An Interview With Little Brother Eli

An Interview with Josh from Little Brother Eli

Little Brother Eli is a 3 piece band from Oxford. The have just released their Animal Fair EP. Roisin Kelleher chatted to them about their music, their influences, hobbies and telekinesis.


First off, how are you?

We’re great! Well I (Josh) am good at least; I know Alex is up to his elbows in artwork for the EP at the moment.

What inspired the songs?

I know Alex learnt about melody by listening to his Dad’s ELO records, so Jeff Lynne is a big influence.My own musical interests stretch far and wide, from funk, soul and hip hop to folk, blues and classic rock. It’s probably worth mentioning the Beastie Boys, Stevie Wonder and Larry Graham as some of my biggest influences that I bring to this project.

What inspires you in general?

We’ve both been steered by the likes of Jack White, Led Zeppelin, The Black Keys and Jurassic 5. In fact, when people ask me what kind of music we play I say a cross between Led Zeppelin and Jurassic 5 (minus the rapping)! I figure those are two bands you can’t really go wrong with.

How would you sum up your music?

I guess that’s easier for other people to do for us, but I’d like to say some down and dirty blues with a hip hop edge. Listening to our EP I would say is the best way for someone to decide that. You can find it on


What are your interests outside of music?

As far as I knew there wasn’t anything else outside of music? Kidding. Neither of us have any extreme sports/hobbies I can tell you of. Alex is much more sporty than I am and he’s an avid Wolves fan.Apart for my small obsession with Mel Gibson, I spend most of my time playing music.

What do you love about performing live?

There is so much we love about performing live – I’d really encourage fans to come watch us as we try to put on a really exciting shows. I think everything from the adrenaline of performing to the simple fact of sharing our music with new people. We also enjoy talking to people, so make sure to come up to us after gigs and have a natter!


Do you find social media more of a help or a hindrance?

Definitely a massive help in terms of reaching a lot of new people. Although, I would say I’ve learnt from being in other bands that there is a difference between having lots of people who like you Facebook and actually having fans that come to your shows/listen to your music. We’re trying to get as many people who really love our music to interact with us on social media, we’re not much interested in have likes for the sake of it. Sadly though more and more bands are put under pressure to have a certain amount of social media attention just to get gigs! We love chatting to fans though so please follow us on Twitter or Facebook if you enjoy our music.

If you could have any superpower, what would it be?

Mine (Josh) would be the power of telekinesis so I could control things with my mind and zap Little Brother Eli’s music into people’s heads so they could listen to. Alex says he’d like to be able to Teleport. I’m sure that’s because he spends an annoying amount of time on public transport though. It’d certainly make getting to band rehearsals much easier.

Got any exciting plans coming up that you’d like to tell us about?

Well by the time this interview goes up our first EP will be up and streaming. We’ve got a couple of exciting official music videos for people to enjoy as well as plenty of live ones too we hope! We’ll also be gigging like mad so keep an eye on our upcoming shows up and down the country.

Any other words you wish to say?

Only that we love our fans more than chocolate!


Little Brother Eli can be found at their website and at their Facebook, Twitter, BandCamp and SoundCloud pages.

All words by Roisin Kelleher. More work by Roisin on Louder Than War can be found here.

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