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Dear Russell,

You are likeable chap- a verbal tap dancing, media dandy with a sharp wit and a knack for rubbing salt into the wounds of all sorts of grouchy sods. So this letter is not one of those ’hate mail’ things.

It’s just an uncomfortable feeling, a feeling that all this beautiful talk of revolution is a bit awkward.

Your silver words sounds great but are they telling a truth or just tapping into an unease that the certainties don’t exist anymore? Are we are staggering into a post politic time?

Russell, it seems that in the last few months you have become obsessed with the revolution and chucking names like Che Guevara around like interview confetti and making a mixture of sharp observations and ribald statements and have become intoxicated with some kind of messiah complex. A political/media version of the great Eric Morecambe telling the late conductor Andre Previn ‘I’m playing all the right notes, but not necessarily in the right order.’

The 21st century is having a nervous breakdown and things are moving very quickly but these simplistic solutions are not going to help anyone. This ‘don’t vote’  stuff is the luxury of the super rich, the one door that the far right waltz through and never offers a real solution. Along with some of the other, admittedly intoxicating anti establishment stuff, it’s twitter politics – 140 happy, clappy characters that look great whizzing round the internet- the sort of stuff that people say like ‘politicians – they are all the same’, ‘I don’t trust none of them’ etc – that sort of reducing the world’s problems to a snappy retweet but never with a solution…

Of course everything is fucked and capitalism is having a bad hangover and,  at least , Russell, you bother to point this out and there is a truth in your manic discourse. We are all taking pot shots at the system that has hypnotised us all as we sit here typing out missives on Apple Macs and listening to our counter culture music sold to us by the evil empire whilst being intoxicated by the shiny baubles of God and the dollar.

So, Russell, it seems you want to be the revolution.

It all sounds very grand and sexy and exciting.  There you are in the Guardian railing against corruption, alienated leaders, the corporate state and unequal wealth and posh salt in some bar in Shoreditch. You do it very well. You are like an endless river of freeform language and switchblade wit.

It’s so exciting you even have book out at the same time about it.

Just in time for Christmas.

It makes you think that when the Pop Group sang ‘We Are All Prostitutes’ all those years ago they were making the perfect political statement. We are all twitching away in the spider’s web, some us wriggling more than others.

Your book actually looks pretty good, if crammed full of the stuff that everyone was talking about years ago regurgitated like they are grand new discoveries. You are smart and witty and your Trews youtube clips – where you do these great to camera political rants – are both entertaining and saying all the right stuff.

Unfortunately being ‘andsome, witty and scruffily charismatic is just not enough to change the world – although it might have worked for Jesus if he existed. Your argument is charming but full of holes. A working class hero is something to be as another very rich anti capitalist once sang and that old millionaires against poverty thing is very awkward and an odd thing to be – just ask Bono.

Russell, it’s just that it’s all a bit hard to tell whether the words sound good tumbling out of your mouth or if they very little or no meaning – it’s the curse of these times. In these post ironic times with dead voiced media luvvies and presenters it’s an empty babble where even meaning lost its meaning and you can’t tell if people are taking the piss or wearing a shiny new hipster badge.  This is not necessarily your fault but can you blame us for feeling that is all a bit like John Lennon singing ‘imagine no possessions’ in his 72-room mansion in 1971. Another version of the common celebrity delusion that once they have changed the charts or got bored of being famous they can change the world. Another new role to play out after drugs, fame and sex have numbed the soul.

Oh Russell, if only all this stuff was true and that by shouting ‘Revolution!’ from the roof tops and sprinkling the magic dust of  charisma over well meaning phrases the world will change. But like a well meaning version of those not so nice UKIP people you are tapping into the disillusionment with everything of our spoilt times but not offering any real solutions. Good sounding stuff from the post politics world where the shaman are coming with their loud voices, magnetic souls and shiny eyes and their snake oil solutions.

This is not an anti-Russell tirade, I like the cut of your gib and there is something genuinely well meaning about you dandy dancing through the media and I am a sucker for all that revolution stuff myself. It’s just that the real world is far more foul and awkward than your, at best, naive and, at worst, showbiz gone mad tirades. The current system is broken, the people at the top play mean and dirty and they conduct a vicious and dark game – this much we know and it’s great you point it out.

The disillusionment with the establishment is easy to understand these days and it’s getting more and more popular and the future will see cranks, freaks and pampered messiahs making a run for the poisoned chalice of power that they all simultaneously detest. Of course the system is rotten and of most of the issues that affect our lives are spiralling out of the control of political parties who were formed decades ago and we need new solutions. Maybe you can be a British version of Iceland’s Jon Gnarr who got to be mayor of Reykjavik after the bank crash and with a similar counter culture agenda that actually affected change in a surreal term of power that was like an acting out of the radical Jello Biafra manifesto 1980’s run for San Francisco mayor.

Are these post politics times? have the establishment become to complacent? do comics and clowns have more of an idea than yer Millibands and Camerons? Or is it just another branch on the tree of showbusiness? Are people like Bez and Brand and, to a certain extent, Farrage the future politic in a post-politic time?

The only certainty now is that there no certainties.


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Award winning journalist and boss of Louder Than War. In a 30 year music writing career, John was the first to write about bands such as Stone Roses and Nirvana and has several best selling music books to his name. He constantly tours the world with Goldblade and the Membranes playing gigs or doing spoken word and speaking at music conferences.


  1. John, I do exist, but not in human form anymore. I’m known as the holy spirit these days, and if you want to know more, just ask. I do want you for a sunbeam John, I really do.

  2. He may not have many [or any] actual answers to these massive political questions/problems, who, outside of academia, is attempting to further a viable alternative? However, at least he is prepared to have a go at the correct targets and possibly get people who ordinarily wouldn’t think about politics to start questioning what is actually happening. There’s very few people from the world of celebrity, music, culture in general having a pop at this government. Compare and contrast these times to the 80’s, either everyone is scared to death of upsetting sections of their audience or they just don’t care anymore? Brand may be shooting for the stars, of course he’s going to fall well short of the moon, but I applaud him for actually caring, which I think he sincerely does, I don’t think it’s simply a cynical marketing ploy.

