All Tomorrow’s Parties – Thatcherism is alive and well according to Nathan McilroyFrontman of the great frazer King, Nathan Mcilroy gives us his take on Thatcher-week


This week, the dark forces of the media gathered on sacrificial ground in Wapping to install new memories for the nation. Reports across several major channels suggest that Rupert Murdoch began the ceremony by stoking a fire which has raged since 1984 with the last of the stockpiled coal. It is unclear if the money he used to do so was fire retardant or meant for the Leveson Enquiry.

After a few cheeky lines and mandatory bottles of bolly, press hacks held hands and swayed to the sound of ‘How much is that politician in the window?’ gathering momentum for what Whitehall is callling ‘The best spin since reports of WMD’s in the desert were verified by a goat herder called Dubya.’

Around wolfing hour Richard Littlejohn and Kelvin Mackenzie pulled their blood soaked hands apart creating room for MP’s to enter the circle. They wore hooded gowns which were adorned with their private school emblems. All three major parties were embraced in accordance with the ‘hug a hoodie’ mantra chanted by everyone involved.

They were gathered to remember the passing of Margaret Thatcher with sickly fondness and shit eating grins. It was concluded that the only way to sustain the illusion of the Big Society was to re write history…

I did not openly celebrate Thatcher’s death but I did feel galvanised by the level of passion and opinion it provoked in a nation I’d wrongly assumed to be in a coma. I just hope the celebrations won’t be reductive when the review of Thatcherism occurs in the coming weeks. Her actions will come under close scrutiny and at all angles not just the biased institutions currently trying to reinvent her as a ‘patriot who saved Britain’. I strongly contest such proclamations as do millions of others, but then again, her apparent tenure as a peacetime prime minister isn’t altogether accurate either so what should we expect from people like Cameron who have a vested interest in sustaining her belief system?

Her death has sparked a resurgence of political discussion with many who have shown no interest in the recent past and this can only be a good thing. During the last decade most of the nation has been apolitical with regards to the ballot box. The act of voting in elections has been supplanted by voting for reality T.V. contestants. People have been channelling their opinion and influence on dancing dogs whilst Thatcher’s legacy comes to fruition. I am naively hoping that obvious comparisons are drawn between her heinous attitude towards the working classes and the current government’s treatment of anyone who’s not a millionaire before the new season of Britain’s Got Talent begins.

I was heartened by how many young people voiced their dissent online where the latest Battle for Britain commenced. I’m 25 years old and a lot of people my age or younger seemed to be derided for daring to have an opinion on her death. Many too young to remember her initial impact are now feeling the brunt of her legacy which benefits the elite in a society she told us doesn’t exist. Privatisation, individualism (the corporate interpretation) and survival of the highest bidder are now accepted and encouraged as being progressive. Still, satirical websites and sneering comments on social media lambasted the bandwagon jumpers who weren’t old enough to remember her reign, ironically an age group dubbed the failed generation by the Conservatives.

I wonder if History would have to be taught differently in schools in lieu of this superior outlook. Maybe schoolchildren should only discuss Hitler’s knack for drawing drib watercolour postcards in lessons. The curriculum can leave out any distracting facts about that whole unsavoury episode with the Jewish people. After all, if you weren’t alive during his lifetime then there mustn’t be any relevant lessons to be learnt or repercussions felt today. It’s best not to question why if you risk being called a bandwagon jumper anyhow. Probably safer to stay in our armchairs watching a care in a community dance troupe take on a border collie in a Harlem Shake dance off on national T.V.

Many people have ignored the need for discussion and took off to higher ground, exclaiming in utter disgust how people should not speak ill of the dead. I wonder if they afforded other controversial figure’s the same respect or if they were the same people rejoicing when Maggie’s old business partner Saddam was executed live on television?

Regardless, the Iron Lady certainly had no remorse for the 323 sailors who died on the Belgrano, a ship she gave direct orders to destroy as it sailed away from the British exclusion zone posing no threat whatsoever. The empathy and respect people are asking for her passing was not something she afforded the hunger strikers of Maze prison either. She spoke ill of the dead and the living and it would be impossible to ask otherwise from the people who suffered under her rule.


Although I’m not a doctor specialising in megalomania, she scores highly on just about every psychopathy test you can encounter. And yet, her life is currently being re-evaluated by dough eyed Tory boys getting nostalgic over their first act of self love. So when people argue with me, dead eyed, with their faux belief in a moral compass whose barometer swings when ever it suits the press and politicians, I begin to get worried. This unequivocal reverence is a product of unquestioning obedience and should be trusted at your peril. At this rate it won’t be long till Baroness and Lady are replaced by the prefix of Beloved Leader.


