Morrissey live in Manchester 2012 : photo Hayley Taylor
Morrissey live in Manchester 2012 : photo Hayley Taylor
Morrissey live in Manchester 2012 : photo Hayley Taylor
Morrissey live in Manchester 2012 : photo Hayley Taylor


Dear Morrissey,


It's been quite a year hasn't it?


You once had nothing to declare but your genius and now it seems like you have everything to declare all at once, which seems to be both inspiring and infuriating at the same time but never, ever boring and, Morrissey, as fellow professors of quiffology with a side order of punk angst, we both know that being boring is the biggest crime in rock n roll.


There's rarely been a day when you have not got an opinion on something and annoyed another million people. It's like an opinion tourretes and has been fascinating to watch.


In the last year it feels likes it's happening on a daily basis and people seem to be shocked that there is a singer out there who talks about more than their career. With trouble amped to 11 out of 10 your quotes have been raining down on us causing jammed up website comments sections with 'angry from the suburbs' reactions to your latest missive.


Whether it was insulting the whole of China, the royal family or Muckdonalds or even your more liberal fans with your talk of voting for Nigel Farrange's rather strange UKIP party it seems that you have a slant on everything and have no interest in pleasing everybody and just being your own awkward and brazingly open self.


Sometimes it's hard to tell if you are amusing yourself by winding everyone up but it's also a measure of how bland everything has got since the punk rock days when every band seemed to have an opinion on everything, that you can get worldwide headlines talking about animal skin handbags.


In these very corporate days you seem to be the last one left at the crease batting away at the dull old world with your quite frankly, astonishing, array of opinions.


I'm not sure why everyone expects that they have to agree with a singer before they enjoy their music but in these safety first, over marketed times, it's actually been quite entertaining to see who you have annoyed today whether it was to try and force corporate venues not to sell meat, get into spats with Beyonce over her animal skin handbags, the Duck Dynasty of hunters on chat shows in America or claim that if more men were homosexual then there would be less war.


Of course there's stuff that you have been saying that I would never subscribe to (I'm not a UKIP kinda guy and as a vegan I'm never sure if shouting about it helps the cause) but that's cool as well. I'm not sat here running a check list of opinions that we both agree on before we can engage.


Morrissey , in the strange world of mainstream, where everything is boiled down to a, ahem, meaty soundbite, what you have to say is reduced to almost no meaning and the subtleties and humor are stripped away and the point removed but I guess you already know that. The fact that it doesn't stop you is pretty admirable and if you confound and confuse me sometimes then I applaud you, the lonely planet boy as someone once sung, for your persistent word war against the world.


Yes I know you called the Chinese a sub species for the way they treated animals but I'm not 100 per cent sure that it was actually meant in the way it was reported and more about the way some people treated animals instead of a quarter of the world's population!


Every morning I look at the Internet and the seems to loads more people up in arms at something you have said and yet your gigs still sell out. That's some trick in these timid times and if it means treading on lots of toes all at once then why not?


Last time you played Manchester people were shocked by the Meat Is Murder film sequence but what does a Morrissey fan expect? Do people really think it's like going to see Coldplay? It was like Crass with a crooner- an interesting concept! In this age of numbness it's amazing that anything can still shock but you seem to be proving that it can be on a daily basis!


Viva your good self and your big mouth striking again and hopefully I will be reading about something you said that I agree or disagree with tomorrow or alternatively watch the media fill up with endless digital zeroes for eternity.





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Award winning journalist and boss of Louder Than War. In a 30 year music writing career, John was the first to write about bands such as Stone Roses and Nirvana and has several best selling music books to his name. He constantly tours the world with Goldblade and the Membranes playing gigs or doing spoken word and speaking at music conferences.