  3. I can’t help but feel you may have missed the point. brand doesn’t pretend to have all the answers, and if you think you might, you should offer them up instead of shooting him down.

    if, as you say, you dig his ideas and hope that something more solid and progressive comes from the sort of critique he embodies, join the debate!

    what you might want to avoid though is this sort of reductive personal nit-picking… rather, throw your two cents into the larger debate… the political and social one. :)

  4. With so many “worthy” targets of your ire, isn’t it a shame that you’re targeting someone who is using their celebrity for good, instead of the usual self-centered reasons? What is your problem here, he doesn’t have the answer to all the problems, well who does – he highlights the hypocrisy in the world (and media especially) and makes some great points that a greater public are more likely to witness than say a Naomi Klein book? I’ve read, and re-read this “open letter” and it it does kind of smell a little bit of jealousy here – this is a man who probably shares many of your own principles, but he can write an article without a million typo’s, he has an audience much bigger than yours, and he keeps it interesting with humour instead of these meaningless open letters – who made you the country’s conscience? There are much bigger enemies out there, let’s fight together to counteract them, not fight each other – as far as I can see, Russell has offered more solutions and suggestions to issues than you have, what exactly is your answer to all the problems – bitch about people who are actually “doing” things to try and bring about change in a hope to clock up some hits…

  5. If you are an award winning journalist, as you claim to be, one would hope that you would proof read such a document before posting it on the World Wide Web. You offer just as little promise as Brand himself. The only thing better about Brand is that, due to his retarded amount of popularity and success, he has the power to get a younger generation to think about politics and the state of the world I a different way.

    He’s right, we need a call to arms, we need a revolution and we need it now. However, what he can’t change and will never change if he is successful with this ‘revolution’ is the nature of the beast; the human being. Even if people realise there is power in numbers, how long would it be until we breakdown into savagery and the ones who have been oppressed for so long decide to take revenge on those they deem to be responsible?

    The more I venture my thoughts into where this world is headed the only reasonable answer I can offer is that we all walk hand in hand, brothers and sisters, into the ocean and remove ourselves from the evolutionary pool. We are a disease. We to some extent are egotistical maniacs and it looks like we won’t stop until we have destroyed ourselves once and for all.

    Bleak I know but you can’t deny that I have a point.

    Have a beautiful day.

    • I forgot to point out that your letter to Russell really does prove my point about destroying ourselves and each other. Silly me.

    • Harrison,
      Rule One of being a pedant.
      If you are going to moan about typos make sure you don’t make any yourself…your comment is littered with so many mistakes that it’s laughable.

  6. Would be great if actually had a point John. You agree with what he’s saying but say he should be disregarded as he’s rich?
    In the next breath mention Che Guevara…. who was from a very rich privileged background.
    Superfluous hyperbole much?

  7. We’ve had the technology and wisdom as a species to evolve past the current paradigm for decades. We don’t because we are being held back by a minority of dinosaurs who have a vested financial and cosial interest in keeping things the way they are.

    There are solutions all around, it is completely disingenuous to knock someone highlighting the problem for not handing them to you on a silver platter. No-one should be looking to Brand to save the day, we should just be taking note of the issues that he and many others are highlighting, finding out what is already being done to address them and getting involved as well.

    Examples of game changing solutions that we could begin enacting now if enough people got behind them:

    Positive Money: httpss://
    Zeitgeist Movement / Venus Project: httpss://
    NOTA UK: httpss://

  8. I think you’ll find that Mr Robb doesn’t have a jealous bone – nay atom – in his body, that’s not what he’s about. He’s happy doing what he’s doing, and always has been, sufficiently to not begrudge anybody else any amount of success. He’s a man with a boundless enthusiasm for life and fascination with the opinions of others. And he’s entitled to his opinion! For myself I have always adored Russell; fey, shiny-eyed, phallic, sweet man-child; erudite, witty, mischievous Pan, with that dirty, irreverent take on the world that only an ex-junkie can have. But I am becoming increasingly uneasy with this deification that’s been occurring recently, just because he ‘s said some good things and shown himself to be as anti-establishment and compassionate as the rest of us barmy old punks & hippies have always been. I don’t want to see him get carried away with his own erudition and verbosity; and all his talk of spirituality recently has made me a bit squirmy. It’s a luxury that wealthy people tend to participate in most enthusiastically because they’ve got the time and the money to meditate on that great divine, shared consciousness. Their consciousness is unfettered by mundane worry, and they can turn happily to the matter of their souls – and our souls (sorry), but then tend to leave us lot behind in the process. People will either get fed up with all this (like they did with the Beatles – and John when he was poncing about in bed with Yoko) or go with it gung-ho which, JMHO, leads to a sort of creepy fanaticism that I, at any rate, consider to be decidedly unhealthy. Earth to Russell, get back down ‘ere and don’t lose touch with the people who need to see your shining face and hear your irreverent words; (please) don’t be the messiah, Russell, just carry on being a very naughty, very funny boy.

  9. Rob, though I think you make some interesting points, I also think you’ve got a cheek to criticise Russell Brand from the vantage point of a website that does not pay contributing writers. That is just one of the sad indictments of the modern media world, where content is generated for free and a website is then presented as edgy and “rock n roll”. What does that even mean these days? If you want to imagine how Russell Brand might feel to be criticised by you, just feel into what you’re feeling about the words I’ve just written. I’d hazard a guess there’s some similarity there.

    • Thanks for your comment Giulio but I’m not sure it’s a fair one. Unlike Russell brand I’m not a millionaire! if I was i would be paying people- we are not a corporate backed website like a lot of the others who still don’t pay people. We are pretty skint music fans who write about stuff and we are straight with people who want to write for us.

      You seem to be trying to make out that we are somehow ripping people off by not paying them but we can’t pay anyone as we make no money. All the money we generate gets spent on repairing the website and paying for the server. I don’t make money out of the website myself. This does not make me a saint but it’s not like I’m making a fortune and expecting everyone else to do everything for nothing. We don’t try and present ourselves as ‘edgy’ or ‘rock n roll’ and both those words have little to do with who gets paid what. These days people don’t pay for music and they don’t for content on websites which makes paying people very tricky.

      • I’d love to be more eloquent but the fact is I think that Russell is a complete Knob – simple as that – what you say about an over priviledged millionaire running out of things to spend his time doing is absolutely right – he sits firmly in the Bono camp of self satisfaction and bloated ego – and the, (remarkably real), belief that people will listen to him and that he can make a difference.

        In reality he’s as big a joke as Bez trying to make it in politics – although at least Russell can string a coherant sentence together, I’ll give him that but he is a fool if he thinks that it is right telling people to give up the one thing they have – the one weapon in anyone’s arsenal to make a difference – to vote. It must herald as the dumbest piece of advice anyone has ever given out. If he runs for mayor or for a political party do you think he’ll be spouting that bollocks then?

