Adam Ant announces new single and competition

Adam Ant’s new single ‘Cool Zombie’/ ‘Gun In Your Pocket’ is about to be released.

We heard these tracks last year and they sound great, as does the upcoming Jan 23rd released album which will be followed by the film following his comeback which will be released in March.

A side Cool Zombie is one those twangy Adam affairs. Adam is in great voice as a he details his depression somehow making it into a classic pop single.

The b side, Gun In Your Pocket is a darker affair, driving along on one of the Stooges one note pianos that makes it a distant relative of Cleoptra. It’s very rawness is the tracks strength and it sounds lie his earliest works. Both tracks sound as good as I remeber bee hearing them last year and are a real return to form.

Follow the link below to iTunes to have a listen and then buy them and get Adam into the charts…

Go to his website for details of how to buy the track and also an exclusive competition


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  1. When Adam Ant re emerged in 2010 his gigs were awful and he was totally dead against the digital download format. If David Cameron can u-turn then so can Adam right? In the last year he has turned it all around and pleased the crowds at home in Australia and America with the wow factor, showing the world that what came out of the late 70’s and 80’s is a damn sight better than much of the current easily forgotten drivel that fills the charts today. The new look is odd though, no finesse, kind of like Alvin Stardust and Gary Glitter over exaggerating their most famous look with bigger wigs and accessories to cover up the human form and the passing of time. He still looks good for his age but that hat and that silly moustache (but it was….), really?

    17 years without a release can make an Ant fan hungry for something new I guess. However if this were a meal, I would probably feel the need for a decent starter and great big ice cream pudding to fill the gap at the end. ‘Cool Zombie’ is a good track and easily one of the better tracks that have been floating around cyber space for a while from the ridiculously entitled Blue Black hussar etc. It put me in mind of the excellent US TV drama ‘The Walking Dead’ and for me that’s what it sounds like a sound track for that very programme, much akin to Adam’s soundtrack material; ‘What’s Going On’?’ for the film Metropolis and the other one ‘Out Of Bounds’.

    Even though todays charts are nothing much to get excited about about, this is hardly going to make an impact on the charts. I’ll give Adam his due though it carries his own unique style that set him apart from the rest in the very first place. For me there’s an ingredient missing. Does it begin with an M and end with I? Well of course it does. Can you imagine the difference Marco would have made? Do-it versions vs CBS ones?.If Adam Ant is relighting your fire at the moment and you don’t know about the Wolfmen then check them out and you’ll see what I mean.

    Cool Zombie is ok but it’s not the most impressive comeback I’ve heard, Morrissey and Kylie have pulled it out of the bag but this doesn’t quite cut it for me. As for the track Gun In Your Pocket well I’ve heard some artists refer to their songs as their babies, well that is one ugly mutha-fukin baby! A distant relative of the track Cleopatra? really? very fucking distant. I don’t mind spending 79p on Cool Zombie via I-tunes that’s ok, but I do mind the 79p for Gun In Your Pocket, especially when you consider an extra 20p would have got me 4 x 250ml Orange and mango juice in the 99p store around the corner, a lot sweeter!
    Cool Zombie is a not a classic pop single it’s more a classic Ant album track

  2. There is nothing worse than these Johnny come lately Adam Ant fans like David here. The new Adam single is one of his finest. I was prepared to be disappointed but it’s great song and far better than the Wolfmen who have a good sound but no real songs. The b side is pretty raw but I like it for that, reminds me of the early Ants and it does have the feel of Cleopatra. I guess these arriving too late fans like Harris never heard or experienced the early Ants.

    • You silly, silly sausage! Try not to assume too much as you may turn out to look like a knob! I think you will find Dave has been a fan since the very early 80s and has even flow to the US just to see him play live!! He is also known to Adam! What’s your story? I myself have been a fan since 1980 and I have even worked with the dude and I think this is substandard (even the picture cover is pants). Each to there own but to quote spinal taps review ….shit sandwich. SdE

  3. Jo, if arriving at 1980 makes me Johnny come lately, that’s ok with me. I’d heard of Adam & the Ants pre TOTP Dog Eat Dog appearance due to my best school mates older punk rock brother. To be honest i didn’t really get it till Paul brought home Kings Of The Wild Frontier on 7″ which made me take a slight interest. It sounded amazing to my 9 year old ears. Then Dog Eat Dog came out and I saw the guy in the flesh on Top Of The Pops performing Dog Eat Dog. I still remember my Grandad buying it for me. In all honesty if Adam hadn’t done Kings Of The Wild Frontier with the image and the music I would never have took an interest in the Ants in the first place. As I’ve said many a time before, I never really see Adams music as punk. The early stuff sounds like under produced leftfield pop, which is essentially indie Britpop music. If Adams pre 80 material is punk then Elastica and early Blur is punk too. I’m of the belief that Adams music is Ant music.

  4. P.S Do yourself a favour and go listen to a Wolfmen album cos you (again) have made yourself look a little stupid with your comment. However, best wait until half term. Concentrate on your homework first


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