An open letter to Kelvin Mackenzie

Dear Mr. Mackenzie,

I realise this may be an awkward time for you to receive this letter, with having to apologise in public (and you don’t look like the sort of person that comes easily to) but I had to send it anyway.

I’m writing to you to ask you to retire from your pundit role on the BBC. Apologies are a good start but sometimes words need to be backed up with action. I realise that BBC need some sort of right wing bogey man to wind up the liberals, after all it’s all for the sake of democracy and balance and all those sort of things. You need both side of the debate and argument but you don’t even represent the right wing very well. Sometimes you say stuff that appears to be solely to annoy Guardian readers but then I look into your face and realise that there is not much there apart from a cruelty and a coldness and you actually believe in most of the stuff you have to say.

I know you like to call it ‘common sense’ and ‘speaking the truth’ but those phrases look out of place now after the truth about Hillsborough has come out.

We all make mistakes at our work. God knows the amount of times we have cocked up on this site but it has never been malicious or with intent or with a joyful pleasure in smearing people or kicking them when they are down. I guess it takes all sorts in this game and being cruel seems to bring big rewards in our society, which is quite depressing really.

All this Hillsborough stuff has been pretty grim to hear about. Do you ever think about the victims and the people who were there that day? do you ever think about what they must have felt like afterwards and then they had to put up with media myths about them that mainly came from your paper? Does it make you feel like a job done well? was it ‘common sense or ‘speaking the truth’.

Of course we all knew what you were up to with the Sun all those years ago. It was probably, at best, just some hi jinks in the office and at worst possibly part of a cover up but these were real people that got hurt with that notorious Sun front cover. Normal people from normal walks of life who probably thought they could never get a comeback or a right of reply or anything.

But they did.

This whole affair has been quite inspiring because the families dug in and demanded the truth about their loved ones. And for once they got the truth. The real truth. Not the tabloid truth.

And that’s been the beauty of this whole Justice campaign. The so called powerless dug in and demanded the truth and now they will demand justice and that’s why you have finally got round to saying sorry after not apologising when asked before. I’m not sure if it’s enough now really, the damage has been done and it was bad damage. Hurtful damage.

You can’t go round smearing people like that and expect to be allowed onto Question Time on the BBC and it’s time the BBC realised this as well. Maybe you think you can continue but I think most people are sick of this kind of hypocrisy and it is time for you to retire from your role as a pundit in the media, surely there must be other people on the right who can take on your role.

You have no credibility. People will look at you and think there’s that bloke who used to make stuff up in newspapers and was responsible for the Hillsborough Sun front cover which, not only lost your newspaper masses of sales in Liverpool, has come back to haunt you to the end.

And there’s a sort of justice in that isn’t there…

If you have any dignity left in your soul, just go.

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  1. Nicely put.

    This is the scumbag who has made a career out of being the person who wrote THAT headline. He admitted on Question Time that he only apologised because Rupert Murdoch told him to and in a private conversation said he was never sorry.

    What does he really expect today? Acting like he’s finally realised what he printed was nothing but a pack of lies is insulting and offending the families of the 96 yet again. He knew that the next day when other papers apologised and printed retractions to similar stories in their publications.

  2. Mackenzie is typical of the kind of scum associated with today’s tabloid press. These people have no regard for the sensibilities or feelings of those they attack. They hide behind the ‘freedom of the press’ or ‘the public’s right to know’ when it suits them – then take out injunctions when it doesn’t.

    He must be ostracised out of public life. Each time he appears on any British TV channel we must bombard them with letters of complaint. We cannot allow this blatant liar to ‘lecture’ the British public with his loathsome views or opinions.

    Goodbye Mr Mackenzie!

  3. A good time to applaud all of those who stood firm for 23 years against the smears of this type of animal. Hats of the the JFT96 campaigners.
    Don’t buy The Sun! Not that I’d expect any decent human to, anyway…..

  4. I don’t know what sort of half-wit hires this guy to appear on the BBC, and god knows why. He quite frankly should be prosecuted for slander. An appalling human being.

    He danced on the graves of the 96 victims, he also danced on the graves of those Argentinian soldiers who were killed in the appalling sinkening of the Belgrano and let’s face it didn’t want to be there any more than the British soldiers, while also saying the city of Brighton had AIDS due to it’s large gay community. Sick bastard.

  5. This is great writing. A level glare and a spotlight onto the goodness that has come about, which is very nice.
    “This whole affair has been quite inspiring, because the families dug in and demanded the truth about their loved ones”
    “And thats the beauty of this whole justice campaign”
    Thank you Mr Robb.
    I learnt something from reading the above.
    I had always thought that justice was not available this side of the grave, and that our entire yearning for justice when wronged, came from a sense of what lies beyond the grave and the hope to find justice there, when none was available here.
    Reading this open letter to a low-life, has challenged that long held belief, and I think its fantastic that you point out the beauty that has risen above the thorns. Great open letter.
    You sure McKenzie can read though?

  6. Hillsborough – The Sun -Kelvin Mackenzie all the evidence you need to push on with Rebekah Brooks and Andy Coulson who ‘conspired to hack’ Milly Dowler and 600 others “The Time is now!”

  7. If there’s one thing the British people can do to register their contempt of the Sun and its contemptuous lying ways it is to follow Liverpool’s lead and never buy that low-life rag again. Once in a while the public get to make their voice heard. That time is now.

  8. Well said Robbo.
    Finally “The Real Truth” has been outed.
    Over 140 proven and accepted instances of Police perjury altering statements and an agreement that 41 almost half of the 96 could have had a very strong chance of survival,how sad.
    Those at the very top must be made to pay for this and criminal charges must be sought against any of those still alive that can still be brought to boot and im talking ex chief constables down to the inspectors and pcs who phisaclly altered the evidence.
    Im not sure of the law in England vis a viz coroners courts etc but a great deal of treacherous bastards couldnt have slept well last night and a great deal of people from T the Chief Con and coroner down who all thought they had they safety of the state protecting them watch out because the families and their very many supporters acrooss the country wont rest until every one of those 96 people and their families get one thing:- JUSTICE

  9. Even without his involvement in the press coverage of Hillsborough, he’s a vile person. It shocks me when I see him get airtime on any of the main channels. The vile hatred and nonsense that comes out of his mouth makes me want to stab myself in the ears, and then the eyes, so I wouldn’t ever have to hear his backwards opinions or look at his stupid smug face.

  10. you are right John , it is time the BBC realised the truth about this scumbag. Why not take some ACTION – go to the BBC website and submit a complaint about him , takes about 2 minutes to do.

  11. Kelvin Mackensie now writes for the Daily Mail among other things. I have emailed them, , and asked them to remove him from his post immediately without effect. I stated that if this man remains at this newspaper he will undermine any credibility that the Daily Mail has. I wait for a reply


  13. I have complained to BBC after what this man has done it is totally unacceptable to have him on QT if this man has any decency which I know he doesn’t he would go quietly into the night and disappear


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