Peter Hook Lends His Support To Alcohol-Free Wine Shop In Manchester

This afternoon Peter Hook, the former Joy Division and New Order bass player, is helping out a brand new venture in Manchester by opening the new showroom and national distribution depot of The Alcohol-Free Shop where he is a regular customer.

TV doctor Sarah Jarvis, is also supporting The Alcohol-Free Shop and appears on their web site. She said:

 “While many people can drink within safe limits, I see daily the serious consequences of excess alcohol. I am delighted to support a worthwhile service such as this one, which seeks to give people more high-quality alcohol free options for drinking. Whether people wish to cut down or to lead an alcohol free life, alcohol free wines and beers can make it easier and more enjoyable to make healthy changes. I wish the Alcohol-Free Shop all the success it deserves.”

The press release about the shop says:

Campaigners from the charity FASAware, which educates on the dangers of consuming alcohol during pregnancy, will attend the launch to promote their forthcoming National Foetal Alcohol Syndrome Awareness Day.

The showroom, where customers can try for free before they buy, is designed by bespoke furniture craftsman Paul Case who has been shortlisted for awards by style-gurus Terrence Conran and Wayne Hemingway.

Guests will be entertained by Manchester Jazz Trio Smoke and Jacket and food will be provided on by Dragon’s Den winner and renowned Northern Quarter restaurant Sweet Mandarin voted Britain’s best Chinese Restaurant by TV chef Gordon Ramsey.

In Manchester’s trend-setting tradition, The Alcohol-Free Shop was established in 2006 by recovering alcoholic John Risby and his wife Christine.

The Alcohol-Free Shop became the UK’s first retailer to specialise in de-alcoholised and alcohol-free wines and beers tapping into a niche market for adult alternatives to alcohol among health- conscious consumers.

John discovered a wealth of de-alcoholised and non-alcoholic wines and beers and determined to make the best alternatives available for those who avoid alcohol at least some of the time.

Since then the online shop has attracted a string of high-profile customers as well as regular buyers across the UK and continental Europe.

Read more about the shop HERE and for more information visit


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  1. An admirable venture for sure. I have to put away my cynicism a bit though, I usually see alcohol-free beer as a bit of a cop-out like the people that drink Diet Coke instead of fruit juice when they’re on a diet. You can probably tell that I don’t drink. But fair play, this is good.


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