Alanas Chosnau and Mark Reeder
Alanas Chosnau and Mark Reeder – Children of Nature – Single Review
Alanas Chosnau and Mark Reeder

Alanas Chosnau and Mark Reeder

Children of Nature

Out Now

Alanas Chosnau and Mark Reeder – Children of Nature – Single Review

Mixing modern minimalism with 80’s cool, Alanas Chosnau and Mark Reeder prove themselves masters of all trades. Banjo listens to their latest single and can’t stop singing.

The last time we mentioned Alanas Chosnau and Mark Reeder in Louder Than War, our very own John Robb described them as ‘Imperious, perfect pop electronica.’ The latest single from their Children of Nature album meets that brief perfectly.

Theirs is a sound that melds the emotionless mechanics of electronic music with the heart and soul of the best kind of pop music.

Despite a lifetime devoted to what we can loosely call the alternative edge of music, there has always been a special place in my heart for good quality pop music. In Alanas Chosnau and Mark Reeder I think I have found some like minded souls.

This is essentially pop music, but pop music with something going on under the bonnet.

Children of Nature is the album and their latest single. The song itself starts with it 80s influences to the fore, with a minimal repeating keyboard and beats riff, over which Kurdish Lithuanian Alanas Chosnau adds a cool, almost spoken vocal.

At this point I am reminded of early Hurts, with their modernist take on 80s synth pop patterns, but again, there is something else lurking almost within grasp.

The insistent rhythms of the song are squarely aimed at the dance floor, while the vocals give of an air of detached cool, giving the impression Chosnau and Reeder are fans of the much overlooked DAF. So extra points for that I feel.

The 80s influence extends to Chosnau’s look, sharp haircut and turned up collar, albeit with a distinguished touch of grey at the temples.

The song is not content to stay still at the same level and about a third of the way through, it starts to build. Extra layers of keyboards, some guitar and a New Order style bassline are added to the mix and Children of Nature becomes a soaring epic.

The chorus is little more than the song’s title sung over this expanding and evolving sound as it continues to build and grow.

Without noticing it, Children of Nature becomes more packed and more intense as it continues.

Mark Reeder is best known as the man who moved from Manchester to Berlin in response to Bowie and Iggy’s own adventures in the city and who promoting the music of his friend Ian Curtis while there.

And it shows. One foot in Berlin’s electronic music scene, one in the in the dolor of Manchester. A motorik beat with heart and soul, pop music with a pallor.

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