Albums of the Year 2012: Part three: 99-50

Has 2012 been a good year for music?

Well, I just had the pleasure of editing this list and the eclectic nature of the music is to be celebrated. I’ve spent the day listening to the whole of this part of the countdown from 100 to 50- from black metal to street punk to folk to dark dub step to wonky indie pop to stadium alt…and it all sounds great. Modern music is breathtakingly eclectic and music taste in the post iPod age is without barriers…read on and above all investigate all these releases by following the links… JOHN ROBB

Albums of the Year 2012: Part three: 99-50

It’s time for the third part of the LTW Albums of the Year 2012 countdown with numbers 99 to 50 ( If you missed the earlier ones check out Pt 1 (200-150), and Pt 2 (149-100)

The list has been lovingly compiled by your LTW editorial team (John Robb, Phil Newall, Guy Manchester and Sarah Lay) and we couldn’t bring ourselves to cut it shorter than 200 great albums from this year. However, we do want to hear your thoughts as we know there will be loads more 2012 releases that we won’t have heard – so leave a comment, join us on Facebook or tweet us using the hashtag #LTW2012.

50. Rolo Tomassi – Astraea (Destination Moon)
If you give this record a chance it will drill its way behind your eyes and make you scour the internet for more details. A step forwards for Metal and a step towards something very special.

51. Dean Blunt and Inga Copeland – Black Is Beautiful (Hyperdub)
Art project as a gleeful ‘collage of culture detritus’ and an eclectic mix of r’n’b, grime, jungle.

52. Mary Epworth – Dream Life (Hand Of Glory)
With influences from psychedelia, prog rock and surf pop Mary Epworth’s debut was met with critical acclaim but deserved much wider appreciation.

53. Chris Helme – The Rookery (Little Num Num Music)
A melancholic album of atmospheric Americana proving Chris Helme’s songwriting chops and proving he’s worth of more recognition than merely doing a stint in The Seahorses.

54. Hope and Social – All Our Dancing Days
Playful, rich in sound and wry observations Hope and Social’s fourth studio album is wonderfully warm pop music for grown ups.

55. Roughneck Riot – This Is Our Day (Bomber Music)
Second full length from the Warrington based Celtic tinged punks, an album that saw then capture their energised live sound on record.

Albums of the Year 2012: Part three: 99-50

56. Lukid – Lonely At The Top (Ninja Tune)
Dub, bass and dance merge with hip-hop beats with percussion and quicksilver melodies…

57. Joey Ramone – …Ya Know? (BMG)
If you’re willing to imagine Joey Ramone outside of his typical environment on a few tracks, perhaps swapping a graffiti-adorned club in the East Village for a train station in the country, then you’ll most likely enjoy it as much as I do.

58. New War – New War (Fast Weapons / Sensory Projects)

a dark melange of spectral Australian cool creating a guitar-less, clipped, dub-damaged take on post-punk with interesting rhythms

59. Sleigh Bells – Reign of Terror (Columbia)
A devastating wail of sound crashes and crunches over dark electro beats and softer, layered vocals – this year’s offering from Sleigh Bells doesn’t disappoint.

60. Beak – >> (Invada)
Portishead member Geoff Barrow’s side project BEAK return with a second album – an unconventional but interesting Krautrock-infused post-rock.

61. Nixx P / El-Lobo – Cancer For Cure (Turnstile)
One of the few English speaking artists in reggaeton makes one of the stand out albums in the form.

62. Tame Impala – Lonerism (Modular)
Second offering from the Australian psyche-rock outsiders…

63. Burial - Street Halo / Kindred (Hyperdub / Beatink)

One-off pressing compiling both of Burial’s ‘Steet Halo’ and ‘Kindred’ EPs. A beautiful melange of intricate, crackly and dream-like beats.

64. Liars – WIXIW (Mute)
Long term band make success of electronic switch.

65. Ondatrópica – Ondatrópica (Soundway)

Mesh up of salsa, boogaloo, bomba, charanga and mambo in a 21st century style.

66. Scott Walker – Bish Bosch (4AD)
eccentric and brilliant comeback record that has caused a lot of confusion- a positive thing in our book

Albums of the Year 2012: Part three: 99-50

67. White Lung – Sorry (Deranged)

On initial hearing White Lung seem like your average fast and furious hardcore punk band. But when you really listen there are a few differences and quirks. The female singer sounds a bit like a young Lydia Lunch

68. Goat – World Music (Rocket Records)
Swedish collective Goat released their debut album earlier in the year to great acclaim. The band play a scintillating type of music based around Afrobeat that needs to be heard to be believed.

69. D.E.A.D. – S.T.I.L.L.D.E.A.D. (GM Sounds)
Dutch producer D.E.A.D. is described as being a pioneer of doom dub, a genre a lot of us probably aren’t familiar with but it’s time we got immersed in it.

70. Stealing Sheep – Into the Diamond Sun (Heavenly Recordings)
With their acclaimed debut Stealing Sheep have staked a claim to lead the current chamber pop set thanks to gorgeous layered harmonies and melodies to make your heart melt.