  1. RT @louderthanwar: An open letter to Morrissey about his war of words: Dear Morrissey, It's been quite a year hasn&#… htt …

  2. RT @louderthanwar: An open letter to Morrissey about his war of words: Dear Morrissey, It's been quite a year hasn&#… htt …

  3. RT @louderthanwar: An open letter to Morrissey about his war of words: Dear Morrissey, It's been quite a year hasn&#… htt …

  4. RT @louderthanwar: An open letter to Morrissey about his war of words: Dear Morrissey, It's been quite a year hasn&#… htt …

  5. RT @louderthanwar: An open letter to Morrissey about his war of words: Dear Morrissey, It's been quite a year hasn&#… htt …

  6. Morrissey was clearly asked by a teenage interviewer about his teenage years. “What political causes mattered most to you back then” which lead to his…” War, I thought, was the most negative aspect of male heterosexuality. If more men were homosexual, there would be no wars” A great deal of what Morrissey says is taking out of context by lazy journalists. httpss://

  7. RT @louderthanwar: An open letter to Morrissey about his war of words: Dear Morrissey, It's been quite a year hasn&#… htt …

  8. I find Morrissey and his music to be a crashing bore but he’s right about no murderburgers at his gigs etc

  9. Morrissey makes good music, his comments are often the ramblings of an attention seeking guy who hasn’t got a record deal keeping himself in the spot light.
    What is the point of this anyhow? Real Morrissey fans listen to his music not the drivel he often speaks.

    • real morrissey fans?? what, like you?
      the same “real” fans that jump at every opportunity to slag him off but still find themselves unable to tear themselves away?
      Morrissey IS his opinion, he IS his music, you dont have to hang on his every word but if you disrepect and depise his existance then find something else to do with your time.

  10. Finally! There is someone out there who has conveyed what I have been thinking and trying to express. Thank you. And thank you, Morrissey. Keep entertaining us with your wit, genius and charm. “Opinion Tourettes” brilliant!

  11. Yes, thank you for writing this so I didn’t have to. I may agree with Morrissey, I may not. But thank go someone is out there saying something, anything. If more people were less concerned with their next record deal or their endorsement contract, maybe that wouldn’t be the case.

  12. Um it was Wilde that declared his genius – not Moz (he declared his jeans) – what an obvious post-grad attempt at being witty – didn’t work. Moz is an oddity – fine, but your work is just odd. Cobble some in jokes together and lay them over some topical Moz references – bingo! An open letter – please try harder – perhaps after an English degree??

    • Mr Thunders,
      You have no sense of humour and obviously no English degree yourself with your disjointed missive being a laughable attempt at Trolling. begone with you, silly boy. And I think the writer knows who made the quip about genius- does everything have to be explained over and over?

      • Troll-
        One who posts a deliberately provocative message to a newsgroup or message board with the intention of causing maximum disruption and argument.
        Well sir, that was not my post. My post was directed at the writer directly and is my opinion – I’m allowed one I hope? Or are you the message police? I have read a lot of his work and I find it formulaic and I responded to it – caustic perhaps but if anyone is being a troll – please find the nearest mirror as your response was to berate me and not respond to the article – an act of trolling perhaps? Oh look – you have me doing it now! As for ‘boy’ well, I suspect I went to more Smiths gigs than articles you have time to police in a day. Ho hum, the internet – a sewer running freely through your house – viva Moz.

  13. Criticism may be deserved.
    I see no critique of The Stone Roses pocketing a tidy sum flogging their wares to fat bald non tax paying ex-pats in the vacuous, and politically very dubious, cunt magnet that is Dubai.
    Or that xerox of their frontman from out of Charlatans Scabbing a strike at the BBC.
    Or another subtle free racist swipe by the smarter Gallagher at BRIT awards. Despite the fact he’s merrily accepted the patronage and acclaim of said cocksuckers for nearly two decades. (The fact this was facilitated with populist retrocentric stadia sating bloke rock, relieving itself over the punk and independent ethos it hitched a lift on is incidental.
    Morrissey says inconsiderate things sometimes.
    It tends to be flagged up.
    Surely journalism, disgusted and aloof, can just ignore it.
    As they did the aforementioned grey areas, as well as many others.

  14. Haha John this ‘open letter’ doesn’t really ray much at all. I would like Morrissey to get a new deal and get more material out. Some of his more obscure songs in recent years have been extraordinary and very adult writing and some of his best ever – see ‘Children In Pieces’, ‘Something is Squeezing My Skull’.

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