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14th – 16th May

Keith Goldhanger’s going to be down at Brighton’s The Great Escape later this week, but not the one everyone else is at. Oh no. He’ll be there at “The Alternative Escape” and here he previews some of the bands playing it with words and a juicy playlist to boot. 

Bar Rogue at The Royal Albion Hotel, Brighton, just across the road from the entrance of the pier (Big creamy white building, you can’t miss it) is a place we want to briefly point out to you if you happen to be in Brighton during The Great Escape festival and happen to be at a loose end, and get this … even if you don’t happen to have a Great Escape wristband.

You may even find yourself shopping with your parents and fancy hearing some cool music during these three days in May.

Under the banner of The Alternative Escape, an “unrivaled platform that offers promoters, management companies, agents and blogs the chance to curate some very special shows… ” this is one of many events that is acknowledged as part of what brings us all down to the seaside for a few days. This Earworm Event in this location if last year’s activities are anything to go by needs earmarking as somewhere anyone in the town should visit at least once, even if it’s to witness at least one of the twenty seven acts on display here over the three days.

Many of these bands are in their infancy who have one or two tunes available splashed around the world wide web, play as many times live as is humanly possible, are as DIY as is possible nowadays and are ace.

We say that with experience.

Some have been written about on this site already, and some we expect will get their few lines in future months. YIPIOK we’ve already mentioned as too we have BÊTE NOIRE.

We haven’t said enough about MOHIT yet because frankly some of their stuff we’re still deciphering and it has to be said that what we have worked out so far has crawled its way into our ears and may never escape. FRANCOBOLLO are always worth seeing ZUN ZUN EGUI and THE JACQUES we saw grace the stage at this year’s XFM all dayer and FLASH BANG BAND we caught recently during one of this year’s Record Store Day events in the capital.

So what about the bands we’d not heard of before that are appearing here ? – MILE ME DEAF have certainly raised a few eyebrows in this neck of the woods and are favourites to turn us into snivelling wrecks of emotion and joy, as well as Iceland’s VÖK, who some of us still haven’t grasped how to pronounce yet but would suggest giving these a listen and marvel at their Cocteau Twins / XX mutterings. LAST HEIR had a great collection of Dinosaur Jnr 3 minute inspired songs when we caught them before and….and….and ….and…..oh, we’re far too excited you’ll just have to hit this playlist a few times and come along to this building during the afternoons of May 14th, 15th and 16th and see what’s occurring.

Officially part of Alternative Escape…

Free entry, no wrist band needed.

Earworm Events Playlist…

Thursday 14th


Last Heir Facebook.

Heavy Lamb Facebook.

Otti and the Voices Facebook.

Thundernauts Facebook.

BULBUL Facebook.

Mile Me Deaf Facebook.

YipiOK Facebook.

The Microdance Facebook.


Friday 15th

Croque Monsieurs

Bear Paw


Moxham & Halliday

The Jacques


Jay Brown




Saturday 16th

The Mono Polys


Deux Furieuses

USA Nails

Zun Zun Egui

Tuff Love

Flash Bang Band

Bête Noire


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