DSC_6825The Allergies who are Bristol-based DJ/Producers, Roy Spencer aka (DJ Moneyshot) and drum-and-bass-turned-funky producer Adam Volson aka (Rackabeat) flourished into a dazzlingly snazzy quintet for both their Glasgow, Drygate Brewery and Kelburn Festival performances, accentuating the remarkable talents of Long-Beach Californian champion Mc & producer, Andy Cooper (Ugly Duckling) in creative collaboration with the strikingly powerful soul-singer, Marietta Smith who delivers a soul-stirring vocal range and classy onstage presence which undeniably set the night on fire, in harmony with the wildly supreme, Dub Fx saxophonist, Mr. Woodnote who permeates a stimulating mass of sassy saxophone that radiates sexy vibes, exudes fun and drips hooky lusciousness.

Through a cohesive rapport that is wildly infectious and authentic to each individual’s talents, this undeniable formation has elevated The Allergies live show into a highly entertaining dynamic blend of groovy DJ set, instrumental smooth funk, and soaring vocalized soul, gelled together by classic sounding feel-good hip-hop which Andy Cooper innately lays down with concise expertise and flair, demonstrating his tongue-twisting vocal rap gymnastics, as well as keyboard and percussion skills in the heat of the moment. The outfit effortlessly conjures a highly infectious atmosphere that reaches across the generations, delivering an all-inclusive energy that is highly supportive and interactive to all ages, as well as drawing in the dedicated fan base of Andy Cooper as well as Mr. Woodnote.

Most recently Craig Charles from BBC 6 Music stated that “The Allergies are neck deep in the world of scratchy samples…This is truly funk and soul for the 21st century!” And there has been a magnificent response to their overall collaborative work with Andy Cooper, most recently with the release of ‘2 Much’ Lp/Ep released on Jalapeno Records, a label that is at the epicentre of the UK’s funkiest dance labels whom they were proud to sign to in 2015.  Most certainly, The Allergies special performance at Glasgow’s Drygate Brewery felt wholesomely organic their craftsmanship as a collective felt authentic and true to the nature of their creative approach, drawing out the best in each other’s talents and utilizing their skills as DJ’s/Producers/Singers/Rappers/Songwriters and Instrumentalists in the most elevating and exciting of ways…

Please make sure to follow their forthcoming creative endeavors and hit up their current sonic excursions on the links below.






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