Louder Than War Largean open letter to hunters

Dear little man (and woman) with a gun in his hands,

I know you obviously have some mental issues as you stand there about half a mile away from your prey on the African plains with your finger on your high velocity rifle trigger. Your heart beats faster and you get that squishy feeling between your legs like some kind of lunatic Lord in UK politics wearing bra and snorting coke.

Bang goes the rifle and somewhere in the distance an animal collapses without even having the chance to look its assassin in the yes. It’s an exercise in being to hold a rifle straight and nothing more- there is no man versus animal stealth here, no hunting prowess, no man v nature moment- just a sanitised cowardly assault that takes no skill, no bravery and no back to nature moment of raw power.

Just a weak, lily livered assault and murder.

You are not even going to eat the damn thing – making the whole thing a pointless and redundent exercise.

The latest hunter exposed on facebook is some wimpy looking dentist from the USA who would probably have a problem wrestling a poodle to the ground in hand to hand combat and who recently blew a lion apart with a powerful gun in Africa. Like some kind of fleshy pest the dentist committed the bloody assault and bragged about it online before being exposed as the blood stained carnage addict that he is.

Dear hunter, it seems that your personal kick is blowing the brains out of some totally unaware animal in the wilderness. Somehow the idea of shooting something unaware in the back is a ‘call of the wild moment’. Of course we would prefer it if you were man enough to grapple with the best- we think that could be a bit more exciting all the odds would be heavily tipped not in your favour but at least this would be nature at its true ferocious best.

Not a week goes by without some gormless looking weakling man and sometimes a too scrubbed woman posing by a giraffe or a lion after taking it down from a distance. The photo shows a very smug looking individual and a very dead looking animal and some kind of glib comment about loving nature.

Now we know that nature is cruel and makes no friends but surely this kind of long distance hunting of fast dwindling species is not really nature but a pointless and vacuous extension of the human race’s nervous breakdown. Since when was this slaughter and murder anything to do with nature? and when all the animals have been hunted to extinction by these wimps with guns then what?

Little Man and woman with a gun in your hands you really are a disgrace, a selfish, spineless, weak excuse of human beings with your high velocity rifles and low velocity minds.

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Award winning journalist and boss of Louder Than War. In a 30 year music writing career, John was the first to write about bands such as Stone Roses and Nirvana and has several best selling music books to his name. He constantly tours the world with Goldblade and the Membranes playing gigs or doing spoken word and speaking at music conferences.


  1. While I absolutely agree with the sentiment, you’ve got some facts wrong here. The US dentist used a bow and arrow or crossbow. It might have been better if had used a high velocity rifle – they wouldn’t have had to track the poor suffering lion for 2 days before putting it out of its misery with a gun.

    I have never had much sympathy for hunting, even struggled to hold a gun the only time I had a chance, but had a colleague whose father hunted deer in the US using a bow and arrow. Talking to her about how he would go out for days on end stalking deer and if he was ‘lucky’ kill one deer in a season, which would then have to feed a family of 6 for the rest of the year, put it in some perspective.

    This dentist bears no relation to this of course, he can justify himself however he wants but I hope he is put in a position where he can appreciate some of the pain he has caused – cutting off his supply of money through boycotts of his practice might be a start.


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