After the tragic Grenfell fire is it time to put people living in hi rise before profit

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The photo above is the view out of my window.

Last night’s tragic fire in London underlines all the fears everyone in hi rise living feels.

The road at the top of the picture is the only road up to the block – a narrow slip road – it’s bad enough imagining several fire engines trying to along the road but somehow with 4 cars being allowed to be parked there it’s even worse. Combined to this is the gradual running down of the block – permanently broken front gates and doors, the removal of the security to save money a few months ago and the general condition of the place declining and you have a picture of of how private companies are running these places now.

You just don’t feel safe and you definitely feel ignored.

When you live in a tower block last night’s fire feels uncomfortably close.

The poor people trapped inside.


Like most blocks like this in the UK residents complaints are routinely ignored : cost cutting, money saving owners and a culture of residents being last on the list is all contributing to many potential situations like last night across the U.K.

It should be people before profit.


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