imageAge Of Glass
Manchester indie Week
May 2015
Live review

The Age of Glass facebook page

Chicory Tip on acid!

Disco gonzoid sequin prog madness!

A singer with a falsetto who wears a ruff!

Let’s celebrate contradiction!

In a blur of multi colour and brilliantly garish stage outfits Age Of Glass hit the stage like a fabulously gonzoid take on the furry freak brothers on a techno prog trip that they have somehow corralled into a perfect pop. Dressed in garish tin foil sci outfits the three sci fi dudes who fell to earth look like Gong hanging out with Funkadelic whilst outdressing Sun Ra’s Arkestra and yet this is nothing what they sound like!

They could be the latest hip twisters of the disco melon from Paris, yet another post Daft Punk celebration of the excess of disco and the high camp drama of the best of the dance floor and yet they underscore this with an earthy almost magic mushroom freaky twist that makes them somehow compelling perfect pop and twisted surrealists.

Their frontman does charismatic dances like the late and great Daevid Allen whilst playing a bank of keyboards and singing through his bristling beard with a perfect falsetto, the bass player looks like Catweasel decked out in red sequins and the other bearded dude looks like one of the Abba blokes whilst dealing out great electronic splurge from his bank of keys.

It really should not work but their performance is captivatingly Middle earth weird and their music sounds like perfect pop from a parallel universe.

And they have the songs to back it up.

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