A New International - Come To The FabulonA New International – Come To The Fabulon (POUM)



Glasgow’s A New International make music with style and panache, they recently released their debut album ‘Come to the Fabulon’ which has blown Louder Than War’s Adrian Bloxham away completely, read what he thinks below.

This captured me instantly, from the first roll of drums and cymbals with the soaring strings, this record had me. A New International have a heart of beauty and love. They sing of romance and revolution. As they say in the wonderful first song ‘Valentine’ ‘We come here to break your heart’.

A New International hail from Glasgow but their heart and soul comes from the sounds of the hopes and dreams that burn inside all of us, the wishes and regrets that simmer underneath the surface just waiting to burst into the candlelight.

This is the music I can feel playing on the rain drenched terrace of a rundown, broken Mediterranean terrace as I dance with a stunningly beautiful stranger, our limitations and inhibitions lost in the moonlight and pouring rain. It’s the cracking sound that a broken heart makes as it glimpses a lost almost forgotten love kissing someone else. The ache inside when your lover is far far away and you need them next to you. It’s a call to arms, a herald for violent revolution and the regret and sadness of turning into those that you despise. It’s an utter triumph and you need to hear it.

There’s a dark undertow to the bright horns and upbeat drums in the plaintive and lost sound of the lyrics, for every ‘Theme from Valentino’ with its flamenco joyousness there’s a slow, measured epic like ‘Once upon a time in the revolution’ with its regret and sadness.

To get the idea I’m afraid you are just going to have to listen to the record, I’m sorry, but there you are, you put the album on and it will get you, just like it got me, with the first roll of drums and cymbals. Then, just like me, you will find that it gets even better and at the end of the final menacing and regretful ‘Come the Revolution’ you will find yourself wanting more.

Listen, buy and immerse yourself in A New International. It’s unlike anything else I have heard this year and is all the better for it.


You can find A New International on the interwebs here: anewinternational.com. They are also on Facebook and Tweet as @anewinternation.

All words by Adrian Bloxham. More writing by Adrian can be found at his author’s archive.


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