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Rising Aussie rockers release a beast of a debut album that ploughs through 11 tracks of spit and gristle punk rock. A glorious racket to behold!

After Damaged Goods put together their two EPs for release last year, the band have jumped over to Rough Trade for their full debut. It’s chock full of original punk rock spirit and fires along full of hooks and rhythms that grab you from within and shake you to your feet. And then there’s that voice. It shrills and cuts like an antipodean Polly Styrene, spinning around and pulling you into Amy Taylor’s sharpie world of social discontent and wild wantonness.

They start off with Starfire 500. A prolonged intro comes bolting in full of ballsy blues-rock and quick licks. It surely works live as a build up to Amy’s entrance but on record, without vocals, obviously loses that impact. They should’ve cut a whole minute and a half off it and come straight out together, the gang firing as one. That minor irritation out of the way, the album ramps up to great effect. Gacked On Anger oozes with rage at an imposed impotence to better the world before Cup Of Destiny flies in and sets the tone for the much of the rest of the record. It’s a mosh-inducing attack that pummels your ears into submission that is continued on songs like GFY and Punishya.

Album highlight, Got You, builds itself up on a pounding bassline that provides a respite from the aural guitar riot of the record. The breath of air into the rhythm adds more groove in the density of the sound, done again on Shake Ya with a cuttingly simplistic guitar riff. These are the songs that really make the difference to the album, showing more of a lightness of touch amongst the jackhammer piledriving assault. Angel almost sounds like something that could’ve come off an early Blondie LP, only the snarkiness of Amy’s phrasing holding back from its pop deftness.

Given the time and cash, to produce the album, under the guiding hand of Ross Orton, the band have honed and sharpened the attack of their debut EPs. The songs are full of confidence. Short sharp shots of adrenalin-fused punk rock.

Watch the video for Got You below:

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All words by Nathan Whittle. Find his Louder Than War archive here.

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