All Pigs Must Die: Nothing Violates This Nature – album reviewAll Pigs Must Die – Nothing Violates This Nature (Southern Lord)


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All Pigs Must Die have unleashed a monstrous album of rage, anger and punishing music.

Formed from members of several other bands including Converge, Bloodhorse and The Hope Conspiracy, Nothing Violates This Nature is the second album from this largely Boston based quartet. In a nutshell, the album is just over half an hour of pure, hardcore brutality in the vein of labelmates Black Breath, Nails and Hessian. Southern Lord never disappoints with bands on their roster and All Pigs Must Die is another MVP for the label.

Throughout the album, the vocals are punishing. The razor like delivery is always furious, and this sits so well with the fast paced Holy Plague. The vocals also fit like a glove to the more epic, churning, and slower tempo’d Of Suffering. The guitars and drums on ‘Of Suffering’ are reduced to doomy tempos which is a welcome shift in pace. The tempo changes are placed perfectly throughout the album.


If you were to place this band / album into a certain genre it would certainly be a hardcore record but there are obvious nods to other genres in the playing. The riffs are thrashy, vast and doom laden in parts. The drumming is frantic for the duration. More standard playing is superbly mixed with awesome fast paced playing, with some spectacular blast beat drumming. The drumming sounds particularly excellent on the album. The production is second to none and this helps showcase the fine skills of Ben Koller.

Aqim Siege and Sacred Nothing clock in at a total of three minutes. They resemble constant, quick, punishing right / left punches from the most brutal, thuggish fighters you could imagine. If you weren’t in enough of a daze, Faith Eater continues the onslaught. The shouted chorus sounds possessed and demonic. Album closer, Articles of Human Weakness has a buzz-saw like guitar sound reminiscent of early Entombed. As the track fades out you can catch your breath.

This album won’t convert anyone who doesn’t like the rage of hardcore music. You could certainly use it to piss off the neighbours if you so wish, but moreover, if hardcore music is what your musical palate likes; this satisfies. It is brutal and uncompromising.


APMD’s website is here. They’re also on Facebook & Twitter.

All words by By Dom Walsh. You can read more by Dom on Louder Than War here & follow him on Twitter if you’re so minded.  

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