  10. I think he’s at least raising awareness and I fully salute him for that. I don’t hear another single celeb of any profession doing it and I commend him for doing it. It’s too much to expect him to have an answer of a mapped out plan of what to do and what a revoloution looks like. The real revoloution starts from within ourselves as individuals I think and he is certainly doing a better job then many many many celebs, journo’s and politicians of speaking out for people. The problem with revoloution and the left is they take pot shots at each other because of things like the ‘no vote’ issue or because he doesn’t have the answer or because he has a book out leading up to xmas? Who does have the answer? It’s like music journalists who slag off the charts but if you look at twitter on a sat night they 80 percent of them are watching xfactor and are not out supporting what they claim to support. Bit off the point there but in my opinion it is better he is there saying what he is saying then not. He may not force a revolution but he is opening people’s minds and that in my opinion is where a real revolution will start eventually, hopefully, maybe

  11. Hmmm you say Russell has a confusing message with no solutions but atleast he is saying something! Your saying people are disengaged with Politics, if you watch the Trews for instance you will see that of late he is starting to give community based projects more and more air time, this is what is seriously needed. It’s also about learning and researching other options, following the Scottish Referendum the idea of devolution and regional parliaments should be kept on the agenda with London just sucking and controlling everything the way it does controlled by a rotten elite that is so corrupt and untouchable it is beyond a joke, now is the time to hold a mirror up to how rotten the core is! I’m sorry John it’s not the 80s punk is dead, Rave Culture died after CJB and the red wedge never worked! What ever happens next can’t be any worse than what we got after leaving Thatchers 80s what did we get? Weapons of Mass Destruction? Lies! MPs expense scandals! Corrupt Police! Murdoch and Cameron’s cronies getting off Scott free after hacking! A recession so deep brought on by the greed and no one held to account! I can’t even be bothered listing the amount of shite that has come out over the last few years that sickens me that these people are allowed to still operate and live free! Murdoch he’s a horrible C u next week!
    To right an article that on one hand strokes then on the other hand slaps and doesn’t offer any alternatives other than to criticise is even less of a solution! The fact that Russell Brand is holding a mirror up to how 1 dimensional the media and politics is should be applauded! Also recently I don’t know if your aware he gave his donation for successfully sueing Rupert Murdoch for his lies about him to The Hillsborough Justice Campaign! That is action, supporting those who have been on the recieving end of lies and corruption! So do you suggest we keep things the way they are? Corrupt politicians, corrupt police, corrupt media? Answers on a postcard please Robb

  12. Thanks for your response Rob. The point is that our society is set up in such a way that in order for small websites to function writers have to go without pay. Whatever way you cut that, it’s not right. You should be able to make money from your website and make enough to pay your writers. A world that cannot manage that is fucked up and we need to address the underlying reasons for that. I’m sure your intentions are positive, but it’s not nice to get criticised when you are trying your best, is it? None of us like it. I’m sure Russell doesn’t either. What I will say is that he has done more in te past 18 months to bring progressive politics to a wider audience than anybody I can think of, more than politicians and academics and activists. He should be praised for that and he really is smart enough to have focused on the brightest and best minds and theories. Not to say he doesn’t make mistakes or that all his ideas are spot on, but the fact he’s a millionaire is neither here nor there. He could easily just play safe and walk off with the money. he is trying to give meaning to his life and risking a lot by speaking up for others. He deserves praise for that. Anyway, could say a lot more, but thanks for an interesting read and discussion.

    • Giulio,

      To be honest we don’t mind the criticism- but our case, I think it’s a bit different from Russell Brand (who the piece supported to a certain extent).

      Of course it’s not right the no-one gets paid for writing but people won’t pay for stuff now so there is no choice. I have no money to pay people. that’s the day it is. people are told that when they get in touch about writing.
      In the old days people bought music papers and paid for music. Now they don’t.
      The underlying reasons are many – big corporate companies squeezing everything and people wanting everything for nothing.

  13. Why on earth is ‘not right that no one gets paid for writing’? What exactly is wrong with writing or doing something because you love doing it? By bringing the debate down to the dollar and dime you completely miss the point. Not everyone wants to make a living out of sharing their views and writing a little of this and that, some people think that the ability to air them in the hope that others ay be stimulated as a result is more than enough. Don’t demean comment and analysis and commodify it in such a base manner. Not everyone wants to be a sad sack journo. We may all be prostitutes but some of us don’t want to be 24/7. To read the shift in discourse on this thread to this level is profoundly sad. It’s like punk never happened eh John?

  14. Dear John Robb,

    In your letter you claim Brand’ “argument is charming but full of holes”. Yet it is you who fails to give any arguments for your view. None of your numerous accusations of Russell Brand is supported by any evidence. You accuse Brand of empty rhetoric without meaning, whilst all you contribute are you empty accusations.

    If you would’ve actually listened to the guy for more then 5 minutes, you would know that he offers/confronts people with fact-based alternatives for dominant discourse, mostly accompanied by suggestions for further informing yourself. Also, very often he discusses solutions for acute problems (for instance David Swansons solution for ISIS-crisis), or alternative ideas for societal/political/educational/etcetera practices.

    Also, if you would have any knowledge of the process of revolutions in political theory, you would understand the importance of ‘ideas’ or ‘stories’ to provide people alternatives for hegemonic discourse.

    So, since Russell Brand is doing it quite right, and your scarce objections have been answered, would you please join the cause instead of undermining it?


    • Not sure if you read the letter properly.
      Also have been reading about and writing about this sort of stuff for years.
      Just hoping that he is genuine – perhaps he is.

  15. I have been paying attention to Russell Brand since the Jeremy Paxman interview and think that he may be leading somewhere with all of this. I hope it’s not for publicity and to sell books. I’m sure it’s not but can understand the slight fear that this may be what it’s for.

    This article understands that slight fear and from what I understand of the article, Jon Robb seems to be pushing Russell Brand to do something as he can see like us all that he is in more of a position than the rest of us to make that first stand. This is something he is already doing but I too am waiting somewhat impatiently for something more.

    My thoughts on the matter, no matter how little they mean, are that Russell Brand, despite how much he may dislike the idea, should run against the current corrupt politicians. Now I’m not sure how one goes about doing that but he has enough fame to shove himself in the spotlight. He could hijack any number of news channels, promote his own Trews and run to be Prime Minister.

