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Alias Kid LiveAlias Kid


Oct 2016

live review


Manchester band Alias Kid have been chasing the Oasis crown – a combination of Manc guitar noise, classic clobber choruses and sharp casual attitude has seen them get a core support on the circuit, some great supports like with Primal Scream and Black Grape and the patronage of the legendary Alan McGee.

Of course running around in lad rock land is a lot fun – rock n roll mayhem and notoriety have always been part and parcel of the old school r’n’r experience – that escape from the doldrum dull real world.

But what it doesn’t paint is the full picture.

Alias Kid have so far staked their claim with catchy and anthemic songs but in the year since I’ve seen them live something has changed. They now come armed with a subtle sophistication to their sound with interweaving harmonies that see 3 sometimes 4 voices meld tighter in a rare beauty that gives them, a whole dramatic new option to their sound.

Like some kind of 21st century Crosby Stills Nash and Young the band now have a whole new set of textures to play with because they really can pull these perfect harmonies off live which gives the music a potential whole new emotional and melodic kick and a whole different direction to make their won – it will be intriguing to hear how they can meld their guitar rush with their vocal capability and confound their critics.

Watching them play tonight was like watching something truly special and magical Ina way that even the band maybe don’t even get themselves and that is, perhaps, the most magical thing about this elixir we call rock n roll.

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  1. Having got word of mouth and checking this band out just over the last few months, i am wondering where have they been until now. I can say this; it will be a matter of weeks before everyone has heard of them. They are outstanding live and cannot wait to see the heights they are undoubtedly will get to. This is exactly what we’ve been waiting for in new music. The timing is perfect for this lot and with the Mancunian roots, its all to take. Great lads too there is nothing you cant like. They will be known to the masses anytime.

  2. Fantastic Band, I remember seeing them at a gig in Glasgow in front of 7 people, it felt like I was at Wembley arena such was the sound and the energy. Destined for Great things surely!!!

  3. Myself and some friends had heard about this band through a friend so thought we would check them out. We saw them at the forum in London on their headline tour and they blew us away! We were at Kendal Calling this year and for us they were one of the highlights, sing along songs that make you feel good! Can’t wait to see where they take it xxxx


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