a new Morrissey ‘Best Of’ – Michelle Corbett is not best pleased…(but there is good news – a new album is on the horizon)

Oi! Morrissey! Stop mugging us off with yet another ”ËœVery Best Of”¦’

And, worse than that, stop flipping moaning about your battle to get into the shops.
I might not have swung gladioli round with wanton abandon or ever sported a quiff but I do consider myself a fan having parted with my hard-earned cash to watch Morrissey live on more than the odd occasion.

More than most Davyhulme’s finest knows about giving his fans value for money when it comes to gig-going and I’ve never felt short-changed”¦ until now with the release of this latest compilation.
Frankly it’s insulting when artists insist on serving up the soup of their boiled old bones ”“ however eye-catchingly it’s packaged. We’ve coughed up enough the first time round. Don’t make us pay for our loyalty again!

Morrissey is well-aware that he attracts an army of devotees ”“ completists with an obsessive need to own everything and anything he produces. His message to his fan-base therefore appears to be: “You Are The Quarry” – a cash-cow that is there to be repeatedly milked.

He is known for his supreme arrogance of course but still, it’s quite breath-taking to hear Morrissey snipe on fan site True To You: “With ”ËœVery Best Of’ I face my first ever non-chart placing ”” which I shall bear with dignity, although I could never be unkind enough to express my views on EMI’s failings.”
His comments a week ago reveal his complete unwillingness to concede the wider music-buying public may simply be tiring of his endless re-hashing, re-visiting of past glories. In these austere times, people need a real reason to invest in music. And if Morrissey is hoping to enchant a new generation of fans with this offering, he is looking through rose-tinted NHS specs because ”ËœVery Best Of”¦’ doesn’t exactly do what it says on the tin.

There can be no doubting the obvious quality of tracks like ”ËœThe Last of the International Playboys’ and ”ËœThe More You Ignore Me, The Closer I Get’ but if we think of Morrissey’s work in terms of a banquet, this album represents little more than an amuse-bouche. Rather than offering a whistle-stop tour of his greatest solo efforts, this latest compilation focuses on Morrissey’s output during his time with HMV and Parlophone.

All the more humorous then to read that Morrissey has huffed: “The gallant HMV has yet to stock it (Very Best Of Morrissey), and did not manage to stock the ”ËœGlamorous Glue’ single until four days after its scheduled release. In fact, the CD of ”ËœGlamorous Glue’ did not EVER make it to HMV.”
Handbags raised under chins indeed!

There is the possibility of salvation on the horizon however. Via True to You, Morrissey reports that his long-awaited follow-up to ”ËœYears of Refusal’ is ”Ëœready and fluttering wildly against the bars’.
Cheer up Mozza. It might even chart higher than ”ËœVery Best of”¦’ which is currently at number 80 (eek!).

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  1. A fair point, I shelled out for a Greatest Hits a few years ago simply for the live disc that came with it ( and which rapidly vanished from later copies ) and that is pretty much it apart from GG.

    My main complaint is the lack of a home counties date on the tour announced elsewhere on LTW. Frugal times make travelling to either Stoke or Bradford less than appealing.

    Is London not cool enough any more ?


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