An open letter to Bob Dylan on his latest car advertDear Bob,

I know times are a changing and all that and you must be down to your last 50 million quid but this ad lark is just not you…or maybe it is? But there you are, the guttural voiced gunslinger flogging big American cars on a beautifully shot advert for American TV.

We are not against ads per se- I mean a man has got to make a living and all that and every man has his price but when you are worth a 1000 million dollars there can’t be a price worth paying to sell your soul. Our price, of course, is a lot less which is why we have sold our soul for peanuts on our website which is peppered with those goddam things- ads are everywhere you look on our site Bob because no-one pays for anything these days and we have no money to pay for our scratching and scribbling endeavours. We know that it is not right but we have no choice or we would have to shut down.

As the Pop Group once sung ‘we are all prostitutes…’

If it was some young buckeroo up there making an Ad trying to get paid to make their way in the treacherous world of art then fair enough but this is big Bobby D – the king of the counter culture, the great grizzly bear of hope from them thar dang swinging sixties when people believed that pop music was a tool for change- those damn fools eh Bob!

The sixties was a bit of a con I guess and we’ve all wised up now and at least you made some greet records Bob and you are still making some great records with your last album- a fantastic exercise in gravel voiced melancholy and poetic intrigue. It was even a number one album which makes you doing an Ad seem odder – maybe you just liked the advert and it is a good piece of breast beating Americana with loads of blue collar pride and big broody cars or maybe you needed some money to pay for a few bits and ‘bobs’ round the house.



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