Monday 12 June 2017 Welsh Band, Adwaith Credit must read: Aled Llywelyn

Fast rising Welsh stars Adwaith are set to release a brand new double A-side single via Libertino Records this coming August.

It’s fair to say that Carmarthen based Adwaith have had an incredibly fast rise to prominence. In the twelve months that they have been on my radar they have contributed to the #MoreInCommon charity compilation, played lauded sets at both Laugharne and Latitude Festival (with Festival Number 6 coming soon), they’ve garnered praise from all over Wales with such respected voices as Huw Stephens (who they recorded a Maida Vale session for), Adam Walton, Bethan Elfyn, Rhys Mwyn, and Pat Morgan (Datblygu) all championing the band. Not only have they been hailed for their live performances they have also been praised for their recorded output with a consistent run of great singles cementing their place as the new beacons of alternative Welsh music.

The band have also been very vocal in their support for various causes whether that be HOPE not hate or Women’s Rights (the band recently put on a gig entitled FEMME, which just so happens to be the name of one of the new singles, where it was a line up of female only performers).

The new single, “Lipstick Coch/FEMME” is described in the press release as such:


Vividly depicting their knack for melody and sound and their ability to create a direct emotional connection with the listener. Adwaith’s brand new double A-side single heralds a beginning of a new sound for the band. Whereas previously the band painted sounds with a palette of muted sombre colours Lipstick Coch and  FEMME explode with bright confident neon. 

‘Lipstick Coch (Red Lipstick)’ is a fully charged post punk anthem in the vain of The Slits at their most immediate,  an anthem celebrating youth, androgyny and love.The flipside ‘FEMME’ on the other hand could quite easily have been a long lost single on Postcard Records or Cherry Red Records from the mid-80s. With its jangly C86 indie pop sound as a canvas to the witty, heartfelt lyrics Adwaith discuss femininity and the sexism experienced by them as young women. This is an inspirational song from an inspirational band willing to stand up for their beliefs.

 These songs are brave, creative moves both musically and lyrically for the band, yet they retain the distinctive melodic gift that is so recognisable in all Adwaith’s songs.

Listen to the singles below:

“Lipstick Coch/FEMME” will be released via Libertino Records 25th August.


For more information on Adwaith you can find them on Facebook  Soundcloud   and Twitter where they tweet as @adwaithband


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