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Alan Mcgee returns...
Alan Mcgee returns…

Alan Mcgee has been in touch with us about his record label plans.

The former Creation boss is keen to point out that he wants the label to happen but it will take more than six months to set up to do anything.

‘I have loads on my plate right at this moment and we want to get this set it up properly and we are keen to make a vehicle for music. We are just not sure what the vehicle is at the moment with the collapse of old style record labels and we are coming up with a new idea of how to do this. I need a vehicle and I suppose in some ways we are trying to reinvent the wheel, luckily my lawyers and the people who want to do this with me are all super smart…’

The label will not be called Creation.

‘It’s been done is my conclusion and it will be a different model now- it’s not 1999. We have some serious backers wanting to do it. It is not a nostalgia exercise.’ Alan has plans to put out a mixture of new bands if he get’s the chance.

‘ I want to do this with some new people I really love like Pete Macleod, Gun Club Cemetery and Christian Pattemore who I found down here in Hay On Wye and some surprising older names- lunatics like you and me!’ he laughs detailing names that don’t fit into the cliched idea of what Creation was. But then Creation never did have a house sound until it got swamped by success and was always a far more maverick label than people seem to remember these days.

Meanwhile Alan is busy with the Kubricks film he is editing with Dean Cavanagh which will be finished early next year, writing his autobiography with Harry Mulligan.

‘The book will either be called ”McGee” or ‘You Cannae shove yer Grannie off a bus’ he laughs, explaining the book will be about his life from age 1 in Glasgow to now at 52 in Wales and all the bits in between including signing the biggest band in the world, hanging out with Tony Blair and six years later managing the Libertines.’

Alan also has just served papers on the News On The World at the high court in London which is ongoing- it comes to trial in June 2013…’ and on top of that.

‘I’m helping curate this big live music festival called Tokyo Rocks next summer in Japan. We will announce headline acts this month. To be honest it’s working with my friend Takashi and Tokyo Rocks has got me back into wanting to do music again. So the label isn’t at the front of the queue so I don’t feel any pressure it’s just if we do it then let’s do it right…’

Watch the trailer for Alan’s Kubricks film here…


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