imageA Revolution is Brewing
Billie Joe Armstrong and Mike Dirnt Launch Oakland Coffee
World’s 1st Fully Compostable Single-serve Cups and 12 oz. Bags

Fueled by equal parts love and caffeine, and armed with passion, commitment, and a persistence true to their punk roots, Billie Joe Armstrong and Mike Dirnt, otherwise known as the founding members of rock band Green Day, are ready to start a new revolution. Oakland natives and diehard lovers of coffee, the two rockers have spent no less than ten years turning a big idea into an even bigger reality.

The first coffee company in the world to offer only 100% fully organic and compostable-packaged products, Oakland Coffee Works is a collective of forward-thinkers, committed to doing business in a new and different way, with focus on sustainability at all stages of the process. Mike Dirnt explains, “It’s important to put the time and effort into doing things the right way. We’re proud to be part of a company that is offering a more meaningful and sustainable way of life, and we want the world to join us.”

Despite being told that the challenge was too great and the technology did not exist, Billie Joe and Mike refused to take “no” for answer and insisted that something more could be done to address the harmful environmental imprint of single-use packaging. Oakland Coffee has now upped the game globally by producing the world’s first 100% fully compostable 12 oz coffee bags, and in tandem with the San Francisco Bay Coffee Company, the world’s100% fully compostable single-serve coffee cups.

Working in partnership with Oakland Coffee, and joining forces with experts at TC Ultra Flex Packaging, the dedicated team of engineers at UrthPact have cracked the compostability conundrum with ground-breaking, innovative use of plant-based material. Made entirely of 100% compostable renewable resources, both the bag (affixed with a freshness valve made of natural plant-based material that allows the coffee to be bagged while still warm after roasting, and to off-gas while in the bag for maximum freshness) and the single-serve cups (ring and mesh filter also made of natural plant-based material) will biodegrade within approximately 90 days under standard compost conditions, returning to the earth and producing important nutrients for the soil.

Based in Oakland, California, a hotbed for coffee culture in America, Oakland Coffee partners with like-minded teams at the Bay Area’s most respected names in the coffee business, both family-owned and operated- the San Francisco Bay Coffee Company – a Rogers Family Company, and oakwood roasters, the Di Ruocco family of Mr. Espresso. The San Francisco Bay Coffee Company is known for its commitment to providing fairly traded, responsibly grown coffee and has been an industry leader in seeking alternatives to standard plastic packaging. In tandem with the Oakland Coffee launch, San Francisco Bay Coffee Company will also roll out a fully compostable single-serve cup, further pushing movement within the industry and providing greater options for consumers.

After years of initial research and development efforts, Oakland Coffee has produced the Organic High Altitude Andean Blend with a combination of high quality, arabica beans from Peru and Bolivia. Oakland Coffee also offers a similar blend that has been fine-tuned to brew best in a single-serve machine. This blend incorporates beans from organic farms in Peru, Honduras, and Colombia to deliver a smooth, full-bodied taste.

With commitment to bettering both the planet and its people, following a visit of organic farms in Peru in 2013, Oakland Coffee also established Fueled by Love, a charitable organization dedicated to providing funding and infrastructure at the grass roots level to assist communities in the regions where the coffee beans are grown. Working together with dedicated partners at non-profit organization Crescendos Alliance, initial projects have included support for a new clinic in a region lacking emergency medical care, specialist water-testing to evaluate the integrity of the village’s water supply, establishing a local learning center to support the community’s need for childhood educational resources, and initiatives to provide youth counseling in the area.

Led by the revolutionary thinking of Mike and Billie Joe and their resolve not to accept the status quo, Oakland Coffee’s mission is to demonstrate that something can always be done. There is a better and more sustainable way to live and work, and there is no excuse for continuing the cycle of waste brought by single-use packaging. The technology and the solution do exist, and the time for change is now. Oakland Coffee welcomes other companies and individuals to make the change, and to join the revolution.

Oakland Coffee products are now available directly online on the Oakland Coffee website, with plans to roll out in retail channels early in 2016.

Official website:

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