is an attempt to persuade people away from their national identities, which do tend to be linked to the religion of the country?
    Remember, those who hold the “One World” agenda, see nationalism as a much greater enemy to the cause, than religion, and why many “One World” people say negative things about the English. This may be because the English, particularly the Elizabethan dramatists, put “Free Speech” into the world, at great personal cost to themselves, being tortured and murdered by the Church. The “One World” enthusiasts fear “Free Speech” more than anything.
    They also fear the great warriors of Free Speech, Melanie Phillips and Max Hastings…. writers to be found in the Daily Mail.
    Hope this is of help to you “Lucy”. Other words for “One World” are “Globalization” and “Third Reich.”

  4. Robin, Funny how you speak of abuse and violence when you seem to be such an abusive person yourself but maybe that’s a typical male response from you.
    You seem to very keen on the Daily Mail as well- a newspaper that is very keen to spread lies and hatred- especially with writers like Melanie Phillips and the recent Ed Miliband smear campaign.
    If you think its ok to misquote dead people and gate crash memorial services than that says a lot about you. The Daily Mail is hardly a moral paper- it once supported Adolf Hitler of all people!
    I’m not sure what this one world thing is you hate so much. Is this the christian vision of one world of centuries of slavery, rape and pillage in the name of god? endless wars in the name of god, paedophile priests? I wouldn’t have thought from reading your anto one world ramblings on here that a religion from the Middle East would have been your kind of thing? surely you must hate these foreign religions coming over here and making ‘one world’
    Instead of ‘One world’ wold you prefer lots of little worlds? each world with its own creed and colour? none of these pesky foreigners? or lots lots of little separate worlds run by religious types? you seem to be very keen to criticise but very careful not to say what you mean.

  5. Robin thanks for making me laugh this morning with the idea of the Daily Mail being about free speech! Was that free speech that Lord Rothmere used to write ‘hurray for the blackshirts’ in the 1930s! You seem have an interesting world view point without ever explaining what it is really. If you don’t want One World or whatever it is what do you want?

  6. Surely the Christians as they rampaged around the world bringing war, misery and slavery in the name of god were trying to get a One World all for themselves but failed in the end. I doubt there has been a war not caused by religion. I think you will find that free speech of some description was around before the Elizabethans whose idea of free speech was hardly free. You never seem to explain yourself in your rants and it comes over as very Little England clutching onto your crayons writing letters to the Daily Mail about floods of foreigners and the dread of the Euro despite the fact we are still using the remnants of a Roman currency, living under Roman laws and even have a few lost people still worshipping a cult Roman religion that came from the East- all very One World I would have thought. Robin, mate, you seem very muddled.


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