ltwLouder Than War (Website) Albums of the Year 2018   (51 – 200)

As voted for by 30 of our writers, here are the Albums of 2018…in three sections; 50-25 on Saturday and the Top 25 on Sunday.

The Number One received more than twice the votes as the second place. The next forty were hotly contest with the narrowest of margins, and the rest got the same number of votes -so are in random order to be frank. But… Every one is a winner! 2018 was a great year for music and here are Numbers 51  – 200 the ones In No Particular Order.   

Note: Completely different list/order to our sister Print Publication Louder than War Magazine.


The Good, the Bad and the Queen: Merrie land.

The whole thing sounds a like a sad lament at an end of pier show – clowns melancholic and jugglers dexterous and trapeze artists performing feats of daring that no audience oohs and ahhs at anymore. It is a melancholic clown performance for melancholic clowns.And it’s rather beautiful. Said Mark Ray here


Johnny Marr : Call The Comet  
His third solo album is a  melancholic tinged and thrilling affair that deals with the ghosts of the past but still attempts to move forward…. there is a freshness and urgency of sound to the record with great crisp vocals and, of course, an endless collections of great guitar lines and brisk energetic playing from the band that makes the record feel contemporary.  Said John Robb here


The Men That Will Not Be Blamed For Nothing: Double Negative
Forget ‘Steampunk’… this is a real Horrorpunk Horrorshow! Brutal, blacker than black historical humour for sick metalheads and history nerd gorehounds…. .Double Negative sees the Men That Will Not Be Blamed For Nothing making a thoroughly kick-ass rock album. Short, sharp, shocking and still retaining their uniqueness and wickedly dark sense of humour borne out of confronting the horrors of the past. Said Ged Babey here.

54    Hannah Sanders & Ben Savage : Awake
 Mike Ainscoe said here that … their songs may be being heralded as Folk Award nominees/winners. Watch this space for an “I told you so” if they do. In the meantime, just wallow in the simple pleasure of listening to two musicians in harmonic empathy.

55     Kamasai Washington: Heaven and Earth
An epic LP overflowing with blood sweat tears and genius. The true heir to Coltrane delivers an extraordinary album. (Review by Simon Tucker)

56    Archie And The Bunkers: Songs From The Lodge
(Dirty Water Records) Ohio teen tearaway siblings once again unleash a blistering organ-drum attack full of the wild rage of youth…. pushed to the max they have produced a cracking eleven tracks that make you want to smash it up and not look back. Step into their world if you dare. Says Nathan Whittle here

57  Go-Kart Mozart – Mozart’s Mini Mart
Though concealed in plain sight beneath the purposefully gaudy surface presentation and style-over-substance camouflage, there are songs here that no-one else would be able to write, real insights into aspects of life not usually examined in “Pop”…. A triumphant return. Said Ian Canty here

58      Chris Carter: Chemistry Lessons Vol 1
“A sensational all encompassing collection of sometimes ethereal, sometimes disturbing electronic vignettes from the TG, Chris and Cosey genius. The sound of an artist displaying every aspect of his psyche into one, huge album” (Simon Tucker)

59   Insecure Men : Insecure Men 
(On Fat Possum Records) – A Fat White Family album you can relax to, tap your feet to and hum along the street in the mornings. A great debut featuring Saul Adamczewski from said band and Childhood’s Ben Romans-Hopcraft. (Keith Goldhanger)

60     Geniuser: I Am
I Am is not a great album, it is truly a masterpiece, one of those albums that you never tire of hearing, a breath of fresh air, a genuine inspiration. (said Paul Scott Bates)

61          Dumb Poets – All the Ghosts

Debut album by Bournemouth band. For fans of Dylan, the Byrds, Teenage Fanclub and REM, melody & musicianship and English Americana. Reviewed here.

62    Dirtmusic: Bu Bir Ruya
Four years in the making but worth every second.(said Paul Scott-Bates)

63   Rash Decision : Karoshi
Rash Decision meld together skate thrash, full on hardcore and some serious metal licks …  Back in the late 80s they would have sat firmly in the no-man’s land of “crossover” (remember that?)   Cro-Mags, , DRI, Suicidal Tendencies…  Throughout this LP you get pained guttural vocals, crew choruses, chunky bass, chuggy guitars, blistering solos and break neck drums propelling the whole thing along…. wrote Nathan Brown here.