    He may not have a clue what to do if successful but wouldn’t we rather have someone in power who isn’t bought and paid for? Someone who can see the problems and understand what would make the problems worse instead of thinking about the profits of companies that have bank rolled him?

    At least Russell Brand would be able to listen to a wide variety of people on what possible solutions there are before acting on them. He could form a new political party, built to save this country instead of doing it for his own gain.

    Now I’ve seen how every politician has aged rapidly when taking on the roll of Prime Minister and understand that it could put his career as a comedian to bed but he seems passionate enough about it to walk selflessly into the most stressful and least rewarding (if done for the people and not for his own gain) job in the country but it would be a sacrifice that this country seems to need.

    I have no idea if it would work and I have had many stupid ideas in my life but it’s best to put it out there and if anyone agrees then it wasn’t so bad, that rarely happens though but at least I said it.

  16. I think to dismiss John Lennon’s intentions and impact on the Peace movement because he owned a mansion is way off and disrespectful “feeling that is all a bit like John Lennon singing ‘imagine no possessions’ in his 72-room mansion in 1971. Another version of the common celebrity delusion” you are acting negatively towards people who use/used there exposure with intentions of a positive outcome for the masses (both from working class backgrounds that put there money and mouths into good causes) John Lennon’s lasting impression on peoples psyche is one of Peace, Love & Music! Even if Russell Brand just sparks debate it’s a good thing but he is using his platform to point out inequality and alternative fact based arguments to support this in opposition to one way propaganda that supports wealth inequality that perpetuates poverty!

    • Framedink- you sound deluded or at least hypnotised by the bright light of celebrity. If you think it’s ok for these millionaires to bleat on about poverty from the comfort of their huge mansions or when they have a twenty quid xmas book to sell then you must be the most naive person on the planet. John lennon voted Tory in the sixties because he didn’t want to pay tax, the revolutionary bit was just another poses in a series of poses for him- and that’s coming from someone who loves his music. The sixties heroes were all posing- Bob Dylan is richer than the richest banker, John lennon had a special cold room to keep his collection of expensive fur coats in and lived in several huge mansions- if an MP lived like that they would be castigated. People have a blind spot when it comes to celebrity and let them off for saying one thing and doing another. Much as I like Russell Brand, his second name gives it all away and he is, in fact, doing all the causes he stands for a disservice by making them look like a new comedy routine, a joke. Of course voting is not perfect but is listening to Mr. brand any batter , is saying ‘oooh his ideas are good I must buy his book’ a better way to change the world?

    • I have read one intelligent post after another on this forum. Why don’t you guys post on The Trews? We could do with some good debate

  17. Carl: Its not the celebrity I am hypnotised by but positivity for the change of the negative. Your entitled to take from John Lennon’s life in the spotlight in which ever you want, I know the negative, we all make mistakes (have you Carl? I have!) and you make a good point that ‘if an MP Lived like that you would castigate’ them but they are not politicians and both have added there voice to worthy causes (see my above post on Brand challenging NewsCorp Murdoch and winning then giving it to Hillsborough Justice Campaign. John Lennon also moved/gave an Island over to the Hippy movement and in doing so handed back a village in North Wales back to be saved, Im sure there are many more examples of what they have both done to effect the change they believe in) I also hear that Russell Brand is giving the money from his book to set up a homeless/addiction work based charity (and no I wont be buying his book as I cant afford to but will read it if the opportunity arises if thats ok). In answer to your I listen to his Trews as a source of alternative information, Im not a conspiracy theorist I listen to many points of view through many different sources and make up my own opinion, I also talk debate many other issues in life that effect my existence face to face, my friends, my family, stranger and my wife…we don’t necessarily always agree, a lot of the time they don’t actually care about this stuff, not many people actually do, so thats what the people who do care about these issues need to unite, get there heads together and come up with solutions! Peace my Brother :)

  18. Brand is right, the system is broken. The elite rules for themselves at our expense. Corrupt,sickening, greed. Though we don’t need a revolution, as that is going round in circles, we need EVOLUTION…

  19. We truly live in an ‘idiocracy’. We blindly and slavishly follow the words of any celebrity whether they are selling aftershave of the revolution. We hate all politicians because they are corrupt but never question multi millionaires turning up at anti capitalism demos in chauffer driven cars. We are so lost in the glare of fame that we cannot dare to question Brand and his motives as he hijacks other people’s great ideas for his number one xmas book. We support him in his phoney attempts to be Jesus Che and watch as the ideals that he claims to represent are turned into a cartoon caricature.

  20. Greetings John Rob, Russell Brand and the world,

    We are Anonymous.

    Someone has been bringing a lot of attention to themselves Mr. Brand, and it has attracted us as well as others who are distrustful of celebrities using their status as a launchpad for what seems at first glance, a noble endeavor. We would count Mr. Rob as part of this later demographic. Why are we so apprehensive?

    Mainstream entertainment has been under suspicion for obvious reasons for years. Most of us understand that we are being spoon-fed bullshit by the media. Why then, would we trust the ex-husband of Katy Perry? Because you are the ex, Russell?

    We don’t know what your intentions are, but coming across this open letter to you does invite you to defend yourself to someone else than a stuffed suit of the establishment. The article on Louder than War brings up some interesting points. So if you cannot fill in the gaps, please allow us to light the way regarding life as only we know it.

    Revolution is always awkward,, but should only be because it is fringing on what we believe to be death and chaos. Not because the person touting it is arguably nearly too aloof to comprehend the intricacies that would be involved. When you use the name and imagery of Che Guevara, you are immediately implanting the image of a bullet ridden struggle, to the ones who know their history, which is what he was apart of. We are not saying he was wrong, but the true revolution can be achieved without bullets or bloodshed. I would implore you to encourage people to learn the truth about men like Qaddafi and all that he had done for Libya instead. How the media made him seem like a crack pot because he refused to play the world economic ball game. Let us all make sure that our research is done and that the truth is discovered. It was Castro that stayed in Cuba and led the people to stabilization. But, then again, you won’t see as many Castro shirts in posh shops up and down London. Scaring people with the idea of civil war will not lead to the revolution we are seeking. It will only cause them to wall themselves inside their homes and hope to vote their way out of it and that is the antithesis of true progress.

