A Selection Of This Week’s Best Videos. 22nd Sept.

Each week there’s a whole host of new videos released that we’d love to share with you but sadly time never permits.

However there’s no reason for us not to get to Saturday & put a few of them together into a randomly numbered list of our favourites.

Here’s this week’s list.

So what did we miss? There’s bound to be something. Let us know in the comments.

Joker (Liam Petrelli) – Old Era

The king of all things purple drops another heavy slice of raw, scrunching glitch. Unbeatable. Abeano tells us there’s an animated video in the pipeline for this, no doubt set to coincide with it’s official release on Nov 4th.

The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion – Black Mold

To celebrate the release of their first album since 2004 (and which we reviewed here) JSBX released this “not for the squeamish” video of Black Gold. Fuzzed out blues-rock and a very appropriate video.

The Lottery Winners – Pillows [Live at the Lounge]

Winners of “Live and Unsigned 2010” (in which they beat 15,000 other entrants), The Lottery Winners just released this video for their track Pillows. This was recorded at The Lounge during an exclusive live session.

DJ Marcelle / Another Nice Mess: The New Album

So you know, right, that we love Dandelion Radio very much? It’s easily the number one place to hear new music since Peel died & anyone who used to enjoy Peel’s shows really ought to check it out asap (if you don’t already). Anyway, one of their joint longest serving dj’s (She’s been there since the start) occasionally puts out compilation album’s. She has a new one out soon, titled Another Nice Mess (Vol 2, I think) & this week she released this preview video for it. Watch it below. She’s pretty much top of my list of music’s unsung heroes & her website can be found here.

dj marcelle/another nice mess: the new album from Wrangelfilm on Vimeo.

Two Gallants: “My Love Won’t Wait”

Video lifted from the San francisco duo’s recent album The Bloom and the Blight. The album marked a departure from the bands previous folk and blues-tinged past into a more punk / grunge direction.

Dinosaur Jr. – “Pierce the Morning Rain”
A new video from the legendary indie rock trio’s new LP, ‘I Bet On Sky’, which dropped last week. The album’s been picking up some great reviews & this track is definitely trademark Dinosaur Junior.

John Talabot – Mai Mes

John Talabot announced this week he was going to release a couple of cuts off one of our albums of the year, Æ’IN, as a 7″ single. Talabot has a genuine magpie approach to music, seeking influences from flamenco, northern soul, African & Asian music amongst others. These influences he melds into stripped down electronic tracks that just so happen to soothe the soul. He’s about to go out on tour with The XX & a more perfect pairing you’d be hard pushed to find.

Massive Attack & Warpaint & Mark Lanegan – Crystalised (The XX cover)

Did someone say “The XX”? Bit late on this one as it was released on 8th Sept. It is, of course, a cover of the bands Crystalised by Massive Attack’s Martina Topley-Bird & Screaming Trees Mark Lanegan. What chance this is the last ever cover version of this track we ever hear? Pretty slim I guess.

Titus Andronicus – In A Big City

Track from the bands forthcoming album, Local Business, due out 22nd Oct.

Woodpecker Wooliams – Sparrow

We reviewed Woodpecker Wooliams album yesterday. She’s brilliant, a bit like Joanna Newsome but better. She’s heading out on tour soon & if you’d like an idea of what to expect from a Woodpecker Wooliams live show check this video out. There are two other WW video’s on Bandstand Busking’s website over here.

Mala and Gilles Peterson talk their Cuban album

Excellent website Factmag got Mala & Gilles Peterson together to have a chat about the latter’s album, released on the former’s label. The album’s one of our favourites of the year & we reviewed it here.

FIDLAR – I Just Wanna Die (ft. The Los Angeles Fire Department)

A band we covered as a ‘New Band of the Day’ earlier in the year, FIDLAR play short blasts of surf rock in a WAVVES style. It’s life affirming stuff & you know what, yeah, Fuck it Dog Life’s a Risk. (Hashtag ‘acronyms’, hashtag ‘yo’ hashtag ‘dudes’).

G-Eazy – Plastic Dreams ft. Johanna Fay MUSIC VIDEO

Another trailer for a forthcoming album, this time one titled ‘Must Be Nice’ & due out on September 25th. AS G said himself:

We went for a trippy, surreal vibe with the video. It’s inspired by the original 1984 macintosh commercial. We wanted to capture the juxtaposition of beauty and destruction; the idea of chasing the dream as told by mainstream media, only to rise above and destroy it.

Captain Ahab – Time to Say Goodbye

The “ravesploitation” duo (their expression, most others go for “electropop duo”) known as Captain Ahab called it quits this week via this video. It’s emotional stuff & yeah, dead witty too. If their work’s passed you by in the past check out their Bandcamp. And if you’re in the LA area on 2nd Nov check out their last show.

Time to Say Goodbye from Captain Ahab on Vimeo.

Joyce Manor – Drainage – If I Needed You There

Punkers Joyce Manor released this track from their album “Of All Things I Will Soon Grow Tired” this week.

Joyce Manor-Drainage / If I Needed You There from Grandson and Son on Vimeo.

Savages Live EP – Official trailer

You probably know by now that Savages are one of our favourite bands. We’ve been on them since the very early days & have featured them lots on here. You can find a collection of our features on them here. They seriously kill live which I guess is why they thought a live EP would be a good idea. It’s set to drop on Sept 30th & below is it’s trailer.

‘The Very Best’ stage innovative ‘virtual’ gig from Africa.

This is cool, The Very Best played a gig last week in London while their lead singer was in Malawi. The miracle of technology what? This video tells the story so I’ll belt up & let you watch it.

Opossom – ‘Girl’

This video is for a track from the New Zealand indie bands debut album Electric Hawaii which was released back in June.

We Are Lost Boys – T.W.O.T.W

New video from the emocore / screamo for a track of their imminent ep “Life”. You can download this track here

Tim Hecker & Daniel Lopatin – Uptown Psychedelia

This is startling stuff. A brilliant, very experimental collection of sounds, just about as intense as music gets. The two of them recording a whole album of this stuff, created using techniques rooted in jazz improvisation, with very little preparation beforehand. The album drops in November & be warned, chances are it’ll blow your fricking minds.

First Aid Kit – Wolf

You may want something to calm you down after that last track. Hopefully this’ll fit the bill. The music anyway, the video nods towards The Wicker Man quite blatantly so might shake you back up again.

All words Guy Manchester. More words by Guy can be read here. He tweets as @guid0man & uses Tumblr.

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