64  Lippy Kid & Greg Farndon: Thought Forms
One of the most exciting new voices to emerge in the electronic music scene. Though Forms is the sound of the classics (Underworld, Orbital) brought back through the brain of an artist who knows his history and uses it to forge a new future. (Simon Tucker)

65    War on Women  : Capture The Flag
Second album by mixed gender Baltimore rock band and an articulate but raging American Feminist hardcore punk manifesto  reviewed here

66    Tara Milton : Serpentine Waltz

Twenty years in the wilderness and  former Nubiles/ Five Thirty frontman returns with a stunning album which will surprise, delight and enchant anyone who wants to escape… from rock’n’roll and from the everyday.  reviewed here


67  Team Picture : Recital
(Big Dumb Music Ltd) – A selection of tunes that each sound different, each featuring different combinations of personnel singing and each tune capable of being a stand alone single. (Keith Goldhanger).  Read Stephen Watt’s review here


68    Buzzbomb – 60 Miles of Bad Road 
A high-octane thrill ride that doesn’t let up for a second for a breath … high-adrenaline psychobilly/punkabilly  (Neil Hodge)

69    Mono Club :  Sky High and Submarine
(LGM Records) – A breathtaking beautiful debut release by the band that were once Goldheart Assembly. An album that for some of us will be an often played piece of music to complement lying on the sofa on a Sunday lunchtime. (Keith Goldhanger)

70     485c ‘485c’
(Fierce Panda) By the time this band release their 3rd or 4th album there’ll be people looking back on this debut as a selection of music that will have sound tracked a large part of their young lives. It’s a grower, the tunes sound as appealing as some of the early Suede singles in the early 90’s. One of the most refreshing albums of the year. Not an album to be overlooked. (Keith Goldhanger)

71       Lark: The Last Woman
The Last Woman reminds us that there is still exciting and adventurous artists out there screaming to be heard.  (said Paul Scott Bates)

72     Xqui: Dragon
Xqui are proving themselves to be a class act…..They are free to experiment and release output in several different ways and this surely must be incredibly empowering. It definitely shows in their impressive releases so far. (said Ioan Humphreys)

73    KiDD: You And I
Each and every track will undoubtedly strike a chord with you. Each melody will resonate and affect you in a way that writers of perfect-pop do. Each bridge, each chorus, each step up from one scale to the next adds up to create quite incredible musical experiences.(said Paul Scott Bates)

74    Tax The Heat : Change Your Position
… back, on Nuclear Blast, with another British hard-rock-drenched modern classic. Fusing classic riffs with catchy hooks gives us another gorgeous set of ear-worms to enjoy. A fun, uncomplicated and compelling rock record. Said Neil Johnson here

75     When ‘Airy Met Fairy: Glow
It is, quite simply, a work of art and a feather pillowed blow to the face should there ever be one. Adorable.  (said Paul Scott Bates)

76    Interrobang‽ : Interrobang‽  This really is a fantastic album… an emotional, funny, stark, honest work that succeeds as a stand alone work of autobiographical rage and self-analysis…. that you can dance to. Said Ged Babey here.

77    Janelle Monae : Dirty Computer
Dirty Computer is more a piece of art than just an album. Immerse yourself in Dirty Computer; you won’t regret it. If you don’t like it, appreciate it…it’s one of the year’s most important albums from one of the world’s most important artist. Said Dom Walsh here.


78     Torpedoes : Black Museum 
probably the Last Great Gothic Rock band, although pigeonholing them does them a disservice as there are a lot of influences and a great deal of passion in these dark grooves.   reviewed here

And you can google the rest, adding Louder Than War or search on Youtube.

Papernut Cambridge- Mellotron Phase Volume
Christine and the Queens  – Chris
Anna Calvi – The Hunter
Ist Ist – Live at St Philips Church, Salford
The Orielles : Silver Dollar Moment   
Corduroy : Return of the Fabric Four
The Breeders – All Nerve
Maker : Dead Ends & Avenues
Skating Polly : The Make It All Show

The Slow Readers Club : Build A Tower
New York Junk :   7 Train
Table Scraps : Autonomy
Boss Keloid – Melted on the Inch
Winterfylleth – Hallowing of Heirdom.
David Byrne – American Utopia
Dead Hero – La Vida Continua
Constant Fear/Frenetix: Media Loves A Revolution/Extinction
Benin City – ‘Last Night’
Moon Gangs : Earth Loop.