    A very good point that you do proliferate is, “don’t vote”. You seem a little shaky though when questioned about this. Let Anonymous answer it for you, clearly and concisely. No one should vote because it does not matter. Voting gives the people an illusion of choice. Most of us know that voting results can and are being rigged regularly. The decisions are made regarding what passes and what fails when the bills are written, and when the candidates are first chosen. Voting is like a Roman event in the Colosseum to make the peasants believe that their society is just and fair as the lions rip apart the slave that got out of line. SOLUTION!!!! Don’t be apart of it. If there began a trend of .5% voter turn out, they would have to hire actors to make the story believable. Don’t participate and force them into a corner. Communicate with your community (see how those words are similar) and let people know that you didn’t vote, see if they feel the same. The secret ballot was created for a reason. The stigma behind discussing who you voted for is preposterous. As a community, people should have gathered together to discuss and plan and plot, but we were fed bull shit once again and let them label such discussion as taboo. We have a method to communicate with the world, let alone our immediate sector so let everyone know, “I DID NOT FUCKING VOTE”. See what the media does with the numbers. See how it will probably be common place bull shit showing the informed proof of the lie. That is the solution to that. When people realize that the media circus is pre-planned and pre-scripted regarding the fundamental facade of “Democracy” and start to share and tweet and facebook or whatever the devil the kids are doing these days, there will be an overwhelming consensus that it is faked and fucked.

    There is no such thing as “Democracy”, there is only capitalism. Capitalism thrives of off fear campaigns of scarcity. Scarcity caused by war, disease, over-population, global warming, etc. When a hibernating animal realizes that winter is coming, their first priority is to stock up on sustenance. Humans are not hibernating animals, so we have to have this forced vision of scarcity to feed our greed which is actually the self-preservation mechanism. Greed leads to crimes of every shape and size but is the improper term. We have been programmed to believe that hording and greed IS self-preservation.

    But wait, we should buy your book? Why, are there only a limited number of copies available, hence creating scarcity? Why not upload it to the piratebay and let everyone gander at it for free yourself? It will show up there eventually. Art has no price tag. Thoughts are art. Words are art. Give the profits to charity and redeem yourself perhaps. Sell that big house, rent a flat and give the money you save to the hungry. When the revolution does happen, your money will be useless anyway.

    Welcome to the DIY community. Punk helped to nurture this philosophy, something Mr. Rob knows a lot about. Community! That is what will change the world. From small to medium to large to a global scale, we are a community. In all fairness, from what Anonymous has seen, you Russell, do emphasize this to a degree. But it seems, that you always miss the part of the speech that would do the most good. It is a VASTLY unpopular idea. The community of human beings must let go of religious, racial, social, class, and sexual bigotry, to the point where yes, you will have to slap the Indian in the face to make him except his Pakistani brother and vice versa. You will have to slap the Jewish person to make him except his Muslim brother and vice versa. You willl have to slap Christians in the face to…, hell make them except anyone else and vice versa. And so on and so on. People must understand that this hatred is unfounded in nature and only a product of this modern society that they have been poisoned by. It’s a hard rain’s a gonna fall.

    There are no hipster badges here. That is why we are Anonymous. If you are going to wear the mask, keep it on. No fame, no glory, just information that will hopefully go somewhere. While we don’t have your looks, or charm, or celebrity (well maybe that one), we can reach more people, and do more good all the while remaining, Anonymous. No books to sell. No DVD’s. Everything we produce is free and always will be. We even pay off student loans for people we do not know when we can by fucking the system. Anonymous seeks no ultimate power, only to restore it to humanity. Again, that is why we are Anonymous. We have no leader, no true ideology even, other than ideas that just plainly make sense. You will not see Anonymous becoming mayor or governor or president. There is no need.

    And now we offer Mr. Rob a chance that Mr. Brand has yet to offer. A chance to question Anonymous regarding what, how and why this revolution will happen. At least the hive that makes up this post.

    Mr. Rob, if you would be so kind?

    • Which bit of avoiding capitalism did ‘anonymous’ avoid by typing that missive out on a computer made by poorly paid workers and then sending via the internet?

      • unfortunately, that is the world we have at the moment. and how wonderful that is the only thing that you can counter a two page explanation of real revolution on. wake up 99%.

    • Dear Anonymous. Yes, how sad only one response to such a well written and interesting article. Mr Rob, where is your reply? How may we know more information about Anonymous?

  21. Agree with what a few have said above, he is at least doing something to point out a failed system, and via a avenues like the BBC – this feels a bit like a cheap shot. It’s a shame you haven’t read at least some of the book it would hopefully allay a few fears before going public with a slant on his intentions.

    He takes a wide range of views and opinions in the book from people making real ‘on the ground’ change, this isn’t a sole ego crusade – although the tone still is a quasi -comedic one.

    • Liam- you sound like a confused teenybopper whose favourite boy band has been slagged off. Your blind devotion to the pop star has clouded your vision. What exactly are his ‘intentions’? a best selling book? the most talked about person in the UK? hijacking a bunch of ideals that are far better written about by Naomi Klein and many other writers and make them seem foolish? and what is this failed system? the one that has made you one of the most spoiled children in history with the time and the money to complain about the system whilst using the toys of the system like the internet or computers- your hypocrisy is embarrassing…

  22. Read the whole article, the only thing that’s obvious is the green colour of envy evoking from yourself. As someone mentioned above, you have, in my opinion, purposely missed the point of Russell Brand’s intentions in order to satisfy a deep heated animosity towards the subject of the article. The fact that you miss out the symbolism of the fact that John Lenton was sat in a 71 room mansion asking the question ‘imagine no possessions speaks volumes too.

    • You obviously didn’t read it very well Stephen as John Robb made that very point about Lennon in his open letter. Like John, I welcome the fact that Russell has used his fame in order to instigate a debate. Bez is doing the same thing and I applaud him too. The difference is that Bez is living the lifestyle that he is advocating people should be adopting. He also recognises that if we want want a bloodless revolution then it begins in the ballot box. Back in the early eighties when I first got involved in Politics my aim was to help bust open the “power Club” or establishment that at that time existed between the Tories and Labour, taking turns to gradually fuck up our country. To a large extent, that job is done. I don’t think we can ever go back to a two party system – I believe there will be 5-6 parties who could have a credible voice in the next government. I’m not a fan of Miliband but I do think that The Labour Party has the most progressive policies and maybe, just maybe could produce a proper Social Democratic Government.

