Alec Empire Gives Keynote Speech At Worlds Biggest Hacker Conference – Plus More Atr Album DetailsAtari Teenage Riot’s new album, Reset, is set to be being released very soon – in February in fact – and giving an insight into some of the issues addressed in the it the band’s lead, Alec Empire (who John recently interviewed) has just given a keynote speech at the world’s biggest hacker congress – 31c3 – about how to use culture and creativity as a weapon. It makes for a fascinating read, a link to which can be found below.

Alec spoke for one hour about his long history combining activism with music making it relevant to what’s going on in the world today.

Audio / text are on the band’s Tumblr.

Reset is Atari Teenage Riot’s sixth album. As with any artist their new record cannot escape the shadows cast by its predecessors, but, as its title states, this new release is unequivocally set in the now.

The lyrical stance of the album was triggered by the revelations exposed by Wikileaks and Edward Snowden. The hacker community had constantly warned us but they were dismissed as hysterical dissidents.

The relentless pursuit of Bradley Manning and Edward Snowden by the U.S government accompanied by a monumental smear campaign to distract from their disclosures merely confirms their importance.

“Edward Snowden had an impact on this record. Its not a dystopian view. Its not a cyber-punk negative vision of the future. Its proven. When we warn about the government and technology invading privacy, its real.

It doesn’t mean we’re these paranoid musicians and artists” – Alec Empire

The album is ultimately uplifting and despite the threats we all face the only solution is celebrated too. ATR reminds everyone that the power to change lies within each of us and its not only right but
also a responsibility to use it…

Now check out the track Modern Liars which premiered before Xmas on Noisey.


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