Adam Ant to play Dirk album at special show

Adam Ant is to play the whole of his classic ‘Dirk Wears White Sox’ album live next spring on Saturday April 19th at the Hammersmith Apollo.

This will be a one off event.

Tickets and info from Adam Ant website.


The album stands the test of time and its off kilter art rock take on punk rock has an originality that clashed with the music press at the time but made it a deeply loved record on the punk rock underground where Adam was the last great figurehead of the scene.

With bizarro lyrical themes and a genuine air of oddness the songs combine the intensity of punk original with amazing rhythms from the young Dave Barbe on drums who deals an avant grade take on soul and funk and crams it into the dislocated beats of the songs and yet the whole thing still sound really immediate on an album that is a walk on the dark side and creates a seductive unease with the listener and yet still sounds like a type of pop.



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