An Open Letter To Katie HopkinsDear Katie,

Of course we know the game and it’s an ugly one.

We understand you take a position to make a name for yourself.

It’s a desperate and sad trawl with each hate filled statement trying to outrage more than the one before. The real tragedy is that The Sun even prints the stuff. It doesn’t really have much point to it. There is no coherent argument just slavering hate with the drool dribbling all over the laptop.

You may even believe some of this stuff you bash out. After all, these days being hateful is mixed up with being knowledgeable, an ugly place. This is a mass media where you are presented as some kind of expert instead of being someone who was a failure on a TV talent show. Somehow that made you an expert, a commentator, a nodding dog for no-one apart from yourself.

These are the delusional rantings of a hateful soul who is nowhere near as smart as they think they are.

I guess the right need a cheer leader but even they must be depressed that all they could get was you…

At this point I will have to explain to people who you are, as fame is a fickle and unfriendly beast and can scamper away as quickly as it can be harnessed.

Your fleeting moment of semi-fame came on the Apprentice – that programme where Alan Sugar fires people. You said mean things to people and had opinions akin to those of a Daily Mail reader after too many gin and tonics. Somehow you’ve stretched this thin membrane of fame and have found yourself a wafer thinner TV and press ‘career’ as a ‘controversial’ character.

A career of being a cheerleader for the type of people who still write letters to the Tory press with crayons and believe that Nigel Farage is a sensible person, a man of the people, who goes to pubs and drinks ‘pints’ and talks ‘common sense’.

You know – the ugly side of dear ole Blighty…

Katie, you pop up on TV as some sort of “wheel her in to say silly stuff to wind up the viewers” type of class clown, but you really seem like a sad and lost person and I’m not sure being on TV is the right place for you.

We don’t hate you, hate is for your mob- we just feel bit sorry for you. Indeed, it’s like watching a car crash or someone determined to make a name for themselves whatever it takes – a sort of celebrity culture taking itself seriously in the name of fame. Celebrity eating itself. A world where fame is more important than intelligence.

A Kardashian type of fame.

Every day you come out with stuff like machine gunning immigants, hating children’s names when they are geographical when your own daughter is called India – or picking on the poor like it’s their fault and then loads more of the the usual immigration rants, tabloid headline opinions, golf club whinges and gin and tonic politics.

It’s like you are stupid, desperate or a keenly observed parody. Either that or all three.

I’m not even sure why you are on TV all the time in your role as a ‘social commentator’  as you seem willfully ignorant and very out of your depth about everything you drone on about. There are millions more people smarter and better qualified but the tragic media keep wheeling you out.

Katie, maybe one day you will suddenly wake up and try and make the world a better place. But we doubt it.

Of course you are the class clown, a cheerleader for the right – the sort of people who thinks everyone should work for nothing like a rerun to the slave days of ancient Rome, but the odd thing is that you are practically unemployable yourself and your own business is a flop and your ‘media career’ won’t last forever.

You are the nation’s number one troll. A cheerleader for people who never got to the 21st century. An out of touch joke and a reflection of the dark side of the social networking.

And that’s the good things.

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Award winning journalist and boss of Louder Than War. In a 30 year music writing career, John was the first to write about bands such as Stone Roses and Nirvana and has several best selling music books to his name. He constantly tours the world with Goldblade and the Membranes playing gigs or doing spoken word and speaking at music conferences.


  1. Next time you’re on This Morning or have anything to do with the their back room team, give em a bollocking for booking morons like Hopkins on to their show.

  2. Hmmm…calling Katie for being nasty about others. Yet, it is okay for you to be nasty about her? I don’t get what all the fuss is about where Katie Hopkins is concerned. All I can say is the media circus is working extremely well and you guys are falling right in to the trap!

  3. We at the office of the Daily Mail Curtain Twitching Society would like to express our appreciation of the way that John Robb is so very thorough in his attempts to break in and flog us to death with rolled up copies of our own paper. Frankly we can’t wait. But until that happy day, may we just point out to fragrant Jonathan that he is rather nasty to others in print, for exactly the same reasons that Katie Hopkins is nasty. Its good for the BRAND and it gets publicity. Furthermore, we are still in heated debate as to what exactly a FUCK PUPPET is… Apparently Little Johnny called Robbie Williams a fuck puppet… ? We assume its an insult, but it may be some form of Manic Marxist sex toy… we’re not too sure. Anyway, the kettle is on, so after you’ve disrupted our toupee’s by bashing us with the Mail, do please let us in on the secret. Toodle Pip for now then. Hugs from the DMC Twitchers.

  4. This “open letter” is full of bully-boy tactics, hatred, sneering malice and I would have said that its “domestic violence” style of abuse is far worse than anything the Daily Mail has come out with.. but.. then again, the Ralph-Gate article is truly horrific, and I can’t really say that. What I would say is that the REAL story of Katie Hopkins is that somebody is making money (an agent? ) by the promotion of yet another dumb blonde female who likes to say stupid and provocative things….so the REAL question is Why? Who decides that the British public needs another Anne Atkins? And why? John, why attack the monkey, when really its the organ grinder that is the sinister figure in the rise and (inevitable) fall of Hopkins. And after her, there will be another one. So the real “open letter” to her would be “Who is making you say these things? How much are you being paid? How much do they get? Why do you go along with it?” And not “I’m going to beat up a woman, humiliate her, get others to jeer at her, because I’d rather be a playground bully, than look at the real issues” Bet you won’t publish this, but I’m telling you the truth when I say you have a brain in your head, so use it and don’t lower yourself to standards way way way below the Daily Mail. Man up.

