ac/dcThe rock world is reeling over the news that AC/DC have replaced Brian Johnson with rock buffoon Axl Rose.

Already reeling with the loss of key member and engine room Malcolm Young the band now seem rudderless.

Could they have made  a worse choice? Mr. Rose has obviously got a great voice but is about as faraway from the essence of what makes AC/DC so great – the everyman bar band who took the world (even if they are actually quite showbiz with the Young’s older brother being from the Easybeats etc).

In a world of bar bands and great singers surely there must have been a better option…just wait until Axl flounces off stage somewhere on the tour because his hotel is the wrong colour…

Time to give Angry Anderson the call…


1. Angry Anderson

The obvious number one choice – keeps the Australian lineage (we know BJ was Geordie but then Angus is Scottish…), looks the part and has the voice…

2. Kvelertak

Norwegian rockers who have the grit and the grime…

3. Some bloke down the pub

Anyone – there must be someone in the pub or a pub band – an unknown singer comes with no baggage and fits the bill…

4. Charlie Harper

Pay day for Charlie!

5. An X Factor winner

Still better than Axl Rose…

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  1. Question; does Axl have a voice that suits AC/DC?
    Answer: Yes
    Question: have we seen them play together yet?
    Answer: no
    Question: is it too early to make rash judgements?
    Answer: yes

  2. Noddy Holder was approached to take over from Bon Scott.
    He turned it down due commitments with Slade.
    Ask again?

  3. Looks like he HAD to retire from live shows and they were actually supportive of him httpss://


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