After her death, it emerged that Thatcher was living at The Ritz hotel where suites cost up to £3660 a night. Apparently, the reason she wasn’t in any of her other homes was because the shape of the room benefited her condition. Try telling that to ATOS when being stung with the bedroom tax and denied disabled status despite not being able to walk 50 yards without collapsing.


A friend of mine is a stroke survivor who is treated like a criminal during the humiliating and profit based tests by ATOS staff, none of which are medically qualified to diagnose a common cold. Why are such comparisons between ordinary people and Thatcher and her ilk not worthy of discussion? What entitlement did she have over any other disabled person of which thousands currently die because of this draconian means test?


The double standards are explicit. She has received half a million pounds in taxpayers money since 2007 and her funeral is estimated to cost £8 million pounds and yet, the sloganeering of ‘We’re all in it together’ will no doubt spew from the mouths of MP’s when they eventually stop gushing over the death of the matron they always wanted to be spanked by at boarding school. After all the fanfare of her funeral and the brief euphoria felt by those celebrating her death, the fact remains – this government will still demonise the most vulnerable, justifying cuts with whatever scapegoat they can use whilst simultaneously looking after the rich.


Her legacy is the erosion of a caring society. Her party and subsequent governments have gone unchallenged in their dismantling of the state due to the effective divide and rule tactics she refined to a fine art. Money is worshipped and measures your worth, not who you are or what you do as a person.


The arrogance of the financial sector who gambled with millions of taxpayers money began under her tutelage. Bankers award themselves bonuses for ruining lives which they view as mere figures whilst their former schoolmates draw up legislation to protect them. Thatcher did not cripple the power of the old boy’s network like she did the unions despite all the insinuations of her doing so when she smashed through the glass ceiling. Instead she reinforced the roof.


The NHS, like many state owned institutions she sold off, is already in the process of condemning whole groups of society to monetary based healthcare. It sickens me that she is being mentioned in the same breath as Clement Atlee just as his greatest achievement is being put out to pastor for the private sector to herd up and devour. The level of nepotism in such deals between business and government is also staggeringly audacious and yet people don’t seem to see that ‘free enterprise’ could just as easily be referred to as ‘scrounging’.




Many sycophantic politicians are praising her achievement in getting Britain noticed on the world stage which perhaps hints at some of the colonial reasons why they ventured into their current roles. She pulled off some of Britain’s biggest arms deals during the 80’s, supporting many dictators who became foes when convenient.


‘We are not at war with Eurasia, we have always been at war with Eastasia’.


She enabled companies such as BAE Systems to thrive and their influence on economics and foreign policy continues to this day. Whenever Cameron or Hague go on peace deployment missions and have talks with the leaders of strategically important areas, you can bet your bottomless dollar they’ll be flaunting weapon catalogues just like Maggie’s beloved son Mark does.



I don’t begrudge anyone a good party but I think this week’s optimism seems misplaced. She might be dead but her ideals are stronger than ever. The aftermath of her death could reawaken a political consciousness amongst all those who were scarred by Scargill, numbed by Cowell’s vaudeville anaesthetic or sickened into a slump of apathy by the desertion of any principles by the Labour Party.


Or, it could be the hangover from Hell where people realise that after their hollow celebrations are over, a more destructive party remains.


“Do you begin to see, then, what kind of world we are creating? It is the exact opposite of the stupid hedonistic Utopias that the old reformers imagined. A world of fear and treachery and torment, a world of trampling and being trampled upon, a world which will grow not less but more merciless as it refines itself. Progress in our world will be progress toward more pain.” George Orwell

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  1. Although I was Pro-Thatcher, it is refreshing to finally read a well written piece as opposed to the Ding Dong, Rejoyce, Maggie’s dead nonsense everyone has been subjected too. Thanks for taking the time and effort to put together something that appears much more educated than the other rubbish I have been reading.

  2. Brilliant article young man ( ;o) )…I will still be raising a few glasses to her demise, God knows I’ve waited long enough but I do take heed of what you are saying. We celebrated when Blair came to power because he wasn’t the Tory Party, sad thing is, he was. He and Brown will attend the funeral and show themselves up for the traitors they are. There are lots of things I could add to that but it’s late, I’m tired and building up my hatred for this evil woman and the pricks that supported her and are saying wonderful things about her will only hinder my sleep and I won’t let this creature be the reason for more misery in my life. It’s over…but it’s not over.

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