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The phone hacking conversation is getting closer to home…

Alan Mcgee victim of phone hacking
bet they had fun transcribing his conversations...Alan Mcgee victim of phone hacking
Alan Mcgee was getting hacked by the News Of The World- just another of the mooted 8 000 victims of the sinister media organisation.

Instead of being outraged Mcgee joked in the Huffington Post that he was relieved he was on the list! and also that if anyone was interested in long, rambling conversations from Courtney Love to the ex Creation Records boss and the like then they were welcome to it.

The lid is barely off the hacking scandal. When we met Tom Watson MP, who is the MP who brought the Murdoch run company to book over the whole affair he told us that there was a lot more to come out.

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  1. Well thats the secret out about the batterd mars bars from jock land gone======or amaybey oasis secret from the early days of there love for abba–who knows–this is better than—the mp,s expensive scams—keep rockin in ya coffin bring it on x

  2. So, if he’s not outraged and ‘relieved’ he was on the list why is he in the process of suing them? Regardless of his career on a personal level the man is a complete prick.


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