An Interview With My Dying Bride by Sheryl Willis

Hailed as the doomlords of the British music scene, Louder than War’s Sheryl Willis caught up with My Dying Bride to talk about their new upcoming album…

Q1. Hey Guys. You’re just about to release your new album ‘The Manuscript’. How are you feeling about this?

Er I guess pretty excited as usual, we are obviously a tad apprehensive as to how it will be received but overall our morale is high.

Q2. After being around for two decades does it become easier to knuckle down and create an album?

Haha no, it’s harder now as it seems some of the band have less time to give to it so it can be hard getting it all together. I am constantly writing music so from a musical standpoint I am always busy regardless of the rest of the band.

Q3. Is there anything that you learnt at the start of your career that you’ve carried with you throughout?

Keep dreaming, keep trying to make it don’t be a knob head rock star and be nice to local crew when gigging. But whip your own crew as if your life depended on it.

Q4. Was there any experimenting with the way ‘The Manuscript’ was created and produced compared to your other albums?

No, Not this time we just wanted to have the mix a little harsher than the album but other than that we played this one down the middle, no frills, no fuss just doom.

Q5. ‘The Manuscript’ is rather short at only 27 minutes long, was there a reason for this?

It’s an EP not an L.P so I think it’s rather long and the reason for that is that it has four tracks on it.


Q6. Last year you released ‘A Map Of All Our Failures’ and it was pretty well received as perhaps your most epic work to date. How do you think ‘The Manuscript’ compares?

It compares rather closely as they were written around the same time, these songs just didn’t fit the vibe were creating on ‘A Map Of All Our Failures’ but they are good songs in their own right.

Q7. Can fans expect you to be hitting the road and playing this new album live any time soon and will there be any festival appearances this summer?

Not a massive tour as we don’t really do many of them but we will have some festival appearances booked and more to come just keep an eye on our website and Facebook pages.

Q8. You are often described as the doomlords of the UK, how have you managed to keep on to this title for over 20 years?

By being true to our musical beliefs I suppose, we just stick to what we know and people seem to respond to our doomy dedication regardless of whether they understand our music or for that matter like it, they get the gist of what we are doing and respond to that with knowing nods of approval.

Q9. What do you think the benefits are to being a band that have lasted time? Let’s face it a lot of modern bands peak far too soon and are lucky to have a career after a second album…

The benefits are that we can still do something we dreamed of as kids, we are still writing music and making albums and EP’s, videos too (not good ones but never-the-less) plus the gigs we get to play are not something many bands get to play so we are very lucky, but we didn’t fall into this position we’ve worked hard for it. A lot of modern bands do not peak at all for me, we just have no sense of worth anymore, when you can download for free any piece of music from any band they become of no value so they can be forgotten in an instant, it’s not always the bands fault in many respects it’s our musical ways now. Zero attention span.

Q10. Finally, you are a well-deserved long running band, but what is the one thing that you would still like to achieve as a band?

Thank you for that, we just want to continue doing what we do for our pleasure and the small following of fans we have if we can do that that’ll be enough.

Thanks for your time!

Thank you too.


My Dying Bride can be found at their website and at their Facebook, Twitter and MySpace pages.

All words by Sheryl Willis. More work by Sheryl on Louder Than War can be found here.

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