Alan Mcgee and Pete MacLeod in Talks to Make Sweet Music

Scottish singer / songwriter Pete MacLeod, seems set for even greater success on the back of his recent tour in Hamburg with gigs across the UK’s 02 venues in the coming months.

The musician and his work have long been admired by Alan McGee, who famously founded Creation records and now appears to be itching to set up another label. As Pete explains:

“Alan and I had been talking all week about him getting back into the music business and starting another label, and I could tell he really had that fire in his belly again”.

“We’ve talked about it before but he’s told me his intentions are to get me signed to his new venture – I can’t say much more than that at the moment but I do know that Alan won’t be calling it Creation. I broke the news on twitter about us planning to work together and go back into the music business and it was almost instantly picked up by the press.”

In the meantime, Pete is in the process off signing a single deal with a German label, something that Alan McGee fully endorses in a recent email to Pete:

“Whatever form my new record company will take there’s one thing that I can say: I can’t see it being called Creation.

“In the meantime, work with this dude and if you need me to come over and DJ the launch for the single I am in, as long term I want to work with you. That is, when we know what we are inventing as a business model.”

It’s good news for Pete following a year of turmoil while his father battled cancer. Pete had returned to Scotland when he heard the news and wrote ‘Rolling Stone’ for his dad who had inspired so much of his music. The single was sold as a way to raise money and awareness for Cancer Research UK; it was named BBC Radio Scotland single of the month by Janice Forsyth and entered into Q magazine’s top 50 downloads of the month.


Sadly, Pete’s dad lost his brave battle with the disease in June, but Pete has no doubt that his father’s influence and guidance will live on in the form of his music for many years to come.

“My dad always believed in my music and never stopped encouraging me to write and play the music I love. While I’m sorry that he won’t see this next stage in my career, I know he’ll always be with me and that’s what keeps me going.”

As you can see from the poster at the head of the page Pete has several live dates coming up. Visit his website for more info. Pete’s also on Twitter & Facebook.

All words by Ross Keen. More articles by Ross on Louder Than War can be found here.

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