Allah-Las – Allah-Las (Innovative Leisure)
CD / LP / DL
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An album of simple tunes giving simple pleasure and harking back to simpler times. 

Los Angeles based Allah-Las stick to the classic 4 piece formula with the simple intention of making music free of the excesses of modern times.

A love of vintage Rolling Stones at time when country, blues, and folk became skiffle then rock and roll brought the band together in Amoeba Records in Hollywood. It’s no wonder then that their debut album “Allah-Las” carries clear echoes of the Doors, Dwayne Eddie and yes, early Stones.

Less innovation and more flattering mimicry Allah-Las have delivered a warming and evocative album. There is a mass and density to the semi-acoustic guitar and heavily reveerbed vocal that sets in mind time spent around a fire on a beach or cruising a lonely desert highway.

The simple bass lines, drum breaks and bongos on tracks like the instrumental Ela Nevaga come straight from the lounge of Palm Springs hotel without being cheesy. This is the soundtrack to a Tarantino classic, the simple pleasures of the everyman.

The album is fuelled by an unrelenting momentum and energy. You know you could dance to “Tell me what’s on your mind” or “Busman’s Holiday” as they seep from the mono duke box of a diner with a dusty floor, whilst “Vis-a-Vis” has a more contemporary feel despite the catchiness of the Mr Tambourine man style hook.

This album is a simple pleasure, instantly listenable and the perfect soundtrack to an evening with friends, beer and maybe a little tequila.

All words by ThisIsMusic. More from ThiIsMusic on LTW here.



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