71. Grass Widow – Internal Logic (HlR)
Post punk meets indie and even surf rock in an atmospheric work.

72. Big Naturals – S/T – (Greasy Trucker)
Two piece experimental noise from Bristol. This album’s cover art features a mushroom cloud one see’s after an H bomb drops. This album features the sound of an H bomb dropping. Apocalyptic & brilliant they are what we in Louder Than War parts refer to as “a Supersonicky band” – i.e. one that would not be out of place on that festival’s lineup.

73. Lamb of God – Resolution (Roadrunner)
Seventh album from troubled American dark groove metal band.

74. Dethklok – Dethalbum III (Williams Street)
Virtual metal band make sense out of strange concept.

75. Code Orange Kids – Love is Love // Return to Dust (Deathwish Inc)
Youthful Pittsburg hardcore crew remind us of why that musical form can be so urgent.

76. A Whisper In The Noise – To Forget (Exile On Mainstream)
an album of stunning, ethereal beauty, space and lush strings.

77. The Primitives ‘Echoes And Rhymes’ (Elefant)
Unjustly forgotten late ’80s pop stars return with a concept album that featured covers of obscure female fronted ’60s outfits.

Albums of the Year 2012: Part three: 99-50

78. Spiritualized – Sweet Heart Sweet Light (Domino)
Jason’s voice is a fragile almost broken thing, but these songs suit it so well that you cannot imagine anyone else singing them. This album is outstanding. Buy it.

79. Bellowhead – Broadside (Navigator Records)
Mighty English folk ensemble Bellowhead finally released the follow up to 2010′s incredible award winning album Hedonism – and what a cracker it was too.

80. Bite Back – Bitten & Twisted (Antipop)
Stripped down classic punk from Liverpool; full of energy, aggression and some neat guitar work.

81. Allo Darlin’ – Europe (Fortuna POP!)
Elizabeth from Allo Darlin’ was in Tender Trap briefly with Amelia Fletcher from Tallulah Gosh and is now conjuring up images of times and places far away with Allo Darlin’ are breaking out of the indiepop scene with this album of cinematic soundscapes

82. Baroness – Yellow & Green (Relapse Records)
the new double album from eclectic sludgy metal cum rock band Baroness is one of the years best.

83. Woodpecker Wooliams – The Bird School of Being Human (Robot Elephant)

Enter the captivating and odd world of Woodpecker Wooliams through her new album full of delicate melodies and disturbing subject matter..

84. Orbital – Wonky (ACP)
The aptly named 8th album from the Hartnoll brothers continues their adventures into dance with an ambitious work

85. Pollyn – Living In Patterns (Music! Music Group)
Having drawn comparisons to Portishead with Living in Patterns Pollyn put a lighter, more mellow spin echoing the feel of California on modern triphop.

86. A Forest of Stars – A Shadowplay For Yesterdays (Lupus Lounge)
the frankly astonishingly brilliant A Forest Of Stars released a mental black metal concept album that is mind boggling in its imagination

Albums of the Year 2012: Part three: 99-50

87. Laurel Halo – Quarantine (Hyperdub)

A noteworthy debut of sparse electro soundscapes and energetic techno dubstep rhythms.

88. Portico Quartet – Portico Quartet (Real World)
modern jazz with interesting percussion

89. Earth – Angels of Darkness, Demons of Light II (Southern Lord)
stretching out from their drone metal base with surprisingly successful results

90. The Trail Of  Dead – Lost Songs (Superball Media)
Typically blistering guitar assault from Texan noiseniks

91. Black Roots – On The Ground (Sugar Shack / Bristol Archive)
‘Sadly you see far too little reggae featured on UK music related websites (and radio shows) so it’s nice to be able to help promote a brilliant new release by a reggae band who not only recorded two Peel sessions but who’re also about to release one of the best albums of the year.’

92. Muse – The 2nd Law (Warner Brothers)
Muse add a post dub step flavour to their sound and it works…

93. Django Django – Django Django (Beacause)
Success story of the year from a band who defy boxing in with inventive and clever songs that mass psych, indie and soundtrack

94. Argy Bargy – Hopes, Dreams And Schemes (Warp)
The best real street punk album for years, great songs and a genuine anger that captures the frustration and gallows humour of 2012 UK

95. Pulled Apart by Horses – Tough Love (Transgressive)
Second album loses none of their post hardcore, dislocated intensity.

96. Portion Control ‘Pure Form’ (Other Sounds)
Return of the EBM masters…punishing beats, intricate keyboards and their trademark clipped vocals…checkout ‘Point Blank’; easily up their with 242 at their peak.

97. Colorama – Good Music (Aed)
Dreamy psychedelic indiepop with a darker electro edge released on Edwyn Collins’ AED label.

98. Botanist ‘III’
More songs about plants from dulcimer driven master of solo black metal recorded in a forest. Genius stuff with all song titles being latin names for plants. The songs of Botanist are told from the perspective of The Botanist, a crazed man of science who lives in self-imposed exile, as far away from Humanity and its crimes against Nature as possible.

99.  Wodensthrone - Curse (Candlelight)
Beauty and bleakness of nature celebrated on this black metal opus with folk overtones

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