All Gone Pete Tong & Skream Miami 2013: album reviewAll Gone Pete Tong & Skream Miami 2013 (Defected Records)
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An impressive new mix compilation from 2 of the electro scene’s greatest talents, reviewed by Louder Than War’s Simon Tucker.

Released to coincide with Miami Music Week, Tongy’s newest ‘All Gone..’ release finds him teaming up with dubstep pioneer Skream for what could well be the finest compilation yet in the series.

Tongy has stated that this “mix represents a fresh statement with this compilation” and there is a real sense of a baton being handed down from an elder to his new heir on this release. Indeed, Pete Tong has been the main man to get a large part of the country’s population ready for the weekend for what seems like forever now but with the arrival of Skream and Benga onto Radio 1, and the radically different type of sets that Skream has been playing for a few years now, you sense the mutual respect shown here is one of honesty and acceptance from Tongy himself that there may well be a new guy presenting the “official start to the weekend” very soon.

Now, this is no way implying that Tong is past it, etc., as the mix on this CD is golden and a great example of a DJ playing to his strengths and  knowing his (now well established) audience.

Starting his mix with the beautifully Balearic and understated opener “So Good” by Chris Malinchak, the set rolls along nicely with some beautifully introspective moments and a lovely, dark, minimal middle section that contains some great exclusive track from artists such as Chicken Lips (who’s track “He Not In (Eats Everything’s Chicken Tits Rewix)” is a highlight of this mix) and Pachanga Boys, before getting back into Hard House territory.


An excellent set that is well-paced, with some great exclusive tracks. However, the true genius of this mix, and the compilation as a whole, is how Tongy’s mix really sets the scene perfectly for what is to follow.

Disc 2 sees Skream step up to the plate and deliver a pure master class of a set. Firmly blowing the shackles that a ‘genre pioneer’ tag can put on an artist, this set has everything for everyone. Skream’s set goes from some extremely filthy house, through minimal electro, and onto pure unadulterated disco fun.

There are moments on this set that things get so intense it will leave you gulping for air, but as with all great DJs, the mood quickly shifts into a more lighter, softer edge (never more apparent than on Skream’s own track featuring Sam Frank – “Rollercoaster”, which is a slice of pure Loft Disco magic). It is very important at this point that you should note that Skream is only 26. The reason this is important is that any dubstep ‘purist’ out there who complains he is no longer just playing or creating dubstep is forgetting the fact that a load of the classic tracks he made were when he was in his teens. This is an artist who is growing rapidly and to try and constrain him is to constrain a potential icon. Skream is fast becoming as diverse and important as Weatherall, Oakenfold, and Tongy in the electronic music world and this mix is all the proof you need.

Pete Tong and Skream have here created a high benchmark in compilation mixes.



Pete Tong and Skream are on Facebook.

Words by Simon Tucker. More writing by Simon on Louder Than War can be found here.

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