Acid Reign! The New Psychedelia – A Top 10 Unrelated Bands Playing 21st Century Trip Music – part 2

Part 2 of our top 10 of the new acid reign musics…

Oart one is here.

6. In Zaire – Sun

Filthy guitar trips, like a meteorite cranked through high decibel wastage…’

7. Sunn O))) Ulver

The ultimate statement in drone rock- with the music melted down to one drone with one flavour- dark and seriously brilliant their joint EP lasts for about an hour and take you seriously out there…

8. Temples

Yet another Heavenly Recordings bands – the label is at the epicentre of all the best UK guitar music at the moment- more moments of spiralling beauty and guitar songs that really take you on a trip.

9 Dead Skeletons ‘Dead Mantra’

From Iceland, Dead Skeletons have been emerging onto the fringes of the scene with their throbbing and pulsing drone rock that is tinged with an occult darkness and hypnotic grooves.

10. Gnod

Manchester based drone trip rockers covered for some time by the new web scene of Incendiary. the Quietus and Incendiary and recently picked up the music press.

New arrivals!!!

The Wytches

Young Brighton band signed up by Heavenly Recordings who play a twisted garage rock that shows so much potential that they could well be one of the bands of this year.

part one of the new psychedelic top 10  is here


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