Samantha Brick still wondering why women hate her for being beautiful
Samantha Brick still wondering why women hate her for being beautiful

Dear Samantha or Miss Piggy or whatever you are called,



I’m not sure if you are deliberately trying to wind people up or trying to get your name out there or you actually mean what you say.

I guess writing for the Daily Mail is a bit of a giveaway and it does make things instantly uglier. It’s all very difficult to tell these days isn’t it?

Maybe you have a book to sell or need to get out on that circuit of mid morning TV shows telling the world your unpleasant worldview. Maybe you are revelling in your role as the TV wind up girl or the columnist who annoys people, getting the bored women of Britain to throw things at the TV whilst you tell them they are jealous of how beautiful you look or that being fat is a failure.

You fleetingly shot to Twitter ‘fame’ last year when you claimed that women hated you because you were so beautiful in a column entitles ‘Why do women hate me for being so beautiful’- which initially looked like some sort of joke

Samantha Brick still wondering why women hate her for being beautiful
Samantha Brick still wondering why women hate her for being beautiful



– it was a strange thing to say even if you were actually beautiful and I guess it was all about column inches. I just re-read that column and it did make me chuckle- especially when I looked at your photo- I mean, it’s great to have confidence in yourself and all that but to make things up about how much men fancied you was a bit strange but I guess part of an elaborate wind up.

I’m not sure what your barometer of beauty is but I think you may need to check the mirror first before saying stuff like that.

A quick straw poll of friends found none of them thinking you were actually beautiful at all- most people thought you were plain at the best and everyone else wondered who you were- not that it really matters and it would be irrelevant if it wasn’t for your bizarre claims. Beauty is not there for you or anyone else in the media to dictate and your idea of beauty (er, yourself) doesn’t really match anyone else’s. By all means empower yourself and feel beautiful but unlike you,we are not here to dictate beauty unlike yourself.


I’m glad I grew up in the punk era where these dumb ideas of beauty were turned on their head and we had real women like Poly Styrene, Siouxsie Sioux and the real Jordan to show us that beauty was not subservient pouting but intelligence and spirit and all shapes and sizes. Beauty is not a Daily Mail column or a newspaper whose website is full of stick thin  ‘celebrities’ wandering around in their underwear, it’s far more complex and interesting than that.

Samantha, beauty is far more than dying your hair. It’s not a Daily Mail column that’s for sure! It comes in all shapes and sizes and is far more complex than your shallow and very confused take. It’s time to redefine what beauty is. Your idea is so hopelessly out of touch that it makes us all laugh.

Your latest attempt at notoriety is claiming that fat equals failure- another attempt to hit the raw nerve of paranoid people everywhere.

Body shape is a personal choice and being skinny is not necessarily a success as you claim- unless you count starving yourself as success.

The world is cruel like that and people are trapped by these false ideas of beauty. What the media thinks doesn’t often match reality but is still worries people pointlessly. Maybe that’s why the fuss about your silly columns is actually played out on twitter and not in the Daily Mail.

In a world where skinny women are shoved into everyone’s faces no-one bothers to ask men what they think. Beauty is far more complex than a catwalk or a newspaper column.  For men, the answer will never match the dumb female stereotypes expected with a baffling array of women of all shapes and sizes being thought of as beautiful by men whether they are fat, thin, small or tall- and oddly none of them seem to resemble you Samantha.

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  1. Dear Samantha Brick – wouldn’t you rather become a well known journalist because of how great your work is – not because you’re purposefully going out of your way to wind people up? You might think you’re a beautiful when you look in the mirror, but under that skin lurks something much more sinister…

  2. ‘real women like Poly Styrene’…? You’re joking, right? And why do you think it’s so important what men think about women? Congratulations on your oh-so edgy anti-Daily Mail diatribe. Soooo brave….

  3. After reading this a couple of times and Googling Samantha Brick, the only conclusion I can come to is maybe she’s referring to inner beauty, but again, she lacks that as well. Anyone who feels the need to broadcast their perceived attractiveness is instantly a beast in my eyes.

  4. Ah yes, Miss Piggy. I knew I’d seen that mammal before, but I couldn’t quite put my finger on where. Might explain why she’s married to Kermit (still, she hasn’t managed to turn him into a prince has she).

  5. This real question is “Why is the media feeding the public another dumb blonde type, to be sneered at?” And also “Why is John Robb falling into the line, not seeing through this, and doing a bit of sneering too?” She’s being paid to make herself look stupid. Why?


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