We are sorry to hear of the death of Alan Wise.

Alan was a key figure in the Manchester post punk scene – promoting many of the keys gigs as well as managing Nico.  For many years the looming figure of Alan Wise was part and parcel of every cool gig in the city with his off the wall presence and spirit of bohemia.

Alan was a key figure in the birth of Hacienda and factory records as well as being a big part in the birth of Joy Division, New Order and the promoter of the Fall. His CV is impressive and he was one of the key architects of the Manchester scene.



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  1. Very saddened to hear of Alan passing. A real contributor to the musical landscape of Manchester in the late 70s / 80s and a character as well.

    One of the lesser known weavers in the history of Factory and Manchester but nonetheless a giant.

    RIP Alan

  2. In the making of any “scene” each person plays a vital and integral part of the larger picture, none greater nor lesser, being there and doing is what makes things happen.

    Terrible tragedy that could possibly have been avoided if we had a govt that cared for the health of its youth. Marx was right, in its final death throes, capitalism will consume and destroy even that which nourishes it.


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