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One of the maddest venues in Western Europe, WORM Rotterdam* will host a one-off festival round the theme of Afrofuturism between 14 and 18 October. The Netherlands is host to many great festivals, Le Guess Who?, Incubate, and Rewire. But this one seems to be that little bit different.

The line-up mixes one-off performances from musicians, writers, artists and thinkers from America, Africa and Europe. WORM has invited one of America’s foremost Afrofuturist artists, activists and thinkers, Rasheedah Phillips (aka The Afro Futurist Affair) to co-curate. As well as inspiring music, expect “speculative workshops”, science-fiction readings, films, and “experimental fashion”.

Music to watch out for is as follows: a sensational double bill of Islam Chipsy and Mutamassik, the brilliant King Britt and Marlo Reynolds.

There’s a ridiculously cheap early bird offer: Afrofuturism Now! Ticket Offer including afterparties and co-hosted events. Apparently they have more events and artists to add. The offer runs to September 31st. Rotterdam is an exciting place; could be worth your while to wangle it into a city trip.

Confirmed artists:

– The Afrofuturist Affair (USA) https://afrofuturistaffair.com/
– AiRich (NL) https://airich.nl/
– Black Quantum Futurism (USA) https://quantumfuturism.tumblr.com/
– King Britt (USA) https://kingbritt.com
– Islam Chipsy (EGYPT) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L7GzMTaEiI0
– Morgan Craft (USA) https://www.roughamericana.com/
– Charl Landvreugd (NL) https://landvreugd.wordpress.com/
– Ras Mashramani, Metropolarity Collective (USA) https://metropolarity.net/tag/ras-mashramani/
– Moor Mother Goddess (USA) https://soundcloud.com/moor-goddess/
– Mutamassik (EGYPT) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LQWlVGWCwsc
– Nyfolt (USA) https://nyfolt.tumblr.com/
– Marlo Reynolds (USA) https://marloreynolds.bandcamp.com/

*(Check what they do, or pictures of their venue, on their website: they call themselves “Institute for Avant-garde Recreation”, enough said).

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