A new Bill to change the payment system for artists

Photo by Jonathan Stewart/PA

Kevin Brennan MP has presented a draft of the Copyright (Rights And Remuneration Of Musicians etc) Bill. The document regulates the royalties payments. It suggests performers are paid directly, avoiding intermediate agents on behalf of record labels.

The draft outlines a new principle called equitable remuneration that will be applied to streaming. The same system has been used for recorded music being broadcast in public spaces. In such cases, performers have the supreme right to get paid at standard rates. The ER payments are made through the collective licensing system.

Brennan stresses that the ER system will relate to artists who have “transferred their making available right concerning a sound recording of the whole or any substantial part of a qualifying performance to the producer of the sound recording”. Thus, the change will not affect DIY performers. However, it inevitably changes the principle of monetization for record labels, both major and independent.

The draft is published here. It will be presented to the UK Parliament next Friday, December 3rd.

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