Adam Ant hits the road in November for a full UK tour of his Friend or Foe album:

Tickets will be available from

All dates are on the poster below…

Screenshot 2019-03-05 at 12.28.25

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  1. All well and good, yes I’ll be going, but what we really want is some new material!! Bravest of the Brave seems to have gone the same way “Persuasion” did!
    Come on Mr Goddard, sort it out!!

  2. No new material!!
    Dirk was good, Kings was also worth re-visiting.
    But Anthems was taking the nostalgia trip a little too far, despite a decent set-list.
    But now, taking an album on the road that wasn’t that good ( 2 or 3 good tracks) is wearing thin.
    Adam is in danger of going full circle & losing the old fan base again if he’s not careful.
    New material needed soon, very soon!

    • I agree and it seems to be catering to his US fan base yet again. Wish he would concentrate on the new album and get it released, as it was refreshing to hear the new material when Blue Back Hussar was release. If he does a “Strip” tour then it will definitely be a “no no” for me and goodbye to Adam once again.


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