Cameron Village People

Dear David/Flashman/Cad,

These are dark and dangerous times and we need wise and clear heads.

We need thinkers.

We need people who can see the big picture and frankly you seem very out of your depth. You have reduced a fierce, impassioned and crucial debate which has good clear voices on both sides down to a stupid and glib playground taunt that makes no sense.

Ugly talk. Trash talk. Not serious talk in serious times.

Calling someone a ‘terrorist sympathiser’ is a new low. A real lack of judgment. Some war leader you are going to be.

Maybe you regret saying it by now? Maybe your spin doctors went to far and you mouthed the line without thinking? Maybe calling someone a ‘terrorist sympathiser’ sounded good before it was uttered in public.

Dave, it’s hard to remove the image of the Bullindon Club from my mind. Those faux new romantic outfits and that sense of entitlement. It was bad enough when you were raging around Oxford with your expensive friends  like a Spandau Ballet on steroids mob running amok in the dreaming spire .but when you were allowed to run the country it was another depressing moment.

We are about to enter a long and dirty war that may have no ending. You may be able to coerce Parliament into the war but most of the UK is not with you. People are genuinely worried out here. People want to hear clear arguments. People want to know if there is a truth – not this blurred confusion.

You can’t fight a war on a quicksand.

Calling someone a ‘terrorist sympathiser’ because they don’t agree with bombing vague targets is not helpful, not smart and not what we demand from our, er, ‘leader’.

And lets face it this is going to be a long and dirty war.

There is no plan. There is no idea. Syria has no ‘good guys’ and ‘bad guys’ it doesn’t even have sides. It’s a patchwork of tribal wars and meddling agendas from big powers who are all on different pages. This situation makes the First World War look simple.

Dave, you haven’t thought beyond a couple of days of long range bombing against a savage and vague enemy that no-one can pinpoint and who are spread all over the world.

Don’t forget that Blair’s war has been widely recognised as a fraud and this war is even more blurred.

Of course Isis or whatever their name they like to trade under today are ugly and brutal psychopaths and that’s why calling people sympathisers with them is out of order and ruins what has been a pretty well measured debate with both sides presenting their cases with passion and intelligence until you blundered in with this comment.

It’s depressing that it has come to this. Western meddling in the middle east protecting oil and commerce has ended up tainted and dirty and an open running sore.

The eternal war.

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Award winning journalist and boss of Louder Than War. In a 30 year music writing career, John was the first to write about bands such as Stone Roses and Nirvana and has several best selling music books to his name. He constantly tours the world with Goldblade and the Membranes playing gigs or doing spoken word and speaking at music conferences.


  1. Firstly, typos, grammar and punctuation. Go through it again and make necessary corrections. Secondly, you accuse him of offensive remarks on the back of slagging him for his social status and background. So, it would be wise to reassess this take on things or it’s pot calling kettle black. Stay away from playground name calling and nail him on what he does and says, not who he is.

  2. Well said John.
    The dog on the street knew in 2003 that when the allied forces went into Iraq it was for oil.
    1 million marched on Hyde park on 15th February to protest against the invasion. Here in Ireland over 100,000 people (the biggest protest ever in Dublin) marched on Leinster House (Irish Parliament) to protest against the imminent murders of innocent Iraqi children women and men. I was working in radio back then and I was getting a lot of vox pops from people on the march. I asked the simple question “Is Ireland’s neutrality been compromised with American fighter jets refuelling at Shannon airport on the way to kill innocent people in Iraq. Out of 50 people asked 48 said it was. At a protest in Shannon Airport the deputy prime minister Mary Harney called the protesters “Anti American Thugs”.
    Shortly after 9/11 most of the world including America acknowledged an hour silence for the people who were killed. The Irish prime minister Bertie Ahern decided that Ireland should take a whole day off as a sign of respect to the people who were slaughtered in New York that day.
    In all the atrocities that occurred on the island of Ireland we never took a day off to commemorate any of them.
    12 years on from the Invasion on Iraq and Afghanistan we have learned nothing. Our only saving grace is the strength of the anti war movement which seems to be dissipating more and more. The campaigners for peace can only do so much. We as a society are becoming more apathetic and docile.
    Of course the first casualty of war is the truth and due to mainstream media ignorance is bliss and one sided.
    It iss thanks to independent media and websites like LouderThanWar that we can make sense of this crazy world.
    Like John Lennon, I can imagine. Imagine peace and unity and respect for one another.
    Its very important that art and culture makes a significant stand in relation to understanding each other. If we don’t the philistines and war mongers will win.
    I believe that The Stone Roses are the most significant band with the right notoriety to make a powerful change in the way the current and next generation will appreciate each other. The 60’s counter-culture in America Brasil and France (to mention just 3) still inspires artists today. Anti war and Anti Establishment artists need to be brought to the fore so our generation can see the reality of life and still find a way to celebrate it.
    The only thing we have now is a lot of global moaning. The masters of war and ignorance are pushing our buttons, and we accept it.
    As a promoter I see a lot of good artists moving forward with great intent but on their own path. We need to get off the byroad, get on the motorway and pave the path towards peace.
    For a long time I believed that the might of good honest British people would be strong enough to veto another war in the Middle East. It just proves again that the population of such a strong nation are never considered in such serious situations.
    I take solace that there is enough strong minded peaceful people in Ireland, Britain, Europe, America and the rest of the world to deal with these imperialistic draconian’s in a peaceful and positive way.
    With Cameron intending to invade Syria with the other misleader’s I was reminded of Ian Brown’s song Illegal Attacks. With guest appearance by the beautiful and irrepressible Sinead O’Connor, which was released in 2007. I think it should be the anthem of the peaceful right now.
    “So what the fuck is this UK Gunnin’ with this USofA In Iraq and Iran and in Afghanistan”

    We need a cultural revolution where folk appreciate and respect each other. Lets get it on!

    Power To The Peaceful!

  3. Ironically, again, I think its people that went to grammar school that got us into this mess and continue to have most influence in the world. Just drawing a realistic picture Drew.
    Information Is Knowledge
    Knowledge Is Power
    Power To The Peaceful


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