  5. Robin, you sound like you are trying to hard, are you saying that if a woman goes on TV and talks rubbish no-one can reply because that would be ‘domestic violence’ but if a man says the same then that would be ok to reply…what are you actually saying?

  6. Oh dear, whatever you do, don’t bring that awful Robin Brunskill to your “break in and flog em” session. He is a humourless git, with no definition in the upper arm area and a six-pack that’s more like sixteen packs of jelly. His flogging techniques are woeful and he ends it all by telling us that Jesus wants us for a sunbeam, which really isn’t what we want to hear. He’s not got the idea of Newspaper based Dom-Sub action at all. Just bring your sweet self John darling, with lots and lots of lovely righteous anger. We’re so thrilled. Don’t tell us when you’re coming to kick down the door will you sweetums?… the anticipation is just fab. Air Kisses from the DM curtain Twitchers.

  7. Well I’ve never been so insulted in my life…. the “op” took a lot out of me you know. Some say it took my sense of humour and some say there was none to take. I don’t find that at all funny.
    Back when I was a woman, I too wanted to dye my hair blonde, sit on a TV sofa and tell the world that my toenails were bionic, (or whatever it said on the autocue….) but now that I’m a big strong man, I look at things a little differently. I am so sorry that my efforts were considered so derisory by the Daily Mail Curtain Twitchers. I did my best and took private lessons from Alistair Campbell in order to perfect my technique. I do feel that its a little “Off” for you to ridicule my efforts. Newspaper based Dom-Sub action is not one of my regular hobbies, and actually I find your comments to be rather off-putting, so I may give it up.

  8. Just a word to the Daily Mail Curtain Twitchers group. Once Mr Robb has kicked down the door, bared his chest and thuymped it and had a sip of Mint-Tea, you need to hand him the YOU magazine that comes with the Mail on Sunday. He’s better with something small. Broadsheets aren’t good. Everything goes all floppy.

  9. Thcanks so much Sam BB. Good to know. Gosh. I’ve not had so much anticipatory thrills since I arrived at Boarding School and heard that the housemaster, (Luke somebody or other, I forget now) liked to yell “Boy, you’re trying to hard” and get to the bottom of things… Marvellous.

  10. Shouldn’t you stick to your proper job of glowing gig reviews for bands that got back together after 30 years and have a new album they wanna bung you to advertise John? You’re giving venal Left wing dinosaurs a bad name with all these self important rants of stuff you don’t like, sorry, “”Open Letters””, couldn’t get along to the Dacre witch burning this eve?
    Hope Katie, who I happen to also dislike, has a proper right to reply in your yellowing ol’ fanzine at some point by the way.

  11. At least these open letters are written by someone who puts their name to them instead of comments that are signed off with made up names Mr. Swine. For me and many other readers, they are the best thing on the site- funny and articulate unlike your petty rant. I like the music coverage as well and most of it seems to be about new abnds and very little about bands reformed after 30 years and, knowing the economics of the internet, I very much doubt LTW get a bung from anyone for writing anything.

  12. I love this letter. I’m 14 and I agree with everything said, Katie Hopkins is a sham to the country. Oh dear god anyone who agrees with everything she says is utterly screwed. I mean seriously, I can’t believe I’m growing up in a world full of such small minded idiots. Is it not just that tiny bit worrying that at teenager has more common decency then a bunch of ‘adults.’ Truly disgusting really. Particularly liked her little rant about how obese people aren’t beautiful. Someone please stop this woman from voicing anymore of her opinions. She says that people with tattoos are attention seeking to fame. Excuse me mrs, you’re a freaking joke to the whole world

  13. Everyone knows that Katie is trying to carve out a wafer thin career as a pantomime baddie.
    She was on benefits herself at one point until she went on some reality show.

  14. Ahh – so THAT’S the witch…… heard about her… would’t recognise here… don’t waste time on it – pointless – stop giving it further publicity – what a waste of space – sorry I even spenttime writing this

  15. I think the real issue here is why are these so called heroes (I am always sceptical of the motives of God botherers) are allowed to roam around public transport – clearly the people who think they know how the disease is spread don’t – or how would she have caught it? Katie is only being her usual blunt self, focus on the real issue – we do not want this disease in this country, if you want to be a hero , stay there until the disease in under control.

  16. Rob, definition of a hero: someone who carries out selfless acts to help others. No mention of god or any other deity here. As for knowing how Ebola spreads it seems that your the ignorant one here. Course they fucking know! But accidents happen. Oh! When was the last time you saw someone exchanging bodily fluids on public transport? Which is how Ebola is spread. Of course I’m assuming that the unfortunate woman wasn’t trying to join the mile high club on the flight home. Maybe your solution would be to burn the witch? As for Kate Whatsername; she is irrelevant and not worthy of comment.

  17. Katie just fuck off and do something useful making a career and money from being a cunt and upsetting everyone doesn’t give you any right to breath your horrible bitch I hope the world gets bored with you very soon


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