    • Stephen,

      It would help if you were sober before you left a comment and you totally missed the point of the John Lennon part of the article- (‘ The fact that you miss out the symbolism of the fact that John Lenton was sat in a 71 room mansion asking the question ‘imagine no possessions speaks volumes too’ er, which bit of this did John Robb miss?) maybe you were drunk when you read that bit as well? Come the revolution when there are no schools you will be a lost cause! But when you do sober up can you tell us what Russell’s intentions are? make money? sell lots of books? get voted in as mayor of London? maybe his intentions are turn to turn idealism into a joke or maybe he likes to be driven by his chauffer to demonstrations to show off? and then there is all the religious stuff where he sounds like some TV evangelist? Stephen you sound like you have been suckered by celeb culture and squealing when your fave pin up if questioned in a way that anyone indulging in politics should be- which if a long way away from ‘deep seated animosity’ that you claim to have spotted.

  23. Interesting to read all these comments from all these revolutionaries typing away on the Apple Macs forgetting about the piss poor wages the workers get paid for making them. I doubt any of you would pay more for your laptops to make sure the workers got paid- you prefer stroking Brand’s millionaire ego. This whole affair is appalling – revolution has become a hobby for the rich.

  24. Le Grand Debate: Robb v Brand
    Can anyone join in? Robb and Brand, sounds like the name of Satan’s own law firm.
    Revolution? Ooh, I hope you didn’t lose too much sleep coming up with that one Mr. Brand. It’s an ill choice perhaps as it infers change will be a’coming sometime soon and if we take that to its natural extension blood will be spilt. No ideology is worth the spilling of human blood. Patience!
    For Revolution read (literally) evolution through education. The front line is at the school gate. Why are nearly 50,000 teachers leaving education every year? Natural wastage? I think not. The ‘man’ knows the way to control hearts and minds. He knows where the real battle is being fought and lost! We know we’re losing but the question is what we’re going to do about it? Refusing to vote is fine. I get the None Of The Above campaign but in the great scheme of things it’s still tokenistic.
    Has anyone read his book? Me neither but I’ve bought it and will read sometime soon. The subject Mr. Brand tackles is too important, too complex to ignore or make uninformed comments about.
    A thought: if we’re living out the last days of King Lear then the fool, the court jester might be the only one talking any sense but then again nothing will come of nothing if Lear is to be believed.
    Richard Rouska (‘The Black Book’ and ‘Carrion’).

  25. Why bother with the Establishment’s invention that is “Brand?” He is well paid because he can be controlled. John Robb, twenty years ago, could have easily been similarly promoted as an invention, but the Establishment couldn’t control him…I’m guessing.
    John Robb.
    If you really want to know about revolution… the one that I set up two thousand years ago… an interview with John Lennox would be much more of a challenge.
    Don’t be scared.

    • On the contary Jesus, Mr Brand is the very antithesis of The Establishment !
      On on earth is controlling him ? His entire message is against control !

      • httpss:// Who is controlling Russell Brand? Well.. Red Ice Radio already covered this… Enjoy

      • Who is controlling Russell Brand?
        Well, who is it that wants us to believe that all religions are one…?
        And who is it that created the “Brand” with a necklace around his neck, with all the symbols of all the religions?
        Once you’ve worked that out, then you’ll know who is controlling Russell Brand.
        I thought Brand did well on Question Time, with the stuff that his Controllers had scripted for him… but when he was challenged to Stand for Parliament,.. that wasn’t on the script, and so he did flounder.
        If you want to know how a Controlled Media Puppet operates, … sit back and wait for them to shout down other people, and accuse them of racism and all the usual stuff…. sit back and wait till Puppet Poppet has ticked those boxes… and then look out for the stuff that has NOT been pre-rehearsed. That’s when you see.
        We’re back to the scripted “shock” of Grundy aren’t we “Go on then… say something shocking… “

