LTW’s Keith Goldhanger has picked his favourite for this year’s Eurovision contest. And, it is….

As a supporter of music and the general standard of music in the UK you don’t need me telling you that we sometimes get it wrong.

For every Killing Joke, Sex Pistols, X Ray Specs and Stone Roses is a One Direction, ‘X Factor‘ winner, ‘X Factor’ LOSER and ‘Scouting for Girls’. For every Steve Lamacq there is a James Corden (and so on and so on…).

Whilst we sniggered to at the BRITS last week, tucked away in a hotel somewhere (probably) were a bunch of people with sharpened pencils and a blank sheet of paper writing notes. They would have taken on board the fact that WE as a British nation rather like things such as Emile Sande and Ben Howard and One Direction and Mumford and Sons and …er all those others that I didn’t watch because I was glued to the second leg semi-final of the Johnstone’s Paint Trophy that evening.

So when these people check out of whatever space has been put aside for them to then start discussing the 2013 Eurovision Song Contest (yes that again!), we all know that we’ll probably be represented by that dog that won ‘Britain’s Got Talent’ or the Essex bloke who went straight from the ‘X Factor’ final to the ‘Big Brother’ house that was full of celebrities that no one had heard of (next year look out for the girlfriend of the Swansea ball boy – you heard it here first!)

We also know that even if we could get the fucking Beatles back together we’d lose! But it isn’t the winning that counts is it? Oh no no no no no no no no no no…It’s the taking part.

Estonia realises this. This country have whittled their entrants down to a final five before deciding who will represent them.


We, the UK, with all our chip shops, Earl Gray tea and Simon Cowells‘, would never be able to produce anything like this to a continental audience. Estonia, it doesn’t matter if this fails to represent your country or indeed if it does and comes second from last behind the country that pays for all this nonsense, THIS IS BRILLIANT! Take a bow, son, take a bow!

It’s only a small detail, but they might get blown into obscurity come Saturday night. The odds of this are 10-1. If they qualify, it’ll be brilliant. Also, if they don’t qualify, there’ll be more of a chance in getting them over to the UK one day (I have been having words about this!).

Words by Keith Goldhanger. More writing by Keith on Louder Than War can be found here.


  1. Winny Puhh came third in the Estonian Eurovision qualifiers .It is therefore with great sadness that I have to announce that this is now the end of an era … Rock and roll eh ? — it builds you up and knocks you down just as quick.


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