Alan McGee has announced the first batch of signings to his new label 359 Music and promised albums from them all before the end of November 2013.

Writing on the label’s website McGee says the first six acts were chosen from the more than 2,500 submissions they had after announcing the label and all had material ready but had been shut out by the industry.

He reinforces the message that 359 Music is not a new Creation Records. He writes, “359 isn’t Creation. All I really want to do is be a launch pad for new and/or ignored talent. After that, everything else is a bonus.”

The first six artists to put out albums on 359 Music will be:

  • John Lennon McCullagh – a 15-year-old kid from Doncaster who loves Bob Dylan
  • Gun Club Cemetery – the new band of Hurricane #1’s Alex Lowe who we featured here as a new band of the day
  • Tess Parks – a Canadian model who writes dark, haunting songs
  • Chris Grant – Liverpudlian singer-songwriter
  • Pete MacLeod – Glaswegian singer-songwriter
  • Mineral – French electronic band.

The announcement comes with this video from Mineral and states that the next wave of artists will be announced by the end of the year, with the aim to have 21 releases from the new label by Christmas Day 2014.

 Read the full statement on the 359 Music website.
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  1. mineral was an influential post-hardcore/emo band from the 90s. Change the name. Hurricane #1 was great because of Andy – Alex was terrible. Alan McGee you are irrelevant, which is sad considering you helped make some of the best records in musical history.

  2. @Needi – You may not appreciate Creation Records, Primal Scream, My Bloody Valentine, The Jesus and Mary Chain, Oasis or The Libertines and that’s cool, but I would hardly call any of them irrelevant on their own. Never mind the whole set.

  3. PB…. Are you death ??? are you daft ? No 1 learn how to spell . No 2 Rolling stones age ? dickhead, No 3 Gun club are a band… two different acts both are great . Nothing like support, the trolls come out to play, Yet again

  4. PB Both artists are cool. 1 band 1 solo. Stone Roses 50yrs?? Gun Club are the band to be listening too. Age don’t count if you know your shit and they not old mate!. Bring the tunes on lads, there’s no one out there like you and i am 28. Looking forward to your tour.

  5. Chris Grant, Gun club cemetery & Pete Macleod 3 great signing’s. Not heard the other artist’s as yet but will look out for them


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