  26. Dear Mr Robb.
    It was a pleasure to read your article and the thought provoking responses in the posts. I like Russell Brand and think he is a man not to be ignored. I post on The Trews comments & am consistantly disappointed with the dumb rubbish I read there. A great contrast to those who read Louder Than War. This is an article I posted recently, really in response to reading yours.
    Another defence of Russell Brand.
    I don’t blame Russell for not wanting to read all the negative publicity. The word Parklife buzzes through cyber space. But is it fair? Is this man a real life 21st Century prophet or just a publicity crazed celebrity, victim of this own inflated ego talking idealistic mumbo jumbo?
    The hypocrite millionaire. I understand the argument. My sympathies lay with the comments of John Robb, a very talented writer who said in an open letter in Louder Than War ” A working class hero is something to be, as another rich anti capitalist once sung and that old millionaire against poverty thing is very awkward and an odd thing to be – just ask Bono ” Are the two always mutually exclusive? Is a man with a public platform and wealth to back him not allowed to do anything humanitarian ? Think of the difference being made in the world by many such people. The weak are forced to be meek. Those in powerful positions are usually better placed to make a real difference. And if he were to give away his money & trappings. Would this help? It would no doubt make a difference to those in immediate receipt but on a world wide scale it is but a drop in the ocean. Yes,to give away all his money would be a Statement.( I think we need to watch this space on that one. I have a feeling that is exactly what he will do at the right time) However my opinion is the rich man who helps the poor is not a hypocrite if he does not first divest himself of all his worldly goods. I am sure I am gonna get gunned down for saying this but I like George Soros. He is like a modern day Robin Hood in some respects. Yeah yeah, I know he nearly caused sterling to collapse on Black Friday or Wednesday when ever it was. But he is giving ten million of these profits to the Human Rights Watch amongst doing many other good things like being instrumental in the abolution of apartheid in South Africa and in forcing some eastern bloc countries to change their entire regimes into more democratic processes. He couldn’t do any of these things without his position, power and money. Russell does a lot of charitable work and donation . Do you dear reader?
    He is not ” politically correct ” I think this one deserves very careful scrutiny.To whom is he not politically correct? Think about it. Does not the ordinary man on the street- the man on the Clapham omnibus as often called in legal circles- relate more to Russell Brand than to any of the revolving door, cardboard cut-out politicians currently on offer?. Mr Brand is right when he says almost increduously, just listen to the way they speak, let alone the bullshit they spew out. Listen to the actual message , that is the important thing. The basic and very important message Russell Brand is putting across is difficult to refute. This is how most ordinary would people see it, lamentably, if only they had real access to it. ( the Trews on the TV before X factor maybe?. I say this tongue in cheek)
    Ha ha, listen to the way politicians speak; what about the way Russell speaks I hear you mutter. Yes, we can’t deny that he is sometimes excessively and unnecessarily verbose love him. But its pretty entertaining isn’t it? But why is it necessary to speak in a certain way? Most people are not sufficiently well educated to speak grammatically correct, erudite Queen’s english. I am a lawyer, who whilst bright enough to qualify as one had the disadvantage of one of the aforementioned educations. I shall never forget the day a High Court judge, peering down at me from over his dusty glasses, said I had just split my infinitive. Wouldn’t it have been a laugh if I had replied with the words that popped into my head at the time ” Apologies your Honourableness, but I don’t know what an infinitive is, let alone how to split the fucker! ”
    The John Rob quote about the working class hero is a contradiction , as Russell is a working class hero in most senses. And the estuary accent and mockney thing is not as I have read somewhere, affected. I know ; I too, have the dubious luck to come from Thurrock,Essex. Although not ” politically correct ” what he says certainly does resonate with truth not found elsewhere easily in the media, as its about things not in the interests of the media to expose.
    His motivation. Well theres the old book out just in time for christmas accusation. Maybe, but is this a bad thing but as the profits are going to good causes. What is wrong with that? Another interesting observation by John Robb ” Another celebrity delusion that once they have changed the charts or got bored with being famous they can change the world. Another new role to play out after drugs, fame & sex” I have read the “just another addiction” thing before. I think these things could be true, but again, so what if they are? You know what, I would rather have someone with real experience of life, who can understand real social problems such as drug addiction. Who is brave enough to post a video of himself in former days getting high, in order to help others see the futility of it. What do we get now? Politicians that no experience of the real world in which ordinary people live and lie through their arses to appear squeaky clean?
    There is something disarming in a man who happily flags up all his faults and talks about the continuing fight he has with his own demons. He points out it is in our nature to have negative responses to things like immigrants seemingly taking jobs & benefit and to want to boil alive the extremist who beheads .But he reminds us of that old line between good & evil running through every human heart and our responsibility to act humanely. An eye for an eye and the whole world goes blind. Who can really argue with these sentiments? I think his heart is firmly in the right place.
    Ideological mumbo jumbo with no real solutions offered. I like it when he sat on Jeremy Paxman’s sofa and said ” look mate, I can’t devise a plan for world peace( or something like that) in this hotel room now!” A cheeky answer but making the point that he does not purport to have all the answers. He certainly has many suggestions and is doing a lot of good work but it maybe he is not the man to actually lead us into this brave new world. No reason he can’t be a spokesman but with another, perhaps better qualified to lead?
    This brings me (at last) to my conclusion. I cannot agree with Russell’s view about not voting or just spoiling ballot papers. A great gesture but doesn’t really achieve anything. I don’t think you can have a peaceful Revolution. And as Mr Robb says ” If only by shouting “Revolution” from the rooftops and sprinkling the magic dust of charisma over well meaning words the world would change”
    My suggestion is to form a party for The Protest vote. What a platform. Let the Revolution begin !

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  27. httpss://

    Farage making great points on Question Time. All the Fake Left could do was wheel on “Bunny” and get her to scream Racist Racist… which was most entertaining. The Fake Left gave her the signal, when Brand was being challenged to stand for parliament… and off she went.. Ever noticed how forty years of screaming Racist Racist has shut down all debate? Do you think that is a co incidence?

    • So the whole argument has been reduced down to what Farage or Brand say…that’s politics for people who can’t think…who cares what one of them said on TV? whatever happened to compassion and caring about other people? seems to have gone out of the window with all this stirred up hatred- just like the days when the church ruled the land and we lived in a nasty suspicious feudal state and everyone knew their place.

      • So the whole argument has been reduced down to what Farage or Brand say…
        HELLO FRANK – no the whole argument is entitled “When are the Fake Left going to stop doing social experiments on us without our consent” Do try and keep up dear. The social experiment entitled “One World No Borders” includes forcing mass immigration onto people, without their consent… and I salute my fellow Britons, because I think we’ve dealt with it all very well. Of course, we can’t really debate how well, because the Fake Left have to shut down all debate by yelling Racist at us if we try. Bless em.

        whatever happened to compassion and caring about other people?
        FRANK – good question.. the answer can be found in the Social Experiment of “Music”… When the creed of the Gnostic was forced into our brains, via the music industry, we had several million songs all about the death of compassion and caring about other people…. lets start with The Beatles “Maxwell’s Silver Hammer” A celebration of murder.. Carry on with some Rap about beating up ladies…Lets have a look at lyrics from say 1959 onwards… they move from love to “Blurred lines” on a one way street. Who is writing this? Who is controlling this? The pretty people on the screen? Doubt it. There’s an agenda.

        – just like the days when the church ruled the land
        Lets go back to the Eleven Sixties. Two intelligent men. Thomas a Beckett and King Henry 11. To make Britain work as a country, but Church and State had to be subject to ONE LAW…. Theocracies are indeed to be avoided. So Henry appointed Thomas a Beckett to be Head of the Church, Archbishop of Canterbury, in the hope that this would happen. The church was as corrupt then, as it is now. What did Thomas do? Once he got the power, he told Henry, “NO”… The church has its own law. We church people are not subject to your law. And then he was murdered by four Knights… And made a saint.
        If this had not happened, we may have got rid of the dangerous theocracy to which you rightly object.
        I don’t mind people mixing up Christianity with the Church… after all it “does what it says on the tin” for some. For others, like me, the church is a historic controlling mechanism. Useful to despise, if you want to. But. Representing the words of Jesus? Naaaah….
        However, some gems of churches sparkle amid the mire. The untold story of how the black churches in south east London, helped to bring peace amid the angry riots of the eighties, is one full of the compassion and courage that gives proof that the holy spirit is there.. . Can you imagine the BBC given them credit? neither. The media agenda is a blanket condemnation of all churches past and present and future… but.. that’s not really how it is.

        and we lived in a nasty suspicious feudal state and everyone knew their place. –
        OK FRANK… for details of a nasty suspicious feudal state, may I direct you all the novels based on the Soviet Union and the German Stassi… You see.. Social Experiments can go wrong.

  28. John Robb makes some excellent points and writes with his usual blend of passion and talent, but he does go for the “Does what it says on the Tin” approach. Whats with the Baubles of God? What about the Bauble of the Fake Left, that is Russel Brand? Ever wondered why his image advisors have got him wearing a necklace with ALL the symbols of the various religions… You think the Fressmasonry idea of “all religions are one” message has something to do with that Mr Robb? I do.
    What about Brand’s image advisors instructing the Graphics Dept, to depict him as a “Messiah Figure?”
    Well…do you think that’s got something to do with selling T-shirts of him, after he dies… I’d be surprised if the powers that be would allow him to live, once’s he is no longer useful in promoting their cause.
    But the ideas that Brand placed in the minds of his followers…. plus the “Che Guvara – Style – Jesus-with-a-Thesaurus” persona… will continue to live.
    He’s useful for the “United States of Europe” social experiment.
    He’ll get the Gullibles to despise our House of Commons, so that being rule from overseas, will seem just fine.
    He’ll ignore the practical problems of mass immigration, (can we house, feed, educate and find jobs for all these people?) and put a focus on idealism, while residing safely as a millionaire. If Bulgarian gangs are intimidating the old into giving up their pension money, if religious freaks get closer to heaven by raping white children in gangs, if Russian henchmen hurl bankers off buildings.. it really isn’t his concern. He wasn’t created to look at reality. He was created to get people to polish their halos, and to be a “Brand”… for those who honestly do not understand that this country was 50 million in 1990, and its upwards of 70 million now. And if we run out of food…. seriously.. we are well and truly f…cked.
    John Robb’s words “We live in medieval times…. ” will be played out on the streets as people struggle to survive. Because the reality is that our infrastructure cannot cope with this particular idiocy of the Fake Left.
    We could cope with the dismantling of the Education system.
    Ok, we’ve not got shit schools, but we cope..
    We could cope with the Mind-Control of the Television age….
    Ok it was a shock that they allow Satanic Ritual Abuse to bloom in the BBC dressing rooms, but we cope.
    We can cope with the lack of Affordable Housing… up to a point.
    Its now become normal to live with your parents well into your thirties… and its embarrassing, but we cope.
    Look at the future.
    Can we really cope with what mass immigration will bring?
    Ignore for a moment, please, the fuckwits that jump up and down yelling Racist Racist .. (its not about skin colour, we all know that) . and just look at what happens to a dangerously overcrowded island…..
    Will this be the last social experiment that the Fake Left will force on us?
    Will the struggle become violent?
    Will the fight for jobs, homes, medical care, everything… become a REAL fight?
    That is what the Fake Left don’t want you to think about.
    That’s why they’ve been on the Babble with their endless “Racist Racist Racist” chant.
    That’s why they’ve used that word to shut down all debate.
    That’s why John Robb hates Farage, because he’s saying “ok.. lets debate”.
    We HAVE to look at the future. We HAVE To plan ahead.
    And as we have lost control of our borders, and have no idea how many more millions of people are going to come here, legally, then it is impossible to plan ahead.
    We have no idea how quickly our population will grow?
    We have no idea where this will take us as a country.
    And its time the grown ups started to take this seriously….. leave the fifty year old punk museum children to chant “racist racist racist”…. as they’ve been instructed to do by Brand. The time to really look at our future has arrived.

    • Dear Gosh, That is a bit of a confused rant. Do you write for the Daily Mail? Seems like a long list of things you don’t like – like other people, people moving to the UK, hairy comedians, something called the ‘Fake left’ and people who don’t like racism. But you forget to say what you actually want- lets hear it mate.

      • Gosh – The Fake Left (Mr Brown) sold off all the country’s Gold Reserves… plunging us deep into debt, but we coped.
        CLAIRE 0- How ..very… RACIST… to mention that.
        Gosh – The Fake Left (Mr Blair) took us into an illegal war… but we just about coped.
        CLARE – Oh Gosh… How very RACIST to mention that…
        Gosh – The Fake Left signed away our rights that had been established under Magna Carta, to the European Union.
        CLAIRE – Oh.. that’s so RACIST to mention that..
        Gosh – The Fake Left pretend that the word “Globalisation” doesn’t mean the enforced “united states of Europe”
        CLAIRE – Well.. to object to the One World Social Experiment is just.. well.. its just.. RACIST is what it is.
        Gosh – The Fake Left established that if anyone objected to all the Social Experiments that they forced onto us, that idiots will go around yelling “Racist Racist”.
        This means that when REAL UGLY NASTY EVIL racism is a problem, people are so used to the idiot sqwarkers (Hi Claire) that nothing gets done.
        The Fake Left established a FEAR ZONE in the public sector so that if anyone finds that gangs of Muslim men are raping white children, .. nothing is done about it for years, because everyone is scared of the Idiots who accuse people of racism all the time.

        So the FAKE LEFT have managed a complete breakdown of justice.
        Claire – How can you say that… its RACIST.
        Gosh – No kidding.
        That’s when they wheel on a few of the Media Puppets…. like Will Self and Russell Brand, … and they are trained to shout people down by yelling RACIST RACIST all the time. John Robb… have you thought about writing about how this word has been misused.
        Its quite evil, isn’t it?
        To choose an accusation like “RACIST” and to train the puppets to yell it out all the time….when no racism exists.
        You see, I’d like John Robb to do an investigation as to why the Fake Left set that one up.
        Somebody must have thought “Ok.. we’re going to do all these Social Experiments on the Brits, whether they like it or not, and if anyone objects, we will make it normal for fuckwits to scream Racist Racist at them, just to shut them up.
        John Robb… what about an open letter to the Fake Left person who thought that one up.
        Real racism continues. And in my experience of working life, those who scream “Racist Racist” all the time, NEVER EVER EVER do anything about it. When I discovered FGM going on in the school where I taught, it was THOSE type of people who said, “Don’t try and save those girls.. if you do.. its Racist.”
        Excuse me?
        If the genitals of thousands of white five year old girls were being mutilated without anathestic by “Granny” there would be an outcry, and quite rightly so. But somehow, we’ve got to look the other way when it happens to black girls, because to try and stop it would be “RACIST”.
        That’s the main reason why the Fake Left are so evil. They have no understanding of moral absolutes. Let me spell it out. We don’t allow child abuse. We don’t care about the endless screams of Racist Racist from the Fake left Fuckwits.. We.. the humane in society… ignore them.. and although it has taken nearly thirty years, FGM is… for the first time… on the decrease.
        Had we listened to the Fake Left on this one…
        Had we been intimidated by their endless cry of RACIST ..
        We would have done nothing.
        Every time you get them screaming RACIST at you… be wary… the Fake Left are about to cover up something evil, and they use that word to stop you from stopping them.


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