A Special Charity Concert For St Marys Hospital Baby Unit: The Ruby Lounge, Manchester – live reviewA Special Charity Concert For St Marys Hospital Baby Unit 

The Ruby Lounge, Manchester

31st October 2013 

We previewed this gig last week – now it’s time for the review. Step forward Ellis Cain, joined by crack photographer Elspeth Moore whose pics adorn this page and can also be found in a photo gallery at the bottom of it. 

This was a much anticipated gig and so, as we walked down the staircases of the Ruby Lounge we weren’t surprised to find a crowd of friendly faces who seemed to have stormed the doors the moment they opened, as 5 minutes after, what seemed to be the full crowd for the evening had installed themselves, bought drinks and settled right in with old friends.

This was an evening for real music enthusiasts, so an older crowd was to be expected, but many young faces milled around enjoying the atmosphere provided by The Ruby Lounge.

The Ruby Lounge itself is a cosy venue with more than ample soft sofas and burgundy walls for getting settled in with friends and to chew over the finer points of the nights attractions.

Debuting was Mary Joanna and the Southern Electrikk, who played well and broke out into a nice ensemble, with good vocals and an ebbing flowing sound, and we look forward to hearing more from them, these are talented musicians taking form.

A Special Charity Concert For St Marys Hospital Baby Unit: The Ruby Lounge, Manchester – live reviewFollowing on was The Cornelius Crane, taking their name (amusingly) from Chevy Chase’s birth certificate (I couldn’t believe it either) who have an undeniable talent for their art, which is tapping into the comfortable, warm and domestic feel of country music, but adding something of their own, bouncy outros of a very different musical style bringing something fresh.

DJs Phil Beckett, Tin Tin, Scott Carey and Phil James’ sets kept the crowd warm, with Northern Soul and even a few reggae tracks to name just two of the various different styles of music we were entertained with.

Mark Burgess came up next with guests including the talented Yves Altana, who delivered their set in fine style, a jumping power building intro with characteristic artistic charisma from Mark, got a warm welcome and went on to play a mostly easy going set list peppered with some strong Mancunian post punk tracks.

Topping the evening was the return of Dub Sex, a Manchester post punk band playing their first live gig for 23 years. Crowd reaction was strong and full of love, as was palpable in the room as each song caught an even stronger reaction than the last and delivered much more than expected, to a room full of expectant people (23 years is a long time). With brilliant vocals throughout from front man Mark Hoyle, their final song of the night, Swerve, ended the night with everyone on the dance floor, Dub Sex were, undeniably, the talk of the evening.

You can find some more links to the bands own pages still on the events pages.

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All words by Ellis Cain and all photographs © Elspeth Moore.

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