Alex James in bizarre Muckdonalds plug
cheesy...Alex James in bizarre Muckdonalds plug

Alex James From Blur Puts On Cheese Festival And Claims Modern Festivals Don’t Stand For AnythingBeing a confused twit is very much part of the landed gentry rock star mind set- that sort of lost on the modern world frazzled look and mind of the the colonel in Fawlty Towers- it comes to them all.

What was once youthful hi jinx soon becomes the sort of utterance that would pass the lips of UKIP candidate- all tweed and wellies and bongo bongo mindsets confused by the modern world.

Blur’s Alex james is an archetype of this sort of tweedy rock star- former great bass player in inventive band now with the big farm, the posh friends, the cheese line and the increasingly out of touch statements.

This week he announced his own festival on his own land with that famous rocker and alarmingly similar personTC chef and inventor of pasta Jamie Oliver and had the cheek to proclaim that modern festivals “don’t stand for anything”.

The very utterance smacks of an awkward laird in his wellies striding around his land complaining about the youth of today whilst swotting peasants with his rolled up copy of the Daily Mail whilst promoting his own food and live music bash, The Big Festival, which takes place tomorrow (August 30) and Sunday (September 1) at James’s farm in the Cotswolds.

Whilst we are confused what a couple of the idle rich throwing a cheese and music festival could actually stand for we are further fascinated by the further mutterings of the fop who seems to get to present every music culture programme on TV

and despite putting his won festival on further argues that the summer festival season has become too crowded. “When Blur started there were only two festivals – Glastonbury and Reading. They were part of a threatening counter-culture, and my mum looked really concerned when I first told her Blur were playing at Glastonbury,” he told the Daily Star. “But now festivals are the acceptable face of gap year culture. There are too many of them, and a lot of them don’t stand for anything.”

There is one solution – remove tour counter culture special from the calendar?

The NME explained that The Big Festivals’s line-up includes family-friendly acts such as Basement Jaxx, The Feeling, KT Tunstall and Rizzle Kicks – as well as numerous food markets and the chance to visit ‘Alex’s Cheese Hub’.Explaining what the event is about, James said: “Music, food and family are the things I care most about, and that’s what The Big Festival stands for. Despite having Basement Jaxx and massive chefs I guarantee the biggest thing will be the giant haystack we have for the kids to play in.”

That sounds really counter culture Alex and  a really valuable addition to the festival season…

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