Kaleb McKane – The Universe In Reverse
Massive Wagons – Full Nelson
Between The Buried and Me – Automata I.
Haley Heynderickx – I Need To Start A Garden
Forth Wanderers – Forth Wanderers
Wasuremono – Something Left Behind
Night Flowers – Wild Notion
Soccer Mommy – Clean
MGMT – Little Dark Age
Eels – The Deconstruction,
Nosebleed : Scratching Circles on the Dancefloor
The Longshot : Love is for Losers
The Scaners:  s/t
Amyl and the Sniffers – Cup of Destiny
The Charlemagnes – Three Chords and a Half Truth
Jon Langford’s Four Lost Souls – s/t
Bromide : I Woke Up

Magnus Carlson : A Nordic Soul
Boy Azooga : 1,2, Kung Fu!
Ghost – Prequelle
The Soft Moon – Criminal
dragSTER ‘Anti-Everything
Marissa Nadler – For My Crimes.
Riverside – Wasteland
Our Girl – Stranger Today (Cannibal Hymns)
Haken – Vector
Blacklab ‘Under The Strawberry Moon’ (New Heavy Sounds)
Marianne Faithfull – Negative Capability
Pellethead : Best of a Bad Bunch
The Virginmarys – Northern Sun Sessions.
The Struts – Young + Dangerous.
Tami Neilson – Sassafrass
Aphex Twin Collapse
Angelique Kidjo: Remain In Light
Spear Of Destiny: Tontine.
Gwenno – Le Kov.
Forbidden Planet ‘One’ (Sub-Label Recordings)
Big Joanie – Sistahs
She Makes War – Brace for Impact
Queen Kwong – Love Me To Death
Haggard Cat – Challenger
Inara George – Dearest Everybody
Fucked Up – Dose Your Dreams
The Peawees – Moving Target.
Jeffrey Lewis: Works by Tuli Kupferberg.
Proc Fiskal – Insula
Oh Sees – Smote Reverser
Santigold – I don’t want: The Goldfire Sessions
Tancred – Nightstan
Candy Opera – 45 Revolutions Per Minute
Steve Ellis – Boom! Bang Twang!,
Paul Weller – True Meanings.
A Perfect Circle – Eat The Elephant
Kathryn Joseph: From When I Wake The Want Is
Neneh Cherry: Broken Politics
Jonny Greenwood: You Were Never Really Here OST
Jlin: Autobiography
Johnny Mafia – Princes de l’Amour
Kurt Vile – Bottle It In
Peter Kernel – The Size Of The Night
Bodega – Endless Scroll
Mothers – Render Another Ugly Method
Israel Nash – Lifted
Jah Wobble & MoMo Project – Maghrebi Jazz
TQ – Covering The Covers
Wild Nothing – Indigo
Rolling Blackout Coastal Fever – Hope Downs
Father John Misty – God’s Favorite Customer
Car Seat Headrest – Twin Fantasy
Buffalo Tom – Quiet and Peace
Rats From a Sinking Ship – Fight the Future
Lucy Dacus – Historian
Fenne Lily – On Hold
Darlingside – Extralife
Fightmilk – Not With That Attitude
Big Joanie – Sistahs
Young Romance – Don’t Look
Delores Haze – Play Hard Fuck Hard Love Hard
Grace Petrie – Queer as Folk
Vodun – Ascend
Muncie Girls – Fixed Ideals
Guttfull – Tits and Nails
Steve Ignorant & Paranoid Visions ‘1977220174U’ (FOAD Musick))
Neville & Sugary Staple – Rude Rebels
Dream Wife
James Living In Extraordinary Times
Our Girl – Stranger Today
The Beths – Future Me Hates Me
Boytoy – Night Leaf
Echo and the Bunnymen – The Stars, The Oceans & The Moon
The Cure – Torn Down
Cowboy Junkies – All That Reckoning
Marissa Nadler -For My Crimes
Israel Nash – Lifted

Death Grips: Year of the Snitch
Spiritualized – And Nothing Hurt (Bella Union)  reviewed here
Hookworms – Microshift 

TQ – Covering The Covers
Black Honey – self titled



Numbers 50 -26 will be up tomorrow and the Top 25 on Sunday.


Compiled by Ged Babey from votes from John Robb, Nigel Carr, Mike Ainscoe, Neil Hodge, Gus Ironside, Paul Scott Bates, Simon Tucker, Matt Mead, Cassie Fox, Ian Canty, Nathan Brown, Tim Cooper, Arash Torabi Hal Incandenza,  Christopher Lloyd, Melanie Smith,  Keith Goldhanger, Neil Johnson, Nathan Whittle, John Kean, Wayne Carey, Ged Babey, Mark Ray, Paul Grace, Emily Oldfield, Phil Newall, Dom Wals, Cazz Blasé, Naomi Dryden-Smith and Ioan Humphreys.


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