An Open Letter To Prince Harry About Shooting Defenceless Animals

Dear Prince Harry,

Of course you won’t be reading this.

Maybe you will be too busy shooting slow, lumbering, defenceless water buffalo from a long distance with your high velocity rifle.

It’s a manly pursuit isn’t it? A real warrior pursuit- hiding behind a rock and then blasting away at a huge animal without it even having the chance to defend itself and then posing for the photo afterwards with your consciousness covered in blood but your hands oddly clean. That’s what real men do apparently. If you actually ate the damn thing it would be worth it but…

It may be an old photo from 10 years ago but it’s not the first time this hunting stuff has come up with a whole list of hunting incidents over the last few years involving your good self but in the context of you and your brother heading up a campaign for endangered species ten days after Prince William went boar shooting in Spain it all looks a bit, well, not right.

This campaign that you and your brother are launching to protect endangered species is very admirable but it is starting to look a tad hypocritical and more like a PR stunt than something that comes from the heart.

We realise that everyone has to have a hobby and we don’t expect you to be role models or , ahem, royal models. We do wonder, though, where the law would stand if normal kids ran around shooting every furry thing they could on the local park and posed for bloodshot selfies.

This is not an anti royal family rant. We know that it’s the way you were brought up – we have seen the endless pictures of your parents and grandparents ripping animals heads off and shooting and killing things for fun on their huge estates like that is somehow normal behaviour. But because they are screwed up it doesn’t mean you have to be, especially as you are meant to be the ‘new royals’ a bit more in touch with the world.

Maybe this is the time to prove you really are the new generation.

Drop this cowardly hunting lark- it surely can’t be an adrenaline buzz shooting something that is munching on grass from a huge distance- what’s exciting about that? if you wrested it to the ground and risked your own bones we could respect you a bit more.

This could be the time to show you have enetered the real world but we very much doubt it.

Prove us wrong Harold.

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  1. Indeed prince Harty and prince William, both sons of your admired Diana, STOP this hypocritical killing of defenseless wildlife :-( !

  2. So many people emulate you. Please have them copy decent behaviour. You will need to break the mould. Your father and grandfather belong to a different time and that is their excuse.

  3. I am really shocked at this picture if it is him he must apologise at once and sent to work with conservation for a few months

  4. Most surprised and not impressed .Didnt think Harry would be into this senseless killing . My opinion of him has changed. Disappointed.

  5. Exactly why I have never liked the royal family for reasons like This!!
    May you come back as one of these animals one day & be hunted!
    This is certainly not what princess Diana would have liked

  6. So sad you feel it necessary to shoot defenceless animals for so called sport, it is a callous and cruel act. I believed you to be a caring and compassionate person,this I no longer believe. Very upsetting.

  7. Well Harry, once upon a time I felt in my heart that you were a step above the Royals who took pleasure in killing anything that moved, but sadly I was mistaken. Perhaps it was the fact that your mother was so wonderful, compassionate and gentle that I guessed some of it would be inherited by you. It seems not. Grow up and have some compassion for animals instead of getting enjoyment out of killing defenceless animals. Do something good and take up some animal charity work and perhaps you’ll realise that animals do feel pain, sadness and fear…..just like the rest of us!

  8. You don’t fool a lot of us with your sweetly sick smile…I don’t know how you can continue to be part of ‘that’ lot after what they did to your mam

  9. Anyone that can kill for pleasure is not a nice person and cannot be trusted.
    Not right in the head – sick!

  10. we know you have a heart you have stood up for mental health and thats brilliant but blood sports will not go down well with thousands of people


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