Alt-Fest 2014 cancelled….

Alt-Fest 2014 cancelled

Rumours are appearing that the inaugural Alt-Fest has been cancelled; the new festival was due to take place 15-17th August nr Kettering and ft the likes of Gary Numan, Marilyn Manson, Front 242, & Sisters Of Mercy.

The venue website whilst still up, looks to be in a state of collapse and offers no clues.

The Virtual Festival site states;

Simon Hall of Beholder, one of the bands booked to play, confirms the festival’s demise before its debut.

Simon Hall of heavy metal band Beholder and Rob Ferguson of Transcend PR have confirmed that Alt-Fest will not be taking place this year.

“I got confirmation via text message but also spoke with some of the main stage acts and they’ve also been told,” Hall said, whose band was supposed to headline the Sophie Lancaster Stage Saturday.

“For me and Beholder, we were open to this whole thing and initially extremely excited about headlining the Sophie Lancaster stage, but to be honest, with the way this has developed (or not as the case may be) it leaves me hollow to think so many fans, traders and support staff will end up losing out,” Hall continued.

We are attempting to contact the festival organisers now for an official comment – further details as we obtain them.

21.25hrs – Despite efforts we are yet to gain a reply from Alt-Fest, however numerous headline bands have begun to report the cancellation of the event – Marilyn Manson has announced via Facebook that his headline slot at Kettering’s Alt Fest in a fortnight is cancelled. Cradle Of Filth followed with the same announcement a few minutes later.

The festival began online as a Kickstarter campaign which raised an initial £61,762 to get up and running. The intention of the organisers was for the festival be an alternative music event with a line up chosen from suggestions by punters. Tickets for the event have been on sale for months – as to how many have been sold and what will happen to the funds taken remains at this stage a mystery. The ticket link has been removed from the Alt-Fest website.

We advise any persons who purchased tickets to contact the purchase point, if bought via a credit card then contact your card issuer.

30th July 2014 – Still no word from Alt-Fest organisers. Uncertainty is perhaps the best description – The festival website remains live, there is even a countdown clock; whilst the Ticket page states that all permutations of ticket have in fact Sold Out.

Festival goers have been taking to Facebook, Twitter etc demanding a response from organisers, who remain strangely silent.

We are aware of large numbers of people who had bought tickets for the event via credit card etc now applying for refunds – so, even if the festival is still taking place the predicted ticket sales and revenue earned is falling away by the hour.

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  1. The lack of comment from Alt Fest makes this very disappointing. These days I find more reason to dislike festivals as there’s always something to make you feel cheated. Just want my money back now

  2. Some bands say it’s still on, some it’s been cancelled- the local press say gig been cancelled…bands pulling out and no comment from promoter- is this on or not? (hope it is…)

  3. Regardless of whether it is cancelled or not, it’s very poor form from Alt-Fest to not even make a response – a simple ‘yes it’s cancelled’ or ‘no it’s not cancelled’ would be sufficient for fans and bands to either keep their original plans, or start to recoup their losses. Either way, the PR stinks, and I think a lot of people will be avoiding anything organised by those behind Alt-Fest for the forseeable future.

  4. We need to hear from the organisers. If they themselves don’t know whether the fest will be cancelled or not then they need to be up front about this, explain why and tell us when we can expect to know